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Top 7 Professional Haircut Melbourne For Men

Finding the perfect Haircut Melbourne provider is really a tough task? Have a look at the different set of styles that are recently liked by the customers.

There is a famous saying that do not judge a book by its outer cover (do not conclude about one’s personality and character with their appearance). But till date, people presume others by looking at outer looks. So, one must have a strong attire that will create a positive impression on viewers. For such looks, hair plays a significant role. Whether it is a million-dollar meeting or a first interview, men are expected to have combed hair.

Earlier times all professional men were expected to be look-alike in costume and hairstyles (commonly oiled and side-parted). But in the current scenario trend is changing! People do professional Haircut Melbourne that suits their face. From the plethora of styles, hand-picked professional haircut trends are listed below. Have a glimpse at it and pick the best for you!

Side Part

One of the famous haircuts from the late ’50s is the side part. But unlike the earlier times, now there are different types in this style. The classic yet most stylish look makes its way to professional style. You can comb it very easily and maintaining the style is not a big deal. The other name for this hairstyles is the standard cut, regular cut, and businessman cut. If you are a person with a strong cheekbones structure then this style will bring complement to you.

Crew Cut With Beard

Another classic yet professional hairstyle is crew cut with beard. The important advantage of this style is that you don’t require to comb it or prepare your hair a day ahead of big meetings or any interviews. To add up a more professional look crew cut with a trimmed neat beard will be a perfect one. This professional touch will bring you a respected man title rather than a good boy name. It is a perfect one for persons with oval face shape, cheekbones, and strong jaw.

Classic Taper Hairstyle

If you are a person who demands a presentable look rather than style then classic taper will be the best choice for you. Taper refers to a style where the size of the hairs at the sides and back gradually decreases as they go down. In other words, the hair near the neck will be the shortest. Commonly hair at the side and back grow at a faster phase than at the top and so the biggest benefit of classic taper is that you don’t need to visit a barber frequently. Though taper looks good on all faces, comparatively it suits well with an oval-shaped one.

Most Crazy And Attractive Stylish Haircut For Men And Women

Slicked Back Haircut Melbourne

Slick-backed is the famous professional hairstyle in the 1980s. It was a signature style of stockbroker and gangster during the period. You must have noticed this style in movies like Goodfellas and Wolf of the Street and so on. If the surrounding competition is at peak and you want to look polished slicked back will be a good idea. You can comb it back in wet and use a gel to maintain the style. It is a perfect style that can be tried by a person with any shaped face. Be it a round, oval, or oblong this style will surely match their face.

Ivy League Professional Cut

Ivy League is the best cut for all ages of men. If you have watched Daniel Craig James Bond movies this cut must be familiar. The only difference you can spot with Ivy League and crew cut is that more hairs are left at the top. For persons who travel long distances for attending meetings or interviews, Ivy will be a perfect hairstyle. Because this style doesn’t mess up your hair quickly and the requirement of taking care of hair is not required. This style is an apt one for round-shaped faces.

Messy Hair Slick Back

Maintaining messy hair in a professional way is too hard! If you are facing this issue, then you must be knowing how difficult it is! But messy hair slick back is a perfect solution for maintaining the hair professionally. All you need to do is slick the hair back and comb it in wet. The style suits every face shape and it is most preferred by men aged in the mid-’20s.

Combover Style

Another old-school hairstyle that prevails till date is combover. As the name says one needs to just comb their hair to a side. It is the most iconic and traditional look which works well with both beard and clean-shaven. If you are attending a meeting or any big occasion in suits then short comb hair will be the best. A person with any face shape can try this classic vintage cut.

Final Wordings

Are you planning for a professional Haircut Melbourne? Then you are most welcomed to CAST Salon. We are committed to provide the best hairdressing through experienced and creatively talented stylists. Our professional hairdressers are the best in fulfilling client’s requirements and it is why we top the hairdressing industry.

An author is efficient in providing all types of Haircut Melbourne that are perfectly for their face and body shape.

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