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Which is Better An Apartment or Independent House

The debate over living in an apartment vs. an independent house is long-standing. Living in a house means you have extra space but can you bear the extra expense? 

It’s a big decision no doubt. Before you settle for an option, you must weigh the pros and cons of both types of housing. Honestly, the decision depends on your individual preferences. Fear not, we have got you covered. After reading this piece, you should be able to make a confident choice.

1: More Space = More Responsibly

Apartments are available in different sizes but when it comes to homes, they have more living space compared to an apartment. More space is great when you have a family or you are a social fellow and keep inviting friends over. Plus, sometimes, we need extra breathing room for self-care as well.

But with more living space comes extra responsibility you may have to consider getting a security system for which you can refer to security plans like Vivint home security packages. Then, you have to be extra cautious about cleaning and maintaining the space. Houses usually come with a yard and must be maintained as well as per the Home Association Authority. Just be sure you can take up this extra responsibility.

2: Budget

Unfortunately, every big decision involves weighing the expense. The rent and utilities are higher in the case of a house since you are getting a big piece of land. 

A single-family house makes sense if you would be sharing the rent with more than one person. But if you are going to be bearing the rent alone, then make sure you can afford it. Otherwise, stick to an apartment.

3: Amenities

Most apartments have swimming pools, a gym, on-site laundry, and other amenities. These perks don’t come with independent houses. You will have to look for local shops around the neighborhood where you are planning to rent the house.

4: Parking Space

Independent homes usually have at least one driveway, an enclosed garage, or a parking spot. If you get a visitor, they are allowed to park along the street in front of the house too.

This convenience is not always available in apartment complexes. Some come with a parking space and some don’t. There is no front-door parking, of course. If parking space matters to you, check what’s being offered before making the final decision. For those who don’t have a car, never mind.

5: Privacy

Never compromise on privacy. In a survey, when asked millennials why they prefer renting an independent house as opposed to an apartment, privacy was the most common reason. 

Usually, in apartment complexes, multiple residents are living in a single lot. They are literally sharing walls and even common spaces. This is not necessarily bad if your neighbor knows their limits and respects your boundaries but it can quickly steal your life’s peace if they are a party monster.  

If you are picky about sharing stuff and you are a private person, then an independent house is the right choice for you, provided that you can afford it.

6: Location

For some renters, location is everything. If you prefer living in an urban area close to city life, an apartment is right for you. Apartment complexes have public transport options within walking distance because most residents don’t have cars.

Single-family houses on the other hand are normally located in suburbia. You may not find nightlife nearby. Unless you have a car in which you can easily go grocery shopping or access nearby amenities, living in an independent home can become inconvenient.

7: Safety

Apartments are generally more secure compared to homes. Since it’s a multi-unit dwelling and security is the responsibility of the landlord/apartment complex authorities, you will feel safer. Also, complexes have controlled access, fire protection, and security cameras. Some are even gated communities. You are closer to your neighbor. If you notice something unusual, you can always contact the authorities. 

When it comes to independent homes, you are responsible for your security. This means you may have to invest in a smoke detector, home security unit, and get new locks to ensure everyone’s safety.

Hopefully, by now, it must be clear which type of housing is right for you – an apartment or an independent home. So make the final decision.

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