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What are Managed Print Services and Why Do You Need It?

Almost every type of business in the world needs printing because it is considered one of the most necessary functions. The main difference in the process arises when you think about the approach of your business towards printing. Sometimes your business needs a lot of printing process, you need to touch with Printer supplier and sometimes not, depending on the nature of your business.

That’s why printing is regarded as the essential part of any business for sure. Of course, talking about the approach depends on which one you choose, and then you will see its effects. It will affect your responsibility level, cost, and effectiveness of the process. In return, it will affect your workflow and productivity.

So, most of the companies provide a high-demand budget for printing and associated costs. Commonly companies dedicate 5 to 15% of the budget to the printing process cost. If you are a business owner and want to lessen the annual cost for printing, you can work with the printing management team.

Suppose you can have the printing management team for your business. In that case, you will also enable yourself to reduce the cost annually and optimize the enhanced workflow, profit margins, and resources.

So, let me introduce you about the managed print services and why you should hire them.

Managed print services:

Managed print services are a program offered by the supplier to manage and maintain all aspects of your business printing devices and needs, including the scanners, printers, copiers, and faxes. Additionally, they provide you plenty of options of services that you can get from them and make it possible to run your business efficiently.

These print services can take care of all your needs regarding office printing. They can take over the printing, from fixing the out-of-order printers to optimizing the budget you dedicate for the printing tasks. You can expect several services from them, and some of these are enlisted below:

  • Business analysis
  • Printing workflow assessments
  • Enhanced printing workflow plan developments
  • Printing assistance
  • Printing devices maintenance

Having a managed printer supplier services for your business can help you and your business effectively and in impactful ways. Moreover, you can be free from the tension of the printing process or its problems as now you have the teams to take care of such matters. So it has several advantages we are going to narrow down in this guide.

Printer Distributor - Tenaui Middle East

Why do you need managed print services?

There are many benefits of having managed print services for your business, which we are telling you to answer your question. In addition to this, you will also be convinced and satisfied after reading the advantages and perks they will give you once you have them. So let’s get into it!

1. Fulfill & analyze your printing needs:

Do we know that you might be thinking that you have an IT department for this purpose but have you ever think that the people in that department are not using the best of their time in this work? No, you don’t. However, if you hire a professional printer supplier team to analyze and fulfill your printing process needs, you will help yourself.
The first thing is that MPS has specialized knowledge about these things. They know about handling the needs of printing at an affordable price. They specialize in printer fleet consolidation methods by ensuring that they are taking care of your requirements in a better way.

2. Placing streamline printers:

The managed printer supplier team is hired to increase the workflow, and they know how to do it properly and effectively. They place the printers in the most accessible areas of your office so that most of the employees can use them and increase printing devices’ usage. Easy access is the key point.
Time waste when the employees have to walk to another floor or building to print something. If the printers are placed where they are easily accessible, it will automatically enhance the workflow in the working environment in a very effective and efficient way.

3. Lessen need of local printers:

One of the things listed on the top of the MPS is to reduce the local printers in your office as they are inefficient and very costly. Those printers provide rare networking and offer the service to one person at a time. Additionally, they need printer ink and photo paper for working, costing heavily more than you think.
Moreover, they are giving you the challenges of buying and inventory tracking. As you know that having a local printer costs, you but its accessories such as printer ink and photo paper make it pricy more than its actual usage in the office. The MPS will serve your office with innovative technology printers which cost less and help more.

4. Managing remote printing:

The supplier will provide you the innovative ways of printing that cost less and offer much more such as wireless printers. So, if you have a mobile printing service in your office, then your employees will be able to print any document remotely from any device or even if they are out of the office.
This will be considered the key aspect in improving your business to a new level more than before. If your business supports mobile printing, MPS suppliers can also help you maintain, build, and supply troubleshoot support.

5. Enhancing print security:

In any type of business, it is necessary to handle access to different documents and even printing devices to protect confidential information. Therefore, the printer supplier team often provides print security software, known as device hardening, that lessens the vulnerabilities in certain devices.
The managed print services have the solution to this problem which can be solved by aiding that software to all the printing devices you have in the office. It gives an additional level of security to the records or any kind of personal information.
This will not only enhance the protection but also make you able not to take tension anymore. It will remove the stress out of your mind, and you will have complete peace of mind.

6. Easy to monthly budget payment:

After reading this benefit, you will regard it as the biggest one until now. The managed print services will help you save your money from the printing process as you are doing before. Additionally, the monthly payment plan also benefits you compared to the annual budget given to the printing.
Most of the time, in companies or organizations, the cost is in the budget given and used but not managed properly. But if you have a proper plan and structure for the printing process in a month, it will help you grow your business more effectively and bring more goodness towards the employees.

Whether you have an office with a large number of employees or a small office footprint, the managed print services are worthy of looking at or considering as they can save not your time but your money. Moreover, the MPS comes in different forms, and you can even customize it according to your needs.
We hope that you will be going satisfied with the information we provided you.

Tenaui Middle East

Tenaui is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business and industrial digital imaging solutions in the Middle East, South Africa, and Singapore region

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