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What is Unboxing? Tips to Make it a Success

In recent years, influencers and their unboxing videos have had unstoppable success within the marketing strategy of many companies. Many organizations try to convince their customers by making unboxing videos for them. However, top-quality packaging is a must for unboxing. The reason is that the customers convince themselves to buy a specific product if it has beautiful packaging. The issue that we should consider is that many people do not know much about unboxing. Here, we discuss what unboxing is and what it is for. Many people find custom packaging for CBD products an ordinary task that does not have value in selling the product.  So, to explain unboxing, we need to mention that it is the practice of removing a product from its box or packaging. More importantly, nowadays, it is a firm commitment to improving the user experience when receiving a package. Proposing a good, innovative, original packaging that is easy to open and that fosters expectations can generate a pleasant experience and build customer loyalty.

What is Unboxing?

The unboxing phenomenon is a practice born on the YouTube platform. In it, hundreds, and even millions of people post videos that tell how to take a product out of its packaging. However, you do not think it is a fad since it has been on the video platform since its inception. The first unboxing dates from 2006 and was carried out on the Yahoo Tech channel.

The intention was to present the new Nokia E61, something that anyone can do through good packaging. Although this practice was born to entertain, today, it is a great ally to publicize your products, build customer loyalty or improve the prestige of your brand.

Reasons to Unbox

Unboxing can be used in many sectors and with different types of products. In the e-commerce sector, the companies receive customer loyalty through these unboxing videos. When the customers unpack the products, they show their love for the product. With unboxing and unpacking, you can show the difference that you have created. It becomes difficult for your competitors to black the shatters. They can make it possible only when they come out with their unboxing videos. The reason is that it is a convenient way to differentiate yourself from the competition. In this way, you offer a unique vision of the brand. Careful packaging is well-designed and that generates expectation is the key.

The publishing world, the world of fashion, beauty products, accessories, food, and toys can all benefit from unboxing. Indirectly, you will be making your brand known just by stamping your logo on the box.

Tips For Good Unboxing

As you have seen, unpacking a product by customers is one more experience in the sales process. Even if it is at the end, you have to take care of the packaging that contains the package to generate a good first contact.

The key is in the packaging: the packaging design must be of good quality, original and innovative. Taking care of the packaging to the maximum is synonymous with personalization, the key to having a happy customer. It is essential to generate expectation, even if it is minimal, for what you will find inside.

Personalized packaging: Personalizing the package has a direct impact on your customer’s experience and satisfaction. In this way, your customers will feel that they are part of the brand and unique. In addition, by stamping your logo you will indirectly reach new customers, making your brand known.
Time to take products out of the packaging: Comfort must be guaranteed, but also the creation of an expectation. The customer should be eager to see the inside but without hindering the extraction of the product. Therefore, the packaging must be simple and easy to handle, although always original, so that they remember your brand. Sharing experiences: this is one of the keys to the success of unboxing. Involving others increases expectations. It can be rewarded through discounts or offers on future purchases to those customers who share their experiences on their social networks. It can lead to getting new customers, increasing sales, the prestige of your company, and brand recognition.
Interaction with users: leaving the brand logo on the box the product comes in and a note inside will create a small interaction with the user, who will feel flattered and buy again. In addition, it will launch “word of mouth” among your friends, who are potential clients. Therefore, we can observe around us many ordinarily-prepared custom printed 60ml bottle boxes and other packaging solutions.  In short, now you know what unboxing is and how to take advantage of it to create a pleasant experience among your target audience. Remember the importance of packaging to achieve the success of this phenomenon and make your customers enjoy it while they open the packaging. Generating good expectations and good experiences can make them repeat their purchase.

Frank Williams

I am Frank William, a Professional SEO Expert with more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing. Working for several years in different organizations, I have become master in SEO, Article writing, and social media handling. Currently working at CBD Packaging Store, where publish my CBD blog regularly and provide them with strong marketing strategies to rank higher in Google.

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