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Mountain Biking: Its Parts And Types!

Mountain biking, an activity of riding your bicycle on different off-road trails, is just exciting. It gives immense pleasure to see the world as natural as well as challenging at the same time. Isn’t it? 

Besides pursuing obstacles, mountain biking will require energy, speed, balance, and skills to navigate through rough terrains. Vertical downhill sections, loose rocks, water crossing, tree roots, and everything put your abilities to the test.

You’ll come across various mountain biking disciplines ranging from descents to gentle rides on scenic forest trails. Whether a complete beginner or a seasoned biker, you can find a perfect trail to match your levels and abilities. Knowing how to handle your mountain bike, feeling comfortable and confident with your accessories and bike parts is essential. This can be possible with bike parts Canada to have the best accessory and equipment in your collection.

Mountain biking is a lively sport that involves a total body workout. It will not only strengthen your heart and lungs but also works out your legs. Moreover, it can help exercise your upper body when climbing with your bike. Cycling can boost your balance, power, stability, and coordination.

Let’s dig deeper to know the types and essential accessories!

What Are The Types Of Mountain Biking?

Trail Riding: It is the recreational form of biking and is all about pleasurable rides on marked trails, including uphill and downhill sections.

Cross Country Cycling: Cross-country cycling is the most popular discipline of mountain biking but is also less extreme. It consists of: 

  • Completing a defined round circuit or point-to-point long trail, 
  • On a terrain that can range from a single track to a narrow trail to fit one rider at a time,
  • To fire roads or even paved roads. 

Either natural or man-made obstacles define technical sections. The sport requires endurance and good bike handling skills, but it does not focus too much on speed. The bikes used for cross-country cycling are lightweight.

Downhill Biking: It is a thrilling type of mountain biking that focuses on descending a trail at a very high speed. Usually, bikers reach a mountain peak using a car or a lift and then race down on their bikes. When riding downhill, bikers are standing up, so the workout is tiring. Downhill bikes have a full suspension, are heavier than cross-country, and are specially prepared for high-speed descents.

All Mountain Biking: It will combine the best two worlds: cross-country and downhill cycling. It signifies riding on a natural terrain full of hurdles, either up a mountain or downhill.

What Equipment Or Parts Are Needed When Biking?

Mountain Bikes: These themselves are an essential tool. There are different types of bikes like downhill, enduro, cross-country, etc., depending on the cycling discipline you are up to. Some other terms you may hear in the mountain biking world are: 

  • Fat bikes: These are especially useful for riding snowy trails and also on sand and mud
  • E-Bikes: It’s a regular bike with a battery-powered motor to make pedaling easier. 

E-Bikes are rising their popularity worldwide, especially among less-frequent riders.

Mountain Bike Helmet: “DO NOT” ever ride without a helmet! You are at a higher exposure of falling when mountain biking, so head protection is necessary. The attributes of the helmet might also be different depending on the type of your cycling. For instance, downhill mountain biking is considerably risky, so it will require maximum protection.

Knee Pads And Elbow Pads: Knee and elbow pads are essential for mountain biking, especially when one lacks confidence on the trails. Knee and elbow injuries off a bike are severe. But a good set of these pads can help save your healing time rather than resting on the couch.

Riding Gloves: The main reasons why mountain bikers wear gloves are:

  • To help protect their hands in the event of a crash
  • To maintain a superior connection to the handlebar grips, heedless of weather conditions or other moisture such as sweat

Footwear: You can go with any pair of shoes for mountain biking, but they will not offer much grip or power transmission. Not ready to drop in? You can use waterproof shoes with better grips for hiking. These can prove to be comfortable for using the bike pedals. 

Hydration Packs: These are a “MUST” and are commonly used for mountain biking. You can even carry some other items like:

  • Food and snacks (like energy bars and salt pills)
  • Aid supply
  • Sunscreen
  • Maps
  • GPS
  • Extra clothing (like a lightweight jacket)
  • Bike repair kit

Are you feeling excited to hit the off-road? Ensure checking all your equipment and bike parts, including your bike mudguard. These can help prevent grit, gunk, and dirty water from flying up and wetting the clothes. Pick up the trail as per your levels and stay hydrated throughout a short yet pleasurable journey. Enjoy the ride!

That’s all! All you need to do is get the most out of your biking. Buying your bike from a trusted source will last years rather than affording one that will only work for almost 1 or two years. It’s all in your hands. Choose quality and research everything before shelling out.

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