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What to consider while buying paintings online in Canada?

Are you looking for a painting for your living room and don’t know where to start? It is normal that at first, you feel overwhelmed, more so when the paintings you are seeing enter your eyes. In this post in which we try to guide you on how to buy paintings online Canada, we will follow a series of points. It will help you so that you can narrow down your search until you find the ideal picture. And remember that buying paintings is easy and safe through finding online paintings like Nouveau paintings for sale in Canada.

The room that will occupy the painting

It is the essential first step that will determine the frame we need. The designated room may be the hall, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom, or even the transit areas such as corridors or stairs. Only this first filter will make us think about what kind of frame we need.

Here is an example. For a bathroom or a corridor, it is normal to opt for small format paintings. The reason is that they are usually small surfaces. On the other hand, if we have in mind to decorate the living room or the hall, we will reserve the most spectacular piece and with a size according to the room.

The Room Furniture

The furniture that inhabits your house will largely determine the painting you choose. First of all, it will be decisive when you find the size of the frame. Secondly, depending on the style and color of your furniture, there will be painting motifs that will be more or less consistent, although, in the end, tastes are personal.

What frame size do I need?

It is a very recurring question. Therefore, we have previously mentioned the importance of the furniture that will share the decoration. We must write down the furniture measurements when planning to buy paintings online Canada. It will help us share the wall with the painting: The sofa, a sideboard, the bed, a chest of drawers, etc. If it does not go on any piece of furniture, we can note the width of the wall. It helps us calculate the space that would remain on both sides of the painting once hung.

If our idea is that the piece of furniture and the painting are centered on the same axis, the width of the painting should not exceed the width of the furniture type in question. An excessively long painting would create a visual effect of a very small piece of furniture when in fact, it is not.

We recommend leaving a minimum margin of 20-25 centimeters on both sides of the furniture. You will find more information in many other online articles for the living room.

Here is another example. We are looking for Nouveau paintings for sale in Canada for our sofa that is 2.50 meters long. There is no rule in this regard. However, we believe that aesthetically a painting with a length slightly shorter than that of the sofa would be appropriate. A length of up to 2 meters would be a valid measure. This way, it would leave 25 cm of wall on each side once centered on the sofa.

Once determine the length of the frame has been determined: what would be the appropriate height? In this case, we do not have an element that delimits us (except for the ceiling itself). So, we will choose the height depending on our preferences.

A landscape format (longer than height) or a square format can be more useful. Following the example that concerns us (a sofa 2.50 long x 90 cm high), a picture in landscape format would reinforce the horizontal line that predominates in the piece of furniture.

Although our recommendation is modern aesthetic paintings, we like to have both figurative and abstract motifs. Although a more classical style is attributed to figurative subjects such as landscapes and seascapes, there are no written rules.

Perhaps we show interested in creating contrast between both worlds, mixing the traditional with the avant-garde. It depends on each one, on their intentions and their tastes.

Predominant colors

What colors predominate in the room? It is obvious. However, you should note that the colors of the room (furniture, walls, and other decorative elements) will influence the selection. It is common to look for a painting that repeats the existing color pattern in the room.

That is, it must be combinable with the decoration. To do it, we recommend you use search engines like Google. This way, you can choose the right color and buy paintings online Canada more comprehensively. 

You should also note that the color of the wall will make a painting stand out more or less. An example: Very light wall tones will make paintings with a great predominance of white go unnoticed.

If we want to make a painting stand out from the wall where hung, we recommend a contrast. For example, using brightly colored pictures with soft wall tones can be the best choice. And in the other case, the same: brightly colored walls with light-colored paintings.

So far, this mini-guide on how to buy paintings online in Canada according to the room has comprehensive information. We are hopeful that this guide will make your painting wall more prominent, and your furniture will complement it. 

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