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10 Advanced Features to Make Your Online Dating App Successful

Online dating is all the rage these days; People all over the world are using dating websites and apps to meet new people for dating, love, and romance. Now it is possible to meet new people without having to leave home. You can download the app on your phone, enter your partner’s preferences, and get a list of profiles that match your criteria.

As a result, the demand for online dating apps is increasing rapidly. By 2023, the online dating industry is expected to generate a total market value of $ 1.968 billion. This is the best opportunity for startups looking for a mobile app idea that has the potential to be commercially successful.

On the other hand, creating a dating platform like tinder clone app can be beneficial only if it incorporates very advanced and distinctive dating app features. We say this because hundreds of these apps are available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

To 10 Advanced Features Of Online Dating App

To assist you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of ten advanced dating app features to look for to achieve your desired level of success and popularity. Check them out below:

Profile Verification 

While a dating app’s main goal should be to help users meet new people, user safety is paramount. Connecting with new people is exciting, but it can also be scary for some, especially those who have been victims of bullying or other forms of discrimination.

As a result, you need to ensure that your dating app includes a feature that allows users to verify their profiles by uploading proof of identification before allowing them to search and connect with other ways. This will increase the reliability of your application among those who want to try their hand at online dating.

User profile verification can also be achieved by asking them to link their social media profiles to their dating accounts.

AI-Based Chatbots

Offering AI-based chatbots will not only set your app apart from the competition but will also help your users, particularly introverts, break the ice. Such a chatbot would suggest the first few sentences to use to start a conversation. You could also provide suggestions on how to reply to a specific email.

Explore Events And Meet-Ups

You can include this exceptional online dating app feature to let people discover events in your local area that match their interests. People with similar interests can attend these events and take their relationship one step further by following them together.

You can create categories for events such as “animal lovers”, “romantic people”, “fitness enthusiasts” and other types of people and groups.

Advanced Search

The partner selection process is personal to each individual. Some people are looking for a date or dating partner, while others may be looking for a long-term relationship. Other considerations include age, gender, religion, caste, and astrological sign, among other factors.

For this reason, advanced search options should be provided with filters to help users narrow down their search results.

Profile Performance Checker

When a user clicks the “Send a friend request” button, they see her profile. The point is, not everyone knows how to build a dating profile that grabs the attention of other users.

By including a profile performance checker in your app, you can help users, particularly first-time daters, create a profile that will help them find the match they have been looking for.

Behavior Analysis

Artificial intelligence has progressed to the point where it is now able to recognize the behavior of its users.

Dating app users can benefit from AI’s behavioral analysis feature, which can help them find people with similar interests based on what they have stated on their profile when integrating into a dating app.

Profile Recommendation

Most online dating apps have a search feature or filtering options to help users find their ideal match for dating, love, and romance purposes.

However, AI has the potential to take this whole scenario to the next level by automatically suggesting or recommending profiles to you that match your search criteria or partner preferences that you have specified in your profile.


Games are the latest trend in the mobile app industry and it’s here to stay. Increase the number of time users spends on the site. It is possible to improve your user base and make your dating app more entertaining by gamifying your app.

Users can participate in a variety of competitions and earn points or points for their efforts. Take, for example, an online dating app where you can offer matched profiles the opportunity to enter a competition where they have to describe their preferences for and against each other.

Ai-Based Video Calling

When it comes to make a dating app successful, one of the most distinctive features it can include is video calling powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

You need to consider the role of artificial intelligence in video calling right now; however, the function can be implemented even without using this technology. True, but artificial intelligence can help identify nudity or obscenity during a phone call.

Facial Recognition To Find Similarities

You can force people to find a match that looks like the person they want by using facial recognition technology.

Users can upload a photo of a famous public figure, which will display similar images of those people. This is a unique feature of a dating app.

Final Words

Regardless of age, race, or community, anyone can use dating apps to meet new people and build relationships. Although various people using dating apps continue to increase, the demand is increasing.

See how to implement some of the state-of-the-art dating app features listed in this article. Get started with a reputable mobile app development company with extensive experience in online dating app development.


I am a senior blogger and have many years of experience creating blogs and content for different websites and pages. I have always created unique and quality content that entertains users. I know what makes content friendly and informative at the same time. So I try to do it in the best possible way.

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