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PR For Startups: 7 Steps for Creating a Press Release

Two major influence factors of positive PR are authority and social proof. Even poor PR can drive traffic to your website.

Your startup is thriving, and you believe it’s important for everyone to hear about it.

Maybe you have a new product, a relaunch, or another event that will make your company stand out. Let’s see if these are the key questions.

PR means achieving your goals.

Most people are familiar with public relations or PR.

Jokes aside, communicating your message and that of your company are crucial parts of growing any startup or business. Public relations is a necessity for many companies.

But, the ultimate goal is to colonize an industry and control it.

While the main goal of PR is to generate media attention, it is equally important to do so effectively. Even if your company has not yet made an announcement, this will ensure that you are mentioned in future articles.

It doesn’t sound very easy, but there are many options.

These two are the most powerful:

1. To make that person an authority figure in the industry, you can use guest articles.

2 Use press release distribution to notify reporters about transformations in your business and how to pitch and use press release  distribution for meaningful coverage.

How to Get Press Coverage Using Press Release distribution

As we’ve discussed, a press release distribution is one of the best ways to attract media attention. It informs journalists and editors about announcements that you or your company have made.

This might seem not very safe to those who aren’t familiar with writing or to people who aren’t comfortable using the keyboard.

It’s easy to create a press statement and then pitch it to journalists Ask a friend who knows grammar to help you with your writing.

This section will discuss the 7 steps in crafting a memorable press release distribution.


The media isn’t dangerous, and most reporters don’t seem to be scared of it.

Many people are just humble authors looking for engaging stories. If you have something fresh, no media outlet can touch on yesterday’s story.

To ensure your News is newsworthy, you need to be aware of what Press release you make.


The press release and email pitch are essential elements for generating media attention. In order to make sure that everyone hears about your announcement,

Press releases must not overextend one page and should not include factual intervals.

Good releases should obey the same format as the COPYABLETABLE below.

The title: A headline for your release, essentially in the format of: “Something/someone does/experiences/announces something new”.

First paragraph: Discuss the purpose of the announcement. Add a date/location to the beginning.

Second paragraph. Get into the points about your announcement/product

Third Paragraph: A quote from your CEO or cofounder describing the announcement. This prevents reporters and your company’s time from being wasted searching for quotes to write an article.

Fourth paragraph: Show why your announcement is important to the wider community or industry you are part of. ).

Fifth Paragraph: End with a closing statement from your CEO or founder.

Sixth Paragraph: Rephrase company history and background. Contact us if reporters have queries or are not comfortable with the details.

Here are some examples of press releases.


The press release will be sent via email. Emails are used to sell reporters the story. The press release does not serve as a sales tool. It provides more information that can help journalists cover the story.

Personalizing your email can help enhance the chances that your story will be picked up. (Read more about email marketing tips ).

Research the name of the journalist that you are interviewing. This is your first chance to impress. This is not amateur work. Here is an example email. You can find the subsequent media coverage here.


Now you have your press kit and email pitch. Before you start sending your press release out, think about whether you want to be covered widely or only.

Entrepreneurs have the option of confirming to coverage by asking reporters for an embargo. This means that reporters will not publish your News before a specific date.

This will vary depending on where you are pitching. But, this is not always the case in the US.


Reporters who want to publish stories quicker than their competition will love the phrase “exclusive”. This means that only one publication can publish your announcement.

This tactic works especially well in media areas where embargo rules are not observed It prevents journalists from “breaking ranks” and publishing stories after the embargo has been lifted

A release can offer many other benefits.

1. Your publication is bigger, such as VentureBeat or TechCrunch. They are more likely to take your press release seriously (and use it). They will accept it if you make it an exclusive offer.

2. Roland Barthes, a French philosopher was correct about the Death of the Author. Journalists share stories all the time, so offering an exclusive will not prevent other publications from taking the story.

3. A smaller niche publication, such as the tech industry, may provide coverage that opens doors for mainstream media coverage. “

Q. How can an entrepreneur be impressive to journalists?

One of the least known yet effective methods to provide value upfront and initiate a conversation with journalists is to refer to the previous article they wrote on Quora and then ask for feedback or to make a comment about the way you referred to it.

If you were sitting with a journalist at an event, what would you say one-on-one? What would you say to start an exchange?

Q. How do I convince a journalist to take note of my pitch?

Small companies (whether online or not) are fond of creating media lists and begin mailing emails right away and the open rates for them are extremely low, maybe 1 out of 10 gets opened.

This is the time when JustReachOut software notices the low open rate and informs the customer success team, who calls the customer to conduct some triage of the email pitch as well as the media list.

Our team must interrupt and then say

“Hey I think something’s wrong … you’ve got an unsatisfactory open rate. What was the process of putting together this list of media? Do you think it is targeted? Did you go through our tutorial to create a list of journalists and the value you could provide to them?”

Many people don’t realize that the subject line opens the door to the entire email. If it fails to capture the journalist, they’ll either delete the email or not even open the email.

Imagine the subject line of your email as the headline or the title of the article you would like to publish. En özel ve reel kızlar ataköy ukraynalı escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. Take a look at the three previous stories published by the journalist and then compose the headline for the fourth story.

Imagine the subject of your line opener as your line opener when you meet an editor in the room and you would like to begin the conversion. What do you tell them? Use it as the subject line.

Q. What is a pitch that can actually look like?

If you speak to him, Dragilev continues to talk about building genuine and authentic relations with journalists before sending them a pitch about what you offer as well as asking for them to write about you.

The challenge is to figure out how you can help journalists without having a good understanding of their work?

Dragilev claims that there are many aspects to pitching a pitch perfectly:

  1. The headline. It should be similar to the headline in the journalist’s next article. You have to take the three most recent articles they wrote as inspiration
  2. The highly personalized introduction to the pitch. Dragilev prefers to think of journalists as his customers, and that he’s providing “customer service” when he reaches them and uses his ” personal touch” illustration to set the scene in his presentation.
  3. The biggest value-added for them is the value-added (such as the answer to their query about HARO) (or something that is awe-inspiring to them (such for example, the Quora public relations strategy)

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