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Top 10 IT outsourcing companies in USA

It is critical to select the greatest technology for your company’s growth. Hiring an innovative IT services provider is the most straightforward approach to ensure that you are maximizing technology, increasing revenue, and staying ahead of the competition.

We’ve put together a list of the best IT outsourcing companies to help you find a partner. Look through the descriptions, testimonials, and awards to see which ones best fit your company’s needs. If you require additional assistance, please tell us about your project and we will connect you with suitable companies.

  1. Techahead

Website – https://www.techaheadcorp.com/services/it-outsourcing-company/

Location – Agoura Hills, California

Rates – $25-$49/ hour

TechAhead provides cutting-edge, innovative IT outsourcing services that are tailored to your company’s specific requirements. You’re losing out on competition and slowing down your business growth if your IT infrastructure isn’t optimized and scalable. With TechAhead’s IT Outsourcing services, you’ll get a powerful, resilient, and result-oriented IT platform that will help you achieve constant success.

Clients – Audi, Disney, American Express, AXA

2. Altar.IO

Website – https://altar.io/

Location – Lisboa Portugal

Rates – $25,000+

Altar.io is a software and product development firm with offices in Lisbon, London, and Milan. The 20-person company, which was founded in 2015, offers end-to-end IT services across online, mobile, and cloud. They also offer UX/UI design, software development, and deployment. They deal with businesses of all sizes and are cross-industry with a fintech specialization.

Clients – Apiax, Audiotest Kitchen, AlixPartners

3.  Bairesdev

Website – https://www.bairesdev.com/

Location – Buenos Aires Argentina

Rates – $50,000+

Several Fortune 500 firms use the client’s platform, and they needed experienced and economical development help. Despite having more notable clients, the client observed that the programmers allocated to their projects were consistently talented and a strong cultural match for their in-house teams, and complimented their dedication when their CEO visited the client’s New Orleans location.

Clients – Google, Rolls-Royce, EY

4.  Itransition

Website – https://www.itransition.com/

Location – Kyiv Ukraine

Rates – $10,000+

Since 2017, Itransition has worked with an insurance platform to assist them to launch numerous products. They contributed to the project team’s expansion to more than 60 members, including developers, business intelligence specialists, and quality assurance engineers. Itransition continues to work with the insurance platform to strengthen their well-received digital projects.

Clients- Adidas, Toyota, Paypal

5.  Future Processing

Website – https://www.future-processing.com/

Location – Poland

Rates – $25,000+

Future Processing is a Gliwice, Poland-based software company. They were founded in 2000 and presently employ over 900 people. They typically work with midmarket and small businesses in the healthcare, IT, and transportation industries, specializing in custom software development, web development, and enterprise app modernization. When compared to the old system, Future Processing built a scalable, bespoke solution for managing surplus food stores that helped to reduce product input time on critical operations by up to 33%.

Clients- Allocate, Algomi

6. Unity Group

Website – https://www.itransition.com/

Location – Poland

Rates – $25,000+

Unity Group was created in Poland and has spent more than two decades improving the supply of IT services and technology solutions to medium and big businesses. Unity Group, which has over 220 employees, offers custom software development, Kentico-based implementations, IT system integrations, machine learning, and business intelligence solutions, master data management, omnichannel strategy and e-commerce solution development, legacy system transformation, and digital transformation guidance to its clients

Clients- Volkswagen, Tesco

7.  Avenga

Website – https://www.avenga.com/

Location – Poland

Rates – $50,000+

Avenga is a global IT and digital transformation consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in industries like pharma and life sciences, insurance, and finance. Avenga employs about 2500 people in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the United States, and Malaysia. Digital strategy and customer experience, custom software development, staffing, Salesforce consulting, big data, and cloud solutions are among the services offered.

Clients- Roche, GSK

8. Softserve

Website – https://www.softserveinc.com/

Location – Poland

Rates – $50,000+

SoftServe is a digital product development company that was founded in 1993. This company has offices in London, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, as well as corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. SoftServe employs nearly 5,000 people who are experts in custom software development, cybersecurity. They work with clients in the healthcare and medical fields, as well as the information technology and retail businesses. SoftServe collaborated on a research and development project with a healthcare metrics company. SoftServe created an Android mobile application to go along with NHS questionnaires that track patient satisfaction and medical outcomes.

Clients – Pearson, Pulsepoint

9. Knoldus INC.

Website – https://www.knoldus.com/

Location – Noida

Rates – $100,000+

Knoldus Inc. was started in 2010 as a computer software company. They are headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, with locations in Chicago, Noida, India, and Singapore. They employ 130 people and focus on corporate app modernization, AI, BI, and big data consultancy, as well as SI. Knoldus assisted an online tutoring organization in rewriting its existing codebase.  During the two-month exam season, the product brought in high price than it cost to produce it.

Clients – Google, Cisco, Philips

10. Algoworks

Website – https://www.algoworks.com/

Location – Noida

Rates – $100,000+

Algoworks, a web and mobile development company founded in 2006, has created over 500 apps for businesses of all kinds. Our 50-strong team of mobile strategists, designers, and business analysts are situated in Noida, India, and Sunnyvale, California. Algoworks designed and created a custom web and mobile solution for the quick delivery to the app store with the help of ten developers allocated to the project. The team’s assistance continued to astound after the app launched successfully with 200,000 downloads, just as their flexibility, innovation.

Clients – Coca-cola, Ebay, NDTV

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