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Computers and Technology

Why does the Netgear Wireless Airbridge Spread Poor signal?

The Netgear Wireless Airbridge usually expands the coverage up to 9000 square feet by connecting more than one airbridge to a single network. It comes with a satellite and a master that supports a modern 5GHz frequency band. It delivers a rapid speed of 500MBps at a 170m distance. The two ethernet ports provide data downlink and uplink. You can easily connect an IP camera for security purposes. The hidden 14dBi high gain antennas broads the signal up to a great extent. It can be placed in outdoor conditions as it comes with weather-tracked features to resist dust, harsh light, wind, snow, rain, etc. Therefore, it is ideal for extending the network in airports, restaurants, schools with multiple buildings, and other outdoor spots. The LED light on the front panel indicates the strength of the WiFi signal. and the transmission status.

The Netgear insight air bridge wall-mounted design allows you to set up the device just by plugging into the AC power. Installing the Insight app on the mobile phone allows you to monitor local and cloud management. Now we are going to tell you the operation to do the hardware installation of Netgear Airbridge.

Netgear Wireless Airbridge Hardware Installation Guide

To do the Netgear Airbridge hardware installation, follow these steps.

Choose the Location

Before going to install the device, it is mandatory to spot the location where you want to place both WiFi systems. Placing the satellite and the master at a direct line of sight and adjusting the antennas at 40 degrees will provide the best network signal for you. You can place both WiFi systems at a distance of almost 3km. You can install the WiFi systems on the poles, walls, etc. Note that the outdoor temperature is between 20 to 60 degrees celsius.

Unbox the Shipment Box

Unbox the Netgear Airbridge box and put it into the clean plane surface. Unpack all other equipment that comes with the package box. Ensure that the box contains the Master, satellite, power cord, adapter, user guide, wall mounting screws, paper screws, pole mounting strap, and anchors.

Setup WiFi connection

Take an ethernet cab;e and connect it to the LAN1 port of the Netgear device while another end to the power adapter. Take another cable and connect it to the router and the adapter. Now plug the adapter into the Ac socket. On the adapter, the LED light blinks and goes solid while on the device, the LED light turns OFF. Now connect your PC to the network at which Airbridge is connected. Setup the mode as a master to configure it. After the setup is completed, turn ON your device after disconnecting with the WiFi network. Do the same for satellites too, ensuring that the satellite is in the room where the master configure.

Remake the WiFi Connection

Make the connection as we do above for both the satellite and the master. Mount the Netgear airbridge outdoors. The higher you place the device, the better the signal strength and the speed. Use screws and read the user’s guide to deploy the Airbridge device. Make two holes and insert M3 screws into them. Insert the anchors into the screw and tighten it. Open the pole strap if you want to mount the AirBridge into the pole. Now attach the strap to the pole. Close the strap and position your Airbridge. Use the screwdriver to tighten it. Now we tell you the tips to improve the poor signal of the Netgear WBC502 device.

Why Does the Netgear Wireless Airbridge Spread Poor signal?

The poor signal of the airbridge is due to several reasons.

If the connection between the satellite and the master is not properly done, it does not boost the signal. It is important to note the location of the satellite and master. Check the line of sight of both by judging the hidden antennas. Confirm that there is no interference that may reduce the signals, Avoid placing the AirBridge where there are a lot of trees, walls, etc. Maintain the light of sight between the master and the satellite. Access the web interface page by entering the login details to change the channel width.

Sometimes, the device chooses the channel by itself that is not suitable for your place. And signal may also be affected if the firmware of the device not upgrade. Make sure that your Netgear airbridge firmware is up to grade. Confirm that the master and the satellite are within the range. Placing both WiFi systems at a distant location will affect the signal strength.

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