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My Lessons In Doing My Math Homework Fast

As the only kid who hates math in my family, I’m constantly getting emails complaining about math homework which is due tomorrow. I don’t even bother to reply because you know what? They should have done it sooner!

Like many students, I have always struggled with the idea to do my math homework on time. I’d procrastinate, do other things first and then finally sit down to work on it just before bedtime.

How to get your math homework finished fast

Here are six ways to get your math homework finished fast, so you can enjoy the weekend knowing that Sunday night will be drama-free.

1. Do it right away when you get home from school

If your brain needs a break, then do your math homework right away at the beginning of the night after dinner or just before bed if you need a little motivation to finish it up quickly so you can sleep. Either way, making sure that it gets done no later than the end of the night will ensure you have plenty of time to get it done and turn it in tomorrow.

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2. Skip dinner and do your math homework instead

If you’re really short on time, skip dinner and do your math homework first thing when you get home from school or right before bed so that all you need is a bit of motivation to get it done. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

3. Use your phone

If you’re at home, use the phone app on your computer or tablet to do your math homework online. You can even use an iPhone app like iTap Math for free to help you with the top five types of math problems (word problems, exponents, decimals, inequalities, and integers).

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4. Ask for help

When I was in high school my parents gave me 20 minutes after dinner to do my math homework. After that, they would check it over before letting me go outside with friends on nice days so if you’re stuck on your math homework don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Your parents, older sister, or best friend might not be the math nerds you are but they’ll likely know how to do half your homework and can give you a hand with anything else. If you get really stuck with completing an online math class, you can just for online math class help.

5. Read the directions aloud

When I was in elementary school, I used to read my teacher’s handwriting out loud so I could understand it better and I still do this today with my own chicken scratch. It’s a smart way to be sure you’re doing your math homework right and will save you the stress of having to redo an assignment in class tomorrow because you didn’t follow directions.

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6. Set a timer and take a break

If you’re really struggling to get your math homework done, set a timer for ten minutes and work as hard as you can. When the timer goes off, take a break for five minutes before getting back to it. As long as you’re concentrating on math problems during those ten minutes, you’ll start making progress that much faster.

It may seem like I’m always complaining about my family asking for help with their math homework but the truth is I wish they’d do it sooner. If you take into account that you’re parents and teachers aren’t math nerds either, then your math homework doesn’t have to be such a big deal. Use these six ways to get your math homework done fast and enjoy spending time with your friends, family, and the weekend!

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