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The Relationship Between Content Creators and Influencer

In the world of influencer marketing, every newcomer must learn this lesson- if the content is the king, the influencer must be your queen. The truth is so evident. Every viewing experience is content, and sharing that, is also content.

Consumers choose the ‘likes’ and the ‘dislikes’ based on content. It is the new normal. Content attracts new consumers and retains the existing ones.

A large portion of marketing strategy goes into the content. If you look for any good influencer talent agency, they wouldn’t deny the importance of content. Though many brands are still hesitant to invest in influencers and talents, they only focus on the different market strategies.

They often overlook the importance of content in any marketing strategy. It makes perfect sense. There may be some reasons behind that. For instance, your previous marketing agency did not guide you that way or even you did not consider it as the one.

Learn how great content can help you to accelerate your marketing efforts and gain even better results. While considering between a content creator and an influencer, this blog can help your brand choose wisely-

Good content and bad content 

Certain contents work well. We often call them ‘viral’. The rest fall into another category, “didn’t work well”. You can ask, ‘what about the content which has average responses or reach?’ The answer is ‘Good is not enough.

These ‘well to do’ contents have two major elements namely, authenticity and relevance. So, if you want your content to work like magic, then it must be well informed, unique, and aligned with your product or brand.

On the other hand, it must be relevant to time, consumers, and the topic. The better the content is, the more consumers will be attracted to your brand. In return, you will do more business.

The fuss about ‘good’ content

Social media users are looking for all sorts of content – photo, video, funny, recommendations, tutorials, etc. regularly. Their attention is fragile. They click, stay, and share the contents which they find suitable or relatable. A swift response gets your attention, but it is short-lived. When your brand is at its first phase, these random clicks and shares work well in building brand awareness.

But if you are known already, then they need a lot more from your influencer. For a good influencer, engagement rate is crucial. A high engagement rate in a positive manner leads to credibility. The audience starts feeling the influence. The influencer becomes the one-stop solution for them.

The time of billboard advertisement is gone. People are looking for brands or influencers more organically. They hardly share hardcore product ads to the friend circles unless it is needed. They are looking for stories, solutions to their problems.

High-quality content captures people’s attention for a longer period and helps them decide whether or not to buy the product. To be honest, the placement of a call-to-action can be very easy if your content has engaged customers. In no time they become your fans or turn into foes.

We often see the terms ‘creator’ and ‘influencer’ pop up.  Sometimes, both works in an overlapping sense to describe the people who gain recognition, popularity over social media. If you look a little closely, both are different. Let’s see how they are similar or different-

Content creator

Content creators can be graphic designers, photographers, video curators or even a painter. They consistently create attention-grabbing, high-quality content. They are the artists. They’re recognized for their uniqueness and creativity, instead of how many followers they have, how many likes they have, and how many comments they receive on their posts.

Sometimes, their expertise, knowledge, role, or relationship with their audience allows them to influence customers’ decisions. Though, they are not responsible for posting, distributing, or sharing the content.

Brands and content creators usually partner for the long term to develop a strong narrative on their social channels. They are known for their storytelling skills. For creating beautiful and engaging content to increase engagement, content creators are the most suitable people.


An influencer is an expert in his/her niche, who already built his brand. They use social media as a tool to connect with their audience. Unlike the content creator, the Influencer is your brand’s face, and its primary objective is to get your name out there.

They utilize their social platform to promote your product. Influencers use their voices to bring awareness to a product and to get sales. Their profile is more likely to showcase the art, like a gallery or portfolio.

Finding right talent

Now you must be thinking, whether to hire a content creator separately, or you might be confused considering the solo influencer. Let’s talk about this. Influencer marketing leverages the time factor, where content creators are developing their brand value over a period.

They take advantage of this and they turn into influence and with more numbers of followers it multiplies. You can see the lines start to blur. On the other hand, traditional influencer content might not be as ‘perfect’ as those created by content creators. Still, the content created by both parties resonates well with their followers because of authenticity and personal branding.

Now, many of these influencers have already gained technical knowledge. Brands are paying influencers more when they are known for creating high-quality content. They go for longer partnerships to generate the desired ROI.

Besides, if you hire an influencer and content creator separately it will cost you more as it involves production teams in some cases. A brand can approach the influencer in three ways – 1. To make their content, 2. Promote brand’s pre-produced content, 3. Co-parenting in content creation. Thus, a good influencer agency would always suggest you for such influencers or good content creators not only based on follower’s number but also based on the high-quality content they produce. They will guide you to do a SWOT analysis for your marketing strategy based on the need.

Feel free to contact an influencer marketing agency of repute if you would like a more in-depth discussion about how our skills and experience in influencer marketing may elevate your business.

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