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What Is Life Path & Destiny Numbers & How They Can Help You

The Basics Of Numerology

Numerology is the spiritual practice of identifying one’s purpose in life through the esoteric knowledge of interpreting numbers.

Numerology is the connection or depiction of one or more incidents in numerical form, which is then used to identify why specific things happen in an individual’s life. To gain the maximum advantage of this, all you need to do is know the numerology number meanings and know how to use them.

Also, it becomes the guiding force to keep the person on the right track in life by identifying future events in advance. Numerology is the constituent of the mystical science of astrology that is connected deeply to numbers.

There are various ways through which the concept of numerology can be utilized to interpret the quality of one’s life.

In this blog, we will know the two most significant aspects of numerology. These are the life path number and destiny number.

What Is Life Path Number

As the name suggests, a life path number is your guiding number that identifies your core values, personality traits, and much more. It also predicts the significant challenges that you have to face during your journey. A life path number is a digit that basically tells who you are in reality.

Some astrologers also suggest considering the life path number as the zodiac sign, serving the same purpose in an individual’s life. This is applicable primarily in the case of astrology greenhorns.

How To Calculate Life Path Number

Calculating your life path number is not rocket science. It only requires your birth date represented in numbers and some basic arithmetics.

If you don’t even want to do simple addition, then you can use a calculator. It is not a maths test after all!

Take your birth date and add the individual digits. It will make you reach a two-digit number in most cases. You should further add the individual digits if you get a two-digit figure to obtain a single number.

This final number is your life path number.

You must keep on deducing a multiple-digit number until you obtain a single number. (See the example given below for reference.)

The deduction of the two-digit number to a single-digit number in the second step is only required if you don’t get an ’11’ or ’22.’

It is because these are considered the master numbers having their own exclusive interpretations.

For example, if your birthdate is 13th November 1994, then the following calculation will lead you to your life path number:

Step 1

The numeric representation of birth date – 12/11/1994

Step 2

Adding the digits – 1+3+1+1+1+9+9+4 = 29

Step 3

Reducing the figure down to a single-digit 2+9 = 11

Step 4

Further reducing it down 1+1 = 2

Here, your life path number comes out to be ‘2.’

All the interpretations related to your life will be based on how the number ‘2’ resonates with your cosmic energies.

What Is Destiny Number

Just like the life numbers are the numerical representation of your birth date, the destiny numbers are the numeric depiction of your birth name, as per your horoscope.

The destiny numbers will not only tell you about the positive and negative aspects of your life but also guide you with the insights to lead a fulfilling life.

These are also known as expression numbers. So, the next time you hear someone talking about expression numbers, you know what they are referring to. 

How To Calculate Destiny Number

Calculating the destiny number is the same as calculating the life path number. Except, unlike the digits of your birthdate, the numeric representation of your full name is used.

The ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras created a system where every letter is assigned a specific single-digit number. These are called the root numbers. This is based on their position in the alphabet sequence.

The numbers associated with your full name are added to obtain a single-digit number which is your destiny number. This number is then interpreted to know the purpose and path of one’s life.

A – 1 J – 10 (1) S – 19 (10) (1)
B – 2 K – 11 (2) T – 20 (2)
C – 3 L – 12 (3) U – 21 (3)
D – 4 M – 13 (4) V – 22 (4)
E – 5 N – 14 (5) W – 23 (5)
F – 6 O – 15 (6) X – 24 (6)
G – 7 P – 16 (7) Y – 25 (7)
H – 8 Q – 17 (8) Z – 26 (8)
I – 9 R – 18 (9)

For example, if your name is Lizzi Mark Atkinson, then your destiny number will be calculated as follows:

Step 1

Lizzi – 3+9+8+8+9 = 37, which is further reduced to 3+7 = 10 or 1+0 = 1

Mark – 4+1+9+2 = 16 or 1+6 = 7

Atkinson – 1+2+2+9+5+1+6+5 = 31 or 3+1 = 4

Step 2

This will bring the destiny number to 1+7+4 = 12

Step 3

Adding it further reduces it to 1+2 = 3

Here the number ‘3’ will become your guiding force in life.

I understand that merely knowing your life path number or destiny number is not enough. You should also know the basic meaning associated with each one of the numbers. Get in touch with an expert numerologist who can help you get through it.

Now, you have the required knowledge about the meaning and method to calculate your life path number and destiny number. It is recommended to consult a numerologist before depending too much on this to get the best results.

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