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Setup and configure the Rockspace AC1200 WIFI extender on the extender Mode

Rock space WIFI extender with AC1200 WIFI Extender is the renowned name. It is under the brand name Re.rockspace.local. Rockspace has designed the AC1200 WIFI extender so differently. So, it can work in two modes. One of which you can set as an access point. Set the other as a range extender Mode. The users can set this Rock space WIFI extender as per their needs and convenience. First of all, we will be discussing the method to set up this extender in range extender mode.

Methods to setup your Rockspace AC1200 WIFI extender on extender Mode

  1. The first step is to power on your Rockspace AC1200 by plugging it into the electric outlet. Press the power button on.
  2. Sit till you see the LEDs of the router blink in an Amber colour. Unlock and launch a web browser in your mobile or computer or your Mac computer.
  3. And then, visit the top line of the browser that is the address line. Now, type the IP address, like Or you can also write http://ap.setup
  4. After that, launch the Re.rockspace.local Setup wizard quickly. It will show your home page as the gateway to the ap.setup/login page.
  5. Now you can click on the start setup key. And then create an ADMIN password whenever you asked to. By putting these details, you can hit the save option to go to the next step.
  6. You will see a list of WIFI networks demonstrated in front of you so that you can select the type of network you have.
  7. A pop up will appear asking for your password and username. Input the Rockspace ap.setup/login password. And then hit the OK key.
  8. In case you found your network name is not on the screen and hidden. You can go for Manually Enter Network Name and Password.
  9. The next step will tell you to designate the extended network and the SSID along with the password.
  10. You will see a support Finder page to analyse the strength and power. You will see the power of the signals between your router and the Rock space WIFI extender setup.
  11. Place the WIFI router and the extender to a specific place where you can get the signals in your extender from the router.
  12. Are you find that your Rock space WIFI extender cannot get the signals from the router?
  13. Then try to move your Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender closer to your router. You can replace the positions of both the devices with some other place.
  14. Choose the most centric location of your house. After that, upgrade the firmware of your Rockspace WIFI extender.
  15. Are you still unable to perform the auto-update feature of the WIFI extender and the router?

Enable the Rockspace ap.setup process feature. The process will upgrade your Rock space WIFI extender to the latest whenever the brand releases the firmware. And thus, your Rockspace ap.setup/login WIFI is complete very sophisticatedly. Now place the WIFI extender as per your comfort and convenience. Place it anywhere in your house to remove the dead spots.

Rock Space WIFI extender setup AC1200 with WPS button

  1. Connect your Rock space WIFI extender to a power outlet near the router.
  2. Synchronize the Rockspace extender to the router by the WPS button.
  3. Press the WPS button on your WIFI router.
  4. After a minute, press the WPS button on your Rock space WIFI Extender.
  5. See the LEDs. Is it flashing on your WIFI extender and the router? Then go for the Rock Space WIFI extender setup process.
  6. First of all, launch the web browser to follow the web link rockspace_ext
  7. Or you can enter the web URL ap.setup/login.
  8. For the most reliable connection, opt for the wireless network.
  9. Here you are getting a signal strength of more than 70%.
  10. If there is less than 70% signal strength, you may experience poor, slow, and dropping internet connection.

Your desired action is to click the Next button to continue the process. Are you not able to see the desired network name [rockspace_ext] of your network? Then bring your Rock space WIFI extender more closely to the WIFI router.

Rockspace ap.setup/login security configuration

  1. You might be aware of the ID of your Rock space WIFI extender. It is like rockspace_ext.
  2. Therefore, select the option and clone for the MAC address of your WIFI extender.
  3. Selecting this option will instigate the ap.setup/login wizard.
  4. From here, you can copy the SSID and the security key of your WIFI network.
  5. The extended network you have is rockspace_ext abbreviation in the last series of the name.
  6. If we show you the example, then it is just as Home_Network_RE.
  7. You also can manually put in the SSID and the password of your extended wifi network.
  8. Be careful to enter the new network name and SSID of at least 8 to 10 characters.
  9. Now you have to tap the application settings.
  10. During this process, your wifi range extender will reboot.
  11. Your Rock space WIFI extender will disconnect from all the WIFI networks.
  12. Now, we reconnect to the WIFI network of your router through the Rock space WIFI extender.

After getting the wifi network of your range extender, click the checkbox to confirm the settings. Now your Rockspace ap.setup/login process has been completed. In this way, you have completed the settings for your Rockspace local network.


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