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Types of Pop Corn

The various variations and names associated with pop corn kernels can cause a great deal of confusion. I’ll do my best to explain things up and assist you in finding the pop corn you need!

One of our favorite snacks is pop corn. It’s not only simple to make, but it’s also simple to customize. Pop corn can also be a nutritious snack, depending on the toppings you use. Popcorn, being a whole grain item, may be integrated into practically any diet plan—just don’t overdo the butter! Choosing the correct popcorn toppings is critical for keeping the recipe light when making healthy kernels.

Whether you buy pop corn in pre-packaged bags or make it at home on the stovetop, you’ll have to select between yellow and white popcorn kernels. Despite the fact that yellow and white seeds appear to be the same, there are two different types of pop corn. Continue reading to discover more about the differences and how to decide which kernel to use the next time you present with this choice.

The “white” and “yellow” kinds of kernels are the most common. And there are size disparities within each of those kinds.

White Popcorn

White pop corn, sometimes called rice popcorn, is made from microscopic kernels that resemble rice granules. White popcorn pops up bright white. It also has a neutral, clean popcorn flavor and pops a little smaller than yellow popcorn. White popcorn is ideal for adding flavorings and seasonings because of this.

White popcorn comes in a variety of sub-varieties to pick from.

Lady Finger, a premium popcorn with exceptional flavor and texture grown in Canada, Gourmet White, Gourmet Red, Baby White, Sweet Baby Blue, Tender & White, and others are among them.

Yellow Popcorn

Yellow pop corn with a yellow hue appears. Yellow popcorn seems to me to be more buttery in appearance, which may be why it is utilized in movie theatres. This popcorn has a more robust flavor, which some people describe as little “nutty.”

Yellow popcorn comes in a variety of sizes.

Baby Yellow will pop into a tiny, delicate popcorn with a low hull content.

Gourmet Yellow, Gourmet Mushroom “Brains,” Big & Yellow, and Extra Large Caramel are ideal for seasonings, toppings, and glazes, while Gourmet Yellow, Gourmet Mushroom “Brains,” Big & Yellow, and Extra Large Caramel pop large and are excellent for seasonings, toppings, and glazes.

Hulless Popcorn

The term “hulless” is sometimes use to describe popcorn. Hulless is a property of popped popcorn, not a flavor or a sort of popcorn.

To be clear, every popcorn kernel has a hull, which is the outer layer of the kernel.

Some popcorn has more hulls than others (the firm, yellow bits that get stuck in your teeth or fall to the bottom of your popcorn bowl). If you can’t stomach picking hulls out of your teeth, choose a pop corn variety with fewer hulls when popped.

In general, the thinner the hull and the fewer hulls you acquire, the smaller the popcorn kernel. Small kernels have a narrower hull, which means you’ll have fewer hulls between your teeth! Hulless varieties include Gourmet White, Gourmet Red, Baby White, Baby Yellow, Lady Finger, Midnight Blue, Vintage Red, and Tender & White.

If you want giant popcorn and don’t mind a few hulls, choose Gourmet Yellow (the sort used in theatres) or Gourmet Mushroom “Brains” (the kind they use for caramel corn).

Mushroom-Shaped Popcorn

Kernels with thick hulls produce mushroom-shaped pop corn. These kernels require more moisture to allow steam to pass through the thickness of the kernel. As a result, the pop corn is intense and can withstand toppings like chocolate and caramel.

Snowflake-Shaped Popcorn

The shape of snowflake-shaped pop corn is substantially more uneven than that of mushroom-shaped pop corn. It is usually larger in size and has a softer feel. Snowflake-shaped popcorn is the type you’ll commonly see at movie theatres because it can retain more toppings due to its size.

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