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What are Common Injuries that Tucson Motorcyclists Sustain in an Accident?

Tucson is a popular destination for people who enjoy riding their motorcycles. Due to the expansive highways and lack of traffic congestion, it is a great place to experience the sunset on your bike. Unfortunately, all of these factors also contribute to the high frequency of motorcycle accidents that happen in this city. A recent study conducted by the University of Arizona found that in an accident, a motorcyclist is far more likely to suffer a severe injury than in a car. The most common injuries sustained were largely spine and brain-related. The study also found that motorcycle riders had twice the risk of dying than automobile drivers when it came to fatal head injuries. Motorcyclists also sustain injuries, including burns, lacerations, and fractures.

Motorcycle accidents can be difficult to deal with as the rider is often the only witness, and people often face serious injuries that warrant a large settlement. To help, Tucson auto accident attorneys work with motorcycle riders to document the accident and their injuries. They also work with law enforcement to ensure accidents are documented and insurance companies are notified.

Let us now have a look into the most common injuries that sustain in motorcycle accidents.

  • Head trauma

Motorcycle accidents can cause head traumas that can permanently impair human functioning. These injuries are expected to have a major impact on the economy because they can cause physical, emotional, and mental problems. It is caused when the rider’s head is thrown back quickly due to a collision with something else.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal injury in the US. In fact, a motorcyclist is five times more likely to suffer from a spinal injury than a car driver. Injuries such as fractures and head trauma can often cause significant damage to the spine. 

  • Loss of limbs

Many people experience the loss of limbs, sometimes more than once, due to motorcycle accidents every year. One of the most common accidents caused by motorcyclists is when they are hit by another driver. The only way to avoid these tragic incidents is to take precautions like wearing a helmet and other safety gear. 

  • Facial disfigurement

Motorcycle accidents often result in facial disfigurement. For instance, a motorcycle rider may have their lips and nose damaged by the impact of the crash. In other examples, the cheeks and chin can be torn from their ligament attachments. 

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