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Reasons Why You Are No Longer An Amazon Seller

Amazon is now the first place to shop for products, with 60% of all product searches starting on Amazon.  Amazon also accounts for 63% of all eCommerce dollars spent. All businesses should make Amazon a central part of their brand strategy. Amazon seller competition is also high.

Forecasts predict that 63% of all e-commerce transactions will take place in marketplaces by 2021. Amazon is expected to claim more than 2/3 of these sales. The benefits of being able to access and managing your Amazon account successfully can be very beneficial for your company or business.

Selling on Amazon is not as simple as listing your products for sale. There are two types of Amazon seller accounts that you can use to sell your products on Amazon.Amazon sellers are most afraid of the account suspension. Amazon could close your Amazon store for violating any of these points. You will then be unable to sell again on Amazon.

1. Amazon is not able to deliver the performance it requires

Amazon has high standards for sellers. You must exceed the minimum quality standards. Metrics that focus mainly on logistics and customer support determine your Performance level. You will not be able to sell Amazon products if you cannot keep these areas covered 100%.

2. Security concerns in the product

Quality is a must for your product. Although it might seem like Amazon sells “anything”, the suspension of your account will occur if there are negative reviews, returns, or comments about the product’s quality. 

The most dangerous categories are food, cosmetics, appliances, and anything related to babies and children. You should not sell a product on Amazon if you aren’t sure about its quality. This could ruin all of your hard work.

3. Products that are restricted or authorized

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the laws and that you can sell the product you wish to sell according to the Amazon rules. You run the risk that you upload a product to your Amazon listing that is not allowed for sale in any other country.

4. Multiple seller accounts

You can only have one Amazon seller account. This is especially true for sellers who have been permanently suspended and wish to sell again under a different name or with another relative/partner related to Amazon. Amazon’s detection systems will automatically close your account.

5. Hacking your Amazon seller account

Imagine what hackers will do to gain access to your Amazon account access data if they find it appealing to hack into your computer or company accounts. To gain access to your account, you will be sent malicious emails. You are responsible for your account’s security. You can’t sell Amazon if your account is hacked.

6. Beware of the Competition

You may not find all of the competitors on Amazon as ethical as you. Amazon sellers can make claims about counterfeit products, copyright, intellectual properties, and fraudulent purchases with the sole purpose to return the product later.

Although it is unlikely that this will happen in most cases, keep in mind that it might happen in some cases. If you believe you must eliminate competition to sell your product, then you need to know that Amazon optimally uses Big Data. So if you think you can circumvent it as easily as performing the crime with the account of a friend/family member, don’t worry. You won’t be the first to think about it and you will not be expelled by Amazon.

Tips to be an Amazon Seller

These tips will help you if you’re going to be an Amazon Seller Central and you want to ride the wave for the long term. 

  • Before uploading your products to the listing, make sure you verify their origin, quality, operation, and other details.
  • Your buyers should be honest about delivery times and prices
  • Amazon FBA is a great option if you don’t have control over your logistics
  • Keep an eye on the performance indicators in your account every day
  • You should keep track of all your purchases and ensure that your suppliers are trustworthy. Amazon can easily ask to see your shopping channel.
  • Keep up-to-date with any changes to Amazon seller policies. You could be subject to seller suspension if they do not change.

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