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The Top Benefits Of Ecommerce Automation

Nothing is more frustrating for an eCommerce seller than losing or misplacing an order. One terrible encounter can turn a buyer off your brand for good, and they’ll tell their friends about it. (ecommerce store)

It makes no difference what caused the order to be messed up — inaccurate data, sluggish order processing, or unreliable integration. You’ll spend more time addressing faults than improving your customer experience if you don’t have the right processes in place.

Learn more about eCommerce automation, its advantages for your organisation, and how to select the proper integration solution in this article.

What is eCommerce Automation, and how does it work? (ecommerce store)

When employing diverse platforms for order fulfilment, many eCommerce vendors rely on human data entry to execute their online orders. Order data from an eCommerce platform will be manually entered into an accounting system, order management system, ERP, POS, or 3PL system by sellers.

Hand-entering data into these systems leaves a lot of possibility for error. It’s all too easy to misspell an address, order number, or SKU, resulting in a customer’s order being lost. Manual data entry is slow even when data is entered in perfect order. Some businesses spend up to 6 hours per day manually transferring inventory and order data between platforms. That’s why a lot of eCommerce businesses are turning to automation. In 10-15 minutes, it can complete the same amount of work.

eCommerce automation combines the correct procedures, software, and people to automate the entire order fulfilment process, from the moment a customer clicks the “submit order” button until the item is delivered to their doorstep. To ensure efficiency and accuracy, automation allows data to flow in both directions between your systems. Your fulfilment procedures will start as soon as someone placed an order with automation.

The Most Important Advantages of eCommerce Automation (ecommerce store)

Let’s look at some of the most important ways automation can help your eCommerce business.

Remove the need for manual data entry.

Automation, as previously said, eliminates the need for manual data entry between systems. You won’t require large teams of workers to spend their days entering data. You’ll be able to free up personnel to work on more critical duties by drastically reducing data entry time.

Keep Your Customers’ Promises

Every day, merchants make promises to their customers. You guarantee that you will deliver the correct goods to their doorstep when you say you will.

How frequently do you break those commitments if you don’t have automation? eCommerce automation ensures that the correct data is exchanged across your systems on time. You can keep your commitments to your customers if the proper information gets to the right places. You’ll be able to provide services such as two-day shipping and on-time delivery.

Improve the information about your products

Automation can help you improve your product information in addition to order and inventory data. Your listings must adequately describe your products for online customers to feel certain that they are purchasing the item they want.

However, updating comprehensive, precise product data in an eCommerce platform takes a long time for retailers. Automation guarantees that all of your product listings have clean and precise data, especially if you retain product data in your ERP or POS system.

Accept More Difficult Business Processes

Automation helps merchants to think about more complicated business processes in addition to their current operations. You may improve your customer experience and your business operations by expanding your capabilities. These processes can be made easier with eCommerce automation:

Fulfillment from many locations — Fulfill orders from the cheapest or nearest location.
Drop ship – Work directly with suppliers to broaden product offerings.

Returns procedure should be automated – Make it simple and painless for customers to return items.
Allow clients to shop by available inventory and avoid overselling by displaying on-hand inventory.
What to Look for in a Solution for eCommerce Integration

It can be difficult to find the appropriate integration solution for your systems once you’ve decided to automate. Many third-party integration providers, such as nChannel, assist in the connection of retail systems. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons based on functionality and price. Regardless of your choice, you’ll want to look for a solution that includes the following essential capabilities:

Integrated Inventory, Order, Customer, Item, and Shipping/Tracking Data — Look for suppliers who already have integration connections for the systems you own and can integrate inventory, order, customer, item, and shipping/tracking data.


Real-Time Data Sync — Don’t settle for batch syncing that isn’t real-time; otherwise, you risk having inaccurate data when you need it the most.

Real-time reporting should provide you with actionable data insights for your customers, such as when you should transfer inventory from one location to another.

Validation and audits of data – Have trust in how your data is travelling through your systems and that you will be able to detect and correct any issues that arise.

You Can Count On Our Help – The speedier and more dependable their customer service team is, the quicker you can assist your own consumers.

Your passport to a better client experience is eCommerce automation. You’ll be able to process orders faster, keep your customers’ promises, and provide more complex capabilities that today’s shoppers need.

Learn how an integration provider like nChannel can help you automate your eCommerce business by linking your eCommerce platform to your financial systems and automating data transactions.

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