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7 fun games to play on a family trip

Games are an imperative part of any family trip. They bring the family together and enhance the bonds between every family member. A way for everyone to rejoice at the moment, games are enjoyed by everyone and especially on a nice family trip.

In fact, what fun it would be to introduce your parents to amazing modern games and getting introduced to the games that your parents and grandparents played during their time. 

Playing games could be a fun and exciting way to bond with the whole family and spend some quality time together in these rough times. After all, it is the family that supports us throughout, right?

Today, when the world has become a slave to technology, finding some moments with the family and learning about your family is not just difficult but also impossible. Moreover, today the world has become so rapid that stealing a moment or two for your loved ones seems an impossible task altogether.

But the truth to be told, the numerous benefits that one could grasp through engaging with these fun games are just amazing and fun.

The benefits of introducing games in your family trip are plenty, ranging from avoiding awkward parental talks to bonding with the whole family, knowing each other better, and many others. 

So, now that we are convinced to pack some great family games in our luggage, let’s check out the games that one could take with oneself during a family trip.


A mind-stimulating and interesting game, a Rubik’s cube definitely makes up to the list of games that could be enjoyed on a family trip. Whether you wish to enjoy it alone or with family, a Rubik’s cube helps to entertain every moment. You can hold Rubik’s cube tournament or try it in a fun dare situation. Versatile and interesting, a Rubik’s cube has remained the longest best-selling toy in the history of games. Exciting, beneficial, and cost-effective, a Rubik’s cube is the perfect toy to take with you on a fun family trip.


A toy that spells and feels nostalgic, a handheld game is that one game that could be found in every kid’s pocket, Almost every kid possessed it. The beautiful colourful spiral rings floating inside the water waiting to get fixated on the ring holder allured every child into buying and playing with the toy. Moreover, this game is enjoyed even by adults and could be a great game while travelling or even when getting bored.


A fun game to enjoy with the whole family, a tin top brings joy to everyone despite what age could be. For children or for oldies, this game is a perfect picnic game. A little tin top toy enhances our motor skills but also makes us understand a lot about physics.

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A versatile toy that could be brought with you on any family trip, etch a sketch brings with itself several games and fun activities that could be done collaboratively. You can play guess the movie, bingo, or many other games and rejoice at the moment in your amazing family trips. 

  • KITE

Whether it be a festival or a nice summer evening, every time is a good time for flying the kite. Kites have been a part of the toy family for ages. There are festivals whereas a part of the festival culture the people are supposed to celebrate through collaboratively flying a kit. It is definitely an adventurous toy and gives a thrilling experience and skill. 


A game that brings nostalgia to our parents, Marbles hold a prominent place in the lives of our parents and grandparents, and thus no family trip is complete with a fun round of marbles and betting on it. Ask your parents and grandparents about their fun stories and learn the versatile and fun game of marbles with them. 


An absolute favourite for all party lovers, this game is easy and fun to play. A perfect game to play outdoors with your complete family, hook a fish could become your family’s favourite. You could make teams or play separately, but whatever the way would be, we bet it would be supremely fun.

All of these fun games just somehow bring all the memories of childhood together and have the potential of transforming a mundane family trip into a memorable one. These games could definitely turn into solace in these troubling times. 

In fact, these games could be that force that might give your family some moments together in these hectic and tiring days to day routines. 

Though finding these retro and exclusive games is extremely difficult,  with cubelelo you can find these fun and exciting games at a one-stop destination.

So, go ahead and find your favourite toy and enjoy reliving childhood. 

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