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Marketing Ideas for Pokemon card

The word in Pokemon content at the moment is Pokemon Black and White. Kids (and adults!) Are buying Pokemon Plush dolls (stuffed toys) and Pokemon cards like crazy. Particularly popular in the card arena is the shiny Suicune, the shiny Anti, and the diction-packed pokemon card for sale. Pokemon Spinoff has been a huge success, and while the card game is the second most popular in the world (Mario – also Nintendo first), Pokemon is certainly one of the most successful spin-offs in the world.

 There are many places to go in merchandising Pokemon for sale. While there is no doubt that stationery, towels, T-shirts, posters, and stickers are already there that represent a small part of the merchandising market, what other possibilities can add to the outlet and internet market?

I guess that if older kids like Pokemon, younger kids will too. Even the college crowd likes Pokemon, which makes a lot of household noise.

So I’m just going ahead and throwing my ideas out there. Your developers might want to catch your ear because I’m offering these tips trademark-free. First and foremost, someone needs to develop a cool Pokeball. Settings such as “Spin Throw” and “Release Pokemon Throw” are different and should be a bit better in terms of durability and cost. It also needs sound effects and should come in a variety of patterns and colors.

 The only problem with Pokeball is that obviously, giant-sized Pokemon won’t come out of it like animation, but you can get a reasonably sized stuffed Pokemon for spring; Ball, four times the size of the ball.

Another big flaw is the hassle of crunching the Pokemon stuffed toy into the ball again, but I bet Pokemon fans can have a lot of fun throwing the ball around. If you are familiar with Beyblade, you know that it is a cheap but extremely popular toy. But a Pokeball that was a really nice spin could be worth ten Beyblades. Kids can compete for a spin.

My other ideas are not as dramatic as Pokeball. These include Pokemon Shampoo, Pokemon Gummy, Pokemon Cap, Towels, Lunch Box, Pokemon Shaped Toy Book, Pokemon Serial (Instructor Breakfast), and Pokemon Vitamin (they recharge you). Okay, the list goes on and I’m sure some of these products have already hit the market, but you’ve got the idea. Pokemon characters are now almost as hot as Disney and if I were a merchandiser I would be in it!

Pokemon questions and possible answers

The Pokemon story, if you don’t know, isn’t really a story. You will be forgiven for thinking that all Pokemon content is for sale now. At the moment my son is absolutely insane for Pokemon Black and White, including Pokemon Places (those are Pokemon stuffed toys) and especially Pokemon Black and White game cards (Halfoil cards are especially valuable). He definitely wants a Nintendo DS Pokemon Black and White game (I think he dreams about it. And he just has to dream because he hasn’t been getting it for a while).

With all the Pokemon products, characters and details, you’ll think there’s a great Pokemon story behind it. Actually, no. All the merchandising spinoff you see from Pokemon comes from the ideas and concepts created by Nintendo for a plush or full-featured Pokemon movie game. Pokemon was never a story, in other words,  it was an idea for a game and still is.

If you’re like me, it bothers you because I see great potential for a great adventure story in Pokemon characters that is full of great heroism and romance. It’s a bit like Harry Potter, a bit like Star Trek, and a lot like Dragon Taming. The biggest thing that bothers me about Pokemon is their mysterious origins. They were just here and always here. Looks like something happened – for example a DNA accident but it wasn’t explained.

There are no regular animals in the Pokemon world but every Pokemon seems to have the DNA of a regular animal. People are regular – why aren’t they mutating too? Pokeball is a simple gadget for capturing wild Pokemon but has not explained how it works. There are scientists and labs in the Pokemon world but Pokeball is only really a significant part of the technology that we actually see.

Pokemon live in zones and Pokemon species certain regions in other words

They do not exist in other regions. There are cities in the Pokemon world but society and technology are briefly described. After all, Pokemon has no overarching goals. The only achievement to become a Pokemon Master is the one mentioned in Pokemon.

All of these descriptive errors can easy explained by being limited to all spinoff games from Pokemon. Everything in the game will show in a movie but nothing revolutionary will see in a movie that is not in the game. This is because fans will expect to see what they see in a movie in a game – which will probably not be easy to do.

 Everything depends on the game. In computer games, goals and tools to reach those goals are usually simple and clear (even if hidden). No need to explain and gamers are impatient with the long narrative. They like the scenery. And that now keeps Pokemon frozen.

Extensive strength and wild color! 

Discover new brilliance and maximum power with Pokemon TCG: With the introduction of the new Pokemon V, including the newly discovered mythical Pokemon Jard. The voltage of Sword and Shield will expand!

Gigantamax Pikachu which is a unique new amazing Pokemon card venue with a rainbow splash, more Pokemon VMAX … splendor, majesty, delightful round wonder!

Use your sword and shield voltage expansion to put small colors and lots of sparks into your deck or collection!

And now we come to Picachu – one of the main themes of Vivid Voltage Booster Box! Probably not so surprising for a set called “Vivid voltage booster box ” – Pikachu makes quite a few appearances on the set and in particular on this list. Expect to mention that our chubby little electric mouse will move a few more times.

What makes Pikachu special at special voltages is its chubby design – I’m not kidding either. Back in General 1, Pikachu was now much more whipped than he used to be. Many fans of the franchise have long liked old-fashioned chubby chews. And Pokemon card companies have given people what they want with vibrant voltages. Many fans affectionately call it Vivid Voltage Pikachu Chamakachu.

The Mage Leveling Guide


My name is Rabia Khatun, Village: Birkaya, Post: Birkaya, Bagmara, Rajshahi

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