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Top 5 Money Making Apps You Require to Download Now

Do you know that you can make money by using certain money-making apps that are easily available? Continue reading to find out more about these money making apps. 

Earning a little bit of money from using your app doesn’t seem like a bad idea. With the standard of living getting high, money-making apps seem like a good idea to help you settle a few bills here and there. Although there are legit money making apps out there, you need to be careful not to fall into the trap of scammers who are out to rip you off. So, how can you know if a money making app is legit or not? Here are a few tips:

  • When they claim to offer a way to get rich quickly without a proper strategy or investing 
  • By going through their review to see what people are saying about that particular app 
  • If it is not available on Google Play or iOS app stores 

If you want to make money through money-making apps, here are some of the most trusted and legit apps you can try. Even though the amount of money that these apps offer is not that much, you are guaranteed to get money once you meet their requirements. The amount you can raise from these money making apps is enough to help you settle a few household bills. You should not see them as means to make a living. 

Now that you know about money making apps and how to tell whether they are legit or not let’s look at the five most valuable apps to make you good money. 

Amazon Seller

It is pretty obvious that Amazon is a household name for the best retailing services. In fact, it is an industry leader compared to all other money making apps. If you are up for it, you can also benefit from this app. What makes this app great is that you can freely download it and start making money immediately using your phone. Once you have created an account through this app, you are allowed to sell services and items on Amazon. If you have items in your garage that you are not using, the Amazon Seller app will help you milk some cash from them by advertising it on it. 

You can make a couple of dollars from a garage sale by starting your own online business. All these can be done easily once you have downloaded and installed the app. However, with each sale that you make through this app, they will deduct $0.99. If your business grows and you start selling numerous items, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription of $39.99. Once you have subscribed for this package, you will not need to part with a service fee of $0.99 per item. 


There are many items lying around your home that you are not using anymore. If you do, then you need to make bucks out then. eBay is the best-suited app for persons who want to sell their household items for a quick fee. The first thing that you need to do is to put your items up for sale in a listing. Once a potential buyer comes up, he or she will pay for the item. If they live away from you, you will need to pay for the shipping services. On eBay, anyone can sell almost anything: power tools, furniture, books, clothes, and electronics. If you don’t have proper logistics, it will cost you a lot of money to ship goods from one corner of the world to another. The best thing to do is sell the goods locally. eBay is the best app to start with if you want to start selling items online. 


If you are into creative arts, this is the best app for selling what you are offering. If you are an artist with unique talents, then the Etsy app allows you to advertise and sell what you have. It is also a good app to learn what kind of art is trending right now. There are plenty of handmade products on this platform that is on offer. The app is popularly known as Sell on Etsy, and it allows you to manage your shop, orders, or listings. It also has a live chat where the user can communicate with their customer. If art is your thing, then the Sell on Etsy app is the best option for you to make some money. 

Facebook Marketplace

Another great app that allows you to make a few bucks from selling different items is Facebook Marketplace. This app runs the same way as the Craigslist app. If you want to make money through Facebook Marketplace, all you need to do is post the items that you want to sell on your timeline and wait for people to see them. Since you will have your contacts, potential buyers can easily reach you, and if you reach a deal, you can meet and do business! 


PayPal is a worldwide platform that many people use to sell and buy products and devices online. It became popular through eBay. You can also use it as a payment gateway when someone sends you money from abroad. Digital products are also easily sold through PayPal. 


Money making apps come in their hundreds; therefore, it is up to you to do proper research and know which of these apps are legitimate and which are just hogwash. Remember that money making apps will only help you get money if you have something to offer. No app will give you money if you don’t have anything to offer. 

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