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Health and Fitness

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee surgery is also known as knee replacement surgery, which is done when a person is suffering from knee pain and the condition becomes so bad that he can walk or walk. It becomes difficult to even sit. The issue of knee pain is spreading fast, which is seen in both men and women.

According to a report on the India Today website, 99 percent of people in India between the ages of 60 and 65 have a broken knee and they have to resort to surgery to get it treated. Knee pain is mainly due to many reasons like being overweight, lack of calcium in the body, weakening of bones, etc.

That’s why it has become a topic of discussion and people keep looking for a way to solve it. Since people do not have much knowledge of knee placement or knee operation, that is why they are reluctant to adopt. If you are also deprived of its information, then definitely read this article.

What is Knee Replacement?

Knee surgery or knee replacement surgery is also known as arthroplasty. In this, the harmed knee is replaced with artificial joints. This joint is mainly made of metal alloys, high-grade plastics, and polymers, which help the person to walk or perform other activities normally.

When Knee Replacement Surgery is advised?

Knee Replacement Surgeon advise any person to undergo knee surgery only in the following conditions-

  • Knee pain
  • Swelling in the knees
  • Loss of Knee Grease
  • Difficulty walking or sitting
  • Failure of any other method

Types of Knee Replacement

There are mainly 3 types of knee replacement, which are as follows-

Total knee replacement:

This is a common type of knee replacement, in which both knees or the entire knee is treated.

Partial Knee Replacement:

​​As the name suggests, this procedure is used to treat a portion of the knee.

Revision knee replacement:

When a knee operation is performed again after some time, that condition is known as revision knee replacement.

Pre-Procedure of Knee Replacement

Necessary preparation is done before starting this process so that it can be done successfully.

Some tasks are done as a preparation for this, which are as follows-

Taking medical history

Before performing a knee operation, the medical history of the person is seen, from which the real cause of knee pain is ascertained.

Physical examination

After this, the person is physically examined, in which his X-ray, blood test is done.

Cessation of food and drink

Doctors advise you to stop eating and drinking 8 hours before starting the knee operation.


Before this operation, doctors also do some exercises so that the person can be adapted to it.

How is knee surgery performed?

It requires to take a total of 1 to 2 hours to perform knee surgery. Which is done in the hospital or clinic.

There are some steps included in this whole procedure, which is as follows-

1: Knee surgery begins with the placement of an intravenous line in the person’s arm. Through this, medications are given to the patient so that he does not face any kind of problem during this process.

2: Shave the skin- After this, the skin of the knee is shaved so that this surgery can be done.

3: Anesthesia to the person- After shaving the skin, the person is given anesthesia. Anesthesia saves that person from any kind of pain during this time.

4: Making a cut on the front part of the knee- After giving anesthesia to the person, the doctor makes a cut on the front part of the knee.

5: Removal of the proposed joint- After making a cut on the knee, the proposed joint is taken out.

6: Implanting Artificial Joint- After taking out the proposed part of the knee, after that the artificial joint is implanted in its place.

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Most Asked Questions:

Q. How painful is knee surgery?

Ans- However, this is not a common thing to occur after knee surgery. Some people who have knee surgery experience knee pain after this operation. For most people, knee surgery works to improve the quality of the knee side.

Q. How long does it take to fully recover after a knee operation?

Ans- The knee is very sensitive after the operation, so the recovery of the person doing it depends on how much he takes care of himself. Usually, there is relief in 3 to 6 weeks after knee surgery.

Q. Is knee surgery a major operation?

Ans- Yes, a knee operation is a very big operation because in this the surgeon removes the bad knee and puts an artificial knee in its place.

Q. Can knee replacement surgery prove unsuccessful?

Ans- For some people, knee replacement surgery may prove to be unsuccessful. They may have a problem like infection after this surgery, in which case it may need to be done again.

Q. What should be avoided after knee surgery?

Ans- After the operation of the knee, people who get it done should take special care. This includes not bending the knee while getting up or sitting, not eating cold things, etc.

Q. Does the knee hurt more at night after knee surgery?

Ans- Due to the cold weather at night, there is a strain in the knee muscles, which causes pain. For this reason, knee pain occurs at night after a knee operation.


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