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Reasons for hair fall after hair transplantation.

Hair contributes to our beauty and there is no doubt that if we are suffering from hair loss, our overall personality will be affected. We are a part of a generation where most people are suffering from major hair loss problems. With some, the condition is due to genetics, and some have the same due to environmental and other issues.

But how can we forget that we are in a smart generation where there is a solution available for every problem? By keeping the same in consideration, the medical field is advancing and the hair transplant procedure has been in consideration for a very long time.

People, after having a hair transplantation procedure, feel more comfortable because they know they are in a state to get their hair back. But some people complain of hair fall after a hair transplant. Well, if you are planning to go for hair transplantation or have already gotten it, it is important for you to know the reasons that may contribute to hair fall after it. In this article we are discussing the same in detail, so keep reading and learn the actual cause behind it prior to reaching any conclusion. Let’s get started!!

Learn about hair transplantation!

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure in which doctors move your hair from the donor site to the recipient site. These help individuals get their hair back. There are different hair transplant types available to doctors, and they consider this by having a look at the actual cause of hair loss. But the problem of hair fall after hair transplantation is very common in people who have it. Most people come up with the interpretation that the hair transplant is not a successful method.

But in reality, they are just blabbering about it. There are some other reasons that are responsible for hair loss. Let’s have a look at the reasons too!

Reasons for hair fall after hair transplantation:

Before we explore the reasons for hair fall after hair transplantation, it is important to understand that the doctors take the hair from the donor site. Majorly, the back of the head is considered because it does not have a DHT hormone receptor.

The reason for choosing a site with no DHT hormone receptor is that its presence is responsible for causing hair loss and it also weakens the roots. You might have heard a doctor saying that the backside of the head is a prominent one to choose from due to no DHT receptors. This is because of the same aspects as we have discussed.

Common reasons contributing to hair fall are as follows:

· Wrong donor area choose:

In some cases, it happens that the doctor you are approaching has chosen the wrong donor site. Chances are that they choose the nearby area of the donor site that is crossed. It majorly happens when they are looking forward to extracting more grafts for the procedure.

In general, the DHT hormone receptor site is not acceptable for it. The DHT hormone receptor is available in the sensitive zone that is responsible for causing hair loss. Thus, doctors avoid choosing the same. But if the same is in consideration again after some time, you will experience hair loss.

· The present hair is responsible for hair loss:

When you are approaching the doctor for hair transplantation, he majorly does it at the site where some hair is already present. Well, the hair that you have acquired from birth has a DHT hormone receptor available and with time, the permanent hair starts to fall out.

People think that the transplanted hairs are falling out, but in reality, the permanent ones are. Therefore, it is important for you to understand that genetics are responsible for hair loss. The treatment you have adapted to.

· Dealing with some long-term serious health issues

Sometimes it happens that after having the hair transplant you may have encountered some long-term serious health-related issues. In that case, the effect is most visible on the hairs.

It can be anything like you are dealing with some stress or there is a long-term nutritional deficiency. Hair is among the most sensitive parts of the human body, so the major effect you will see is on your hair. In that case, it is important for you to be sure of your diet after the hair transplant and also not be a part of any stressful situation.

The following are the reasons for hair fall after hair transplantation: As an individual, you need to be sure that you are not under stress and also choose a doctor who has expertise in performing hair transplantation. Unfortunately, if you approached someone who lacks expertise, you may experience additional hair-related issues.

If you are a Jaipur resident or in a nearby city, don’t lookout for any other doctor when Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma is here. He is one of the best hair transplant and plastic surgeon specialists in Jaipur whom you can approach. You can simply come to him and discuss the condition you are dealing with, and he will start the treatment accordingly.

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Most Asked Questions

Q. 1 Do I need to change my diet after hair transplantation?

Ans: After hair transplantation, it is important for you to have a nutrition-rich diet. If your diet is deficient in nutrients, you may not achieve the results you had hoped for.

Q. 2 How many sittings are integral for the hair transplantation procedure?

Ans: When you are approaching a doctor for a hair transplantation procedure, do understand that the sittings entirely depend on the procedure they are adapting. Some doctors have the expertise to complete the process in one sitting, and some will call you again for it.

Q. 3 How do doctors identify the donor site for hair transplantation?

Ans: Doctors usually consider the donor site having no DHT hormone receptor. The backside of the head is in consideration because it does not have a DHT hormone receptor.

Q. 4 Who is the best doctor in Jaipur for hair transplants?

Ans: Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma is the best doctor in Jaipur for hair transplants. You can simply come to him and fix your appointment to get it as soon as possible.

Q. 5 Are transplanted hairs permanent?

Ans: Yes, the transplanted hairs are permanent, but the hereditary ones are not. If you are experiencing hair fall after hair transplantation, do know that permanent hairs are responsible for it.


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