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List of 7cs of effective Communication

Communication can be done in multiple ways be it via online meetings, emails, conference calls, presentations, debates, and more. You can spend an entire day communicating but how do you make it effective? In this article, we have mentioned the preeminent 7cs of communication that make a piece of information efficacious. This way, one can ensure that their information is well structured and reaches the targeted audience. The 7cs of communication is an elongated list of principles that ensure that the person to whom you are communicating gets your point. Let’s learn more about it. Read more to learn broadly about the communication principles.  

Let us learn more about 7cs of communication

The 7cs of effective communication is a collection of principles that can help an individual in acquiring certain goals. After mastering 7cs of communication, it can help you in understanding you’re customer or client queries, able to present a reliable & solving approach, etc.

List of 7cs of effective Communication

  1.  Clear: It is essential to have clarity in each and every statement or message that you deliver. A communicator should be good enough to choose language or words so that the receiver or audience can understand the message easily.
  2. Correct: A communicator should check the facts & figures before delivering any message or statement. Because it is required to have accuracy in each and every statement that you deliver. Apart from that, it is also essential to check grammar, punctuation, & misspelt words.
  3. Complete:  It is expected that each & every statement or conversion should bring some good results. It is advisable that a communicator should add all responses to all queries raised by the audience or receiver. He/She can also add essential information like 5W’s ( What, Who, When, Why, and Where ).
  4. Concrete:  In Straight Words, It is recommended to deliver a highly clear and meaningful message to the audience or receiver. It can be helpful for the audience to understand the exact idea or purpose of the delivered statement. It is recommended to use active voice instead of passive voice and emphasis more on image-building words.
  5. Concise: It saves time and expense for both the presenter and receiver. To communicate concisely, you can include relevant information and avoid worried expressions. 
  6. Coherent: The message you deliver must have an insightful flow and connecting meaning.
  7. Courteous: It is one of the required qualities of the communicator. It states the respect an individual or communicator should show while delivering the message. Some key points are being sincere, using expressions, avoiding discriminatory language, etc.

These 7cs of effective communication can help in many ways like creating research papers, presentations, proposals, etc. More importantly, the better you communicate the more credibility you will have in front of a different audience.

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How to improve 7cs of communication?

If you are good enough to communicate with others while working in an organization or company, that means you can be one of the valuable assets for any organization. Let us see some of the tips to improve 7cs of communication. 

  1. Think Before you Speech: It is totally fine to use informal language while working in the office or communicating with others in a cubical. Let us see some scenarios, If you are communicating with your manager or boss, there is no scope of using words like “Hello” or “Hey”, as different acronyms have different meanings, that’s why it is advisable a communicator should think to whom you are communicating.
  2. Do not Assume: It isn’t suggested, to expect prior to conveying any assertion, as it can lead you to another contention. That is the reason it is basic to get the motivation behind the message and to think about others’ points of view.

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How 7cs of communication can remove Communication Barriers?

  1. Delivering the message with very high clarity helps the audience or receiver to understand the message or statement.
  2. A statement with zero grammatical or language errors can be the best way to communicate with the audience. As if the audience finds any error in the message or statement, it will eventually decrease the credibility & effectiveness of the communication.
  3. It is one of the fundamental 7cs of communication since it is essential to give total information when you are conveying a message. Nonetheless, the force relies upon the circumstance. It helps in eliminating the obstruction of vulnerability in the message.
  4. A significant message with explicit and clear information makes the communication simple by killing superfluous hindrances. It helps the collector in understanding the reason for the communication successfully. It eliminates the boundary and causes the collector to get the importance of the message.

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