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What Are The Main Difference Between The Big 4 Tyre Brands

Modern Tyre Brands:

It wouldn’t be wrong to deem tyres as “the” invention of the 19th and even the 20th century. That changed the way we looked at the world. Ever since their creation, we have enjoyed a host of benefits and advantages that they offer. The journey from 1845 to the present day has been of nothing short of utter amazement. This is why today we are discussing the tyre brands that have revolutionized the world.

Travel around the country to even the world was suddenly a possibility. Trade and economic progress and so much more were now a possibility. And most importantly, comfortable travel was now possible.

And as time went along these tyres have only gotten better and better with time. Providing us even more advantages and benefits than what we could have ever imagined in 1845 When they were invented.

And following are the advantages that the modern tyre brings with them. That has enhanced and improved our lives for the better. And due to which we experience the comfort and ease in our life which we often take for granted. Without realizing the whole that they have played to make it that.

Advantages Of Modern Tyre Brands:

  • They Are Long Lasting:

Modern tires are built to last and this is their biggest advantage in the present world. Even though tyres that existed over 150 years ago were providing you extreme comfort in your life. And at times they definitely felt like a luxury you were blessed with.

But one thing that they definitely weren’t was long-lasting. As the technology of those times wasn’t advance enough so they were made of inferior materials. And compared to modern-day tyres they just weren’t a match.

Whereas tyres nowadays even the most basic one has the ability to last atleast a couple of years. And on the other hand, a good premium quality tyre can last up to five years and give you an extremely satisfactory performance.

  • They Provide Better Comfort:

Another advantage that a modern tyre blesses you with is that they provide you with a lot of comfortable rides. Then the breed of the original tyres could even dream about. And the core reason for this is the advancement of technology that has occurred over the years.

They help absorb the shock of road and other forces to give us a bump-free and convenient ride. Through which we can pleasantly travel to and from wherever we want to.

  • They Provide Better Safety:

This can very well be the biggest advantage as well as the benefit that the modern tyre provides. The road grip that a modern tyre provides is leaps and bounds above what was originally ordered. And due to this reason travel has now become extremely safe when compared to yesteryear.

  • They Are Great Value For Money:

Tyre when originally invented were expensive and were only available for the privileged class. As they were something that only the wealthy could afford but tables have turned greatly now. And this could be classified as a major advantage of the modern tyre that they are great value for money.

Modern tyres, along with being long-lasting and safe, are also extremely affordable. And this is an extremely major advantage that they serve.

  • They Can Operate On Much Difficult Surfaces:

The biggest oversight of the tyre invention was regard for the ever-changing weather. But this is not the case with modern tyres. Whether it is snowing, it is raining, muddy, or any other state. They are now designed to operate at their optimal level in all weather conditions.

Big 4 Tyre Brands:

The progress that modern tyres have made especially in the 20th century can now be down to the utter and sincere hard work of the 4 leading tyre brands in the world. As they are the companies who have worked day and night to innovate tyres to the place where they are today.

They have not only made tyres safe but also extremely, affordable, long-lasting, and a great value for your money. So if you are looking to buy tyres online, especially those in the UAE, then first get to know which ones are. As following are the big 4 tyre brands who have made all of this possible:

  • Bridgestone

  • Michelin

  • Goodyear

  • Continental

Why Are They The Big 4 Tyre Brands:

Bridgestone has the proud honor of being the world’s largest tyre manufacturer in the world.  And another honor that they have is that they are the ones who have made worldwide tyre availability a reality.

The Reason why Michelin is one of the leading tyre brands in the world is that. They are the 2nd biggest tyre manufacturers in the world. And have also played a huge role in providing quality tyres to the world on a budget.

Goodyear is the 3rd biggest tyre manufacturer in the world and the reason they are in the top big 4 tyre brands in the world is that they provide you with the most safest grip of all the tyres available in the market.

Last but certainly not least, the continental tyre is counted among the big 4 tyre brands in the world because they provide the most variety of different tyres to their customers. But now that we have discussed their advantages and their reasoning for it. Now we should focus on what are the differences between them, they are the following:

Difference Between The Big 4 Tyre Brands:

  • They Have Developed Their Own USP
  • These Brands Have Different Marketing Campaigns
  • Cater To Different Audiences
  • Offer Different Warranty
  • Have Different Values

How To Identify These Differences:

Tyres have certainly had an upswing journey since their invention. This is why in this blog we have tried to educate you about them as much as possible. That included their journey their advantages as well as their differences. Of what makes them stand apart from each other. Which one did you find to be the most useful for you? Remember to let us know in the comments. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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