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Pets & Animals

Top 10 Tips for Cat Grooming and Care

A cat in the house is not only a joy but also a great responsibility. The feline owner should make sure the pet is comfortable and satiated.

Here are the top 10 tips for growing and caring for your cat. If you want to generate the name of the cat then you can generate it from the wow name generator.

The Top 10 Tips for Cat Grooming and Care Are:

1. How to train to the tray?

The most important question is toilet training. There are several rules for this:

the first few days you need to observe the cat in order to respond to the desire to go to the toilet in the wrong place;

  • from time to time, without resorting to brute force, you need to put the kitten in the tray;
  • you need to carry the animal to the pot after eating and sleeping;
  • in the tray, show the cat how they rake sawdust with their paws;
  • if the cat decides to go to the toilet outside the litter box, carefully move it there and praise it after it finishes;
  • to attract a cat to the tray, you need to blot his urine with a napkin in the place where he went to the toilet and put it in the tray;
  • There are special sprays that can attract cats by smell; they need to be used on the surface of the litter box.

 Bathing a cat:

  • Most cats are not happy with bathing. Many cats are afraid of water and resent if only a few drops of moisture get on their fur. It is worth letting them do their own hygiene.
  • Cats are some of the cleanest pets out there and can take hours to groom. However, in some cases, bathing is necessary, for example, in the heat or if the cat is smeared with paint or other toxic substance that can harm the stomach.
  • It is advisable to bathe the cat together so that the animal can be kept in the bathroom. For washing, use warm water and shampoo to clean the coat. It is most convenient to bathe a cat when it lies on its side, holding its front paws.
  • If the cat absolutely does not want to take a bath, you can use a special spray shampoo that does not require rinsing to cleanse. Do not dry your hair with a hairdryer; it is worth blotting with a towel and letting the cat lick off the remaining water in a secluded place.

3. Shelter for a cat.

Each pet should have its own corner in which it will sleep or hide. Cats love confined spaces that are difficult to access, such as a corner in a closet or under a radiator.

Also, representatives of the feline family like to always be warm and soft in their secluded places. Loving owners can purchase a special house for their pet, which is sold in any pet store.

A budget option would be to build a shelter out of a box and an old T-shirt. To do this, you can watch a video on how to make a house for a cat out of the box. Despite their own resting place, it is worth knowing that cats will often come to the owners’ bed, as they need close communication with a person.

4. How to care for wool.

If you do not monitor your cat’s coat, tangles can form on it. For hair care, you should buy a special comb, which you need to comb every day. Long-haired cats require special care.

In order for the wool that the cat licks to freely leave the stomach, you need to give a special paste in courses. It is also advisable to give the cat vitamins from time to time so that its coat shines with health and beauty.

5. Eating and drinking the animal.

Some cats are rather finicky creatures. The selection of feed for them turns into a problem. You should try different options and focus on the one that is most preferable for the cat and the household budget.

You can feed your domestic cat with both wet and dry food. Some owners decide to feed the animal with natural products.

Most cats love cereals with offal or fish, as well as raw and boiled meat. As for water, keep it within reach of cats and change it as often as possible. Some cats like to drink tap water, but most prefer standard cups.

6. Taming to a scratching post.

Sharp cat claws need to be trimmed regularly. For this, the cat loves to use furniture and carpets, and sometimes even wallpaper. Be sure to teach your cat to pull its claws in a certain place.

To do this, you can use a special scratching post. It can be sprayed in the same way you trained kittens to the litter boxes. Or you can simply show the cat how to sharpen its claws by grabbing its paws and making the appropriate movements.

7. Cat training.

Many owners are worried about how to wean a cat from a bite. First, you need to find out the cause of the animal’s aggression. If he bites out of fear, you should treat the kitten more affectionately, stroke him more often and not violate personal space.

If biting is a game, you need to channel the animal’s energy in a different direction – for example, tie a ball of wool to a thread and play a little.

You can also use the following methods to wean you from biting: Every time the kitten bites, clap your hands loudly or splash water on it. These actions irritate cats and they quickly stop biting.

8. Fun for the cat.

Cats, especially young cats, need to put energy somewhere. It is very important that the animal not only receives affection and food but also has fun. A variety of items are suitable for games:

  • ball;
  • crumpled paper;
  • toy mouse;
  • box;
  • bell suspended from the doorknob;
  • soft toy.

It is worth changing toys more often so that the cat does not get tired of having fun.

9. Clean your cat’s ears.

To clean the ears of cats, use a cotton swab moistened with petroleum jelly or sea buckthorn oil. You cannot use water for these purposes.

If your cat has a lot of grey or brown dirt in its ears, take it to your veterinarian. It may be a tick or otitis media that requires treatment.

10. Vaccinations and protection against fleas.

It is advisable to vaccinate domestic cats. Therefore, it is worth making several vaccinations, which will be entered in a special cat passport. If your cat goes outside, it doesn’t hurt to get a flea collar.

He will protect the animal from parasites during a walk and will not allow them to be brought home. These simple tips will help you, step by step, organize your loved one a comfortable life in any condition.

Remember that cats need people and, despite their isolation, they want to live in a home where they are loved.

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