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Unique Characteristics Of Porcelain Wall Tiles in Melbourne

Do you know the unique qualities of Porcelain wall tiles Melbourne? Yes, when compared with resting choices, it has some special traits that impress every users to purchase.

Renovating the home by using the wall tiles is an interesting task. You may find various tiling options such as porcelain wall tiles, ceramic wall tiles, glass wall tiles, marble wall tiles, and more in the market. When compared to the other assortments, the Porcelain wall tiles Melbourne are the preferred choice of most homeowners. It is available with various patterns and textures that highlight the walls. It can be installed anywhere such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and other places. But ensure to select trustworthy suppliers to buy the high-quality products that suit your budget. When you layout the first-class tiles, then it will last for nearly 50 to 100 years with the proper maintenance. Once you know about the major traits of porcelain tiles, then you can choose them without any hesitation. Refer below to know the vital qualities of the porcelain wall tiles.

Dirt Resistance

Porcelain tiles do not hold any dust while compared to the other kind of wall tiles. You can clean it easily by using general household materials. Moreover, the porcelain won’t require buffing or polishing to maintain its finish. Routine cleaning helps to maintain the look and finish of this tile. Just wipe the wall with a soft broom or cloth to remove the dust. It is very simple to clean and preserve the porcelain wall tiles in your living space. Additionally, it is low porous, so it won’t accumulate any kind of dirt.

Scratch Resistance

The porcelain tile has a gloss surface, but it is not glass. It is composed primarily of clay, so it can rub out the scratches. So, you can install it on your walls without any problems. As it is made of natural clay, it has a hard surface that can resist scratch. Even the hard materials that have sharp edges can’t leave any scrap on the porcelain tile.


As the porcelain is stoneware, it will last for long days with little maintenance. It is worth it to pay for purchasing this tile for your walls. It has low porosity, so it will have more durability. It is impermeable to acids, water, dirt, and other chemicals. This durability is one of the major qualities that make the porcelain the ideal choice to install on the walls. So, you can install it in busy areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and others.

Guidelines To Choose The Right Living Room Floor Tiles For Your Space

Stain Resistance

The glazed even some unglazed porcelain wall tiles can resist all kinds of stains. So, it can be cleaned without any difficulties with small guidance. If you are worried about the spot, then you can choose the colored porcelain tiles for your wall. They can guide the stain and are easy to clean. Stain resistance is a vital thing that helps to reduce your stress about cleaning walls frequently.

Color Permanence  

Some kinds of tiles may have the problem of color fading. But the porcelain wall tiles don’t have this issue as they come in a long-lasting color. When making the porcelain tile, the color will be fired into the tile’s clay body. So, it won’t fade after a few years even if exposed to direct sunlight. Its color-leaching Ultra Violet rays, so persist eternally colorfast. So, your walls will always stay with the same striking color, and it enhances the home aspect.

Hygiene – Porcelain Wall Tiles Melbourne

If you care about hygiene, then the porcelain wall tile is the ideal choice. It won’t accumulate any antigens, allergens, odors, or smoke. So, it is easy to clean and maintain by using household products. When the microbes stay in the tiles, it can cause an infection in your family. But the porcelain tile comes with a hygiene feature that prevents you from any allergens. Its non-porous trait makes it the perfect option to install on both indoor and outdoor wall areas. It has a coated surface that is hygienic and easy to clean.


Looking for a good tile to install on your kitchen wall? Then you can consider the porcelain tiles. It can be heated to extreme temperatures. Thus, they are fireproof and do not burn in any kind of normal condition. It is made of natural stone, which material can prevent the growth and movement of flames. Apart from the kitchen, you can install it on the outdoor wall tiles near your garden. It helps you to use the fire in your garden areas without any hesitation.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the significant characteristics of the Porcelain wall tiles Melbourne. If you would like to purchase this tile for your walls, then you can prefer our Auzzie tiles & bathroomware. We provide you with the most excellent tiles that meet your expected designs. We do supply and install the tiles that lessen your money and stress. Our professionals will offer you the extraordinary service that you can’t find anywhere.

An author is highly recommending to purchase and install the Porcelain wall tiles Melbourne which really have good quality like nice texture and long-lasting.

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