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Kitchen Cabinetry: Upcoming Trends that Will Last

Kitchen cabinetry are essential elements in your kitchen as they ensure storage for our cooking essentials. But hiding pots and pans isn’t the only goal of your kitchen cabinets. While that is their purpose, they also play an important role in your kitchen’s style. Regardless of the style you choose, kitchen cabinets create the connection between your flooring pattern and the backsplash you pick. They give flow to your kitchen’s interior design. Make it all work together.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation to keep up with trends, cabinetry should not be overlooked. The last thing you want once a remodeling project is over is to realize that your cabinets don’t work with everything else you changed. Don’t be afraid to mix the color palette uses, but as long as you focus on kitchen trends of 2022 and reconnect with nature, you should be fine.

While there haven’t been any drastic changes in kitchen cabinetry trends, there are some influences that might make a difference for you. Some are based on needs while others on lifestyles, but they are all easily obtained. Following kitchen cabinetry trends doesn’t have to translate to replacing your cabinets. The year 2022 is much more responsible than that.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends in 2022

In the past, the only thing we looked for in kitchen cabinets, is their ability to hide and store out kitchen supplies and appliances. That’s the past. 2022 takes kitchen cabinet designs into the modern age with sleek and modern styles that tip their hat to the past without relying on it entirely.

In 2022, we find a way of mixing the old with the new in more than just design. Combining traditional pieces with modern elements help frame both styles in a cohesive and inspiring design.

Open Shelves

Space-saving opportunities will always interest homeowners. Open shelves provide just that, but add a touch of simplicity and elegance to a kitchen’s design, while also creating storage space. Cabinets are necessary, but open shelves are amazing if your kitchen is limited in space. Installing cupboards might only make your kitchen claustrophobic and make it difficult to move around in it.

Just install some open shelves and use them to display some of your kitchen items and supplies like decoration. Scandinavian trends used them for decades and they work to minimize your kitchen clutter. When things are left exposed, clutter is much more obvious so you have no choice but to place everything in its place when you’re done cooking. Either go with one or two long shelves or short sets of three.

Open Frame

If you’re not ready to give up your cupboards and replace them with open shelves, open frame cupboard doors are a great mid-way change. Unlike full cabinet doors, open frames either feature a glass panel or are entirely made of glass. This will give you that displaying element in your kitchen, without completely exposing your storage area.

Going back a few decades, glass door cabinets weren’t uncommon and many kitchen’s implemented them to showcase fine china or make up a bar area. The illusion of open space gives more depth to your kitchen cabinets and enhances brightly light kitchens. If you want to do this yourself you can either take out the inner panel of your cabinet doors and replace them with glass for a traditional style, or replace the whole door with glass for a modern look.


Keeping up with kitchen cabinet trends in 2022 is a lot easier than you might think. We all dread having to remodel our kitchens due to the expense alone, not to mention the struggle of cooking while your kitchen is under renovation. Still, 2022 has your back because the overall trend in any remodel nowadays is repainting, refinishing, repurposing what we already have. Buying used furniture is another option, but it might be difficult to find something that fits your exact space. Either way, some paint and a few brush strokes can transform your kitchen cabinets with a very small budget.

Revitalizing old kitchen cabinets can involve things like a new coat of paint, new hardware, new pull out features, a new countertop or entirely new fronts. Some level of DIY know-how might be required but if none is available and time is a pressing factor, pay someone to do it for you and you’ll still pay less than buying all new kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Features

Finally, in the year 2022, we will start to see more and more modern features finding their way into our kitchens. Modern kitchens aren’t only about providing ample storage space for all your kitchen tools, appliances and essentials. Nowadays, we want organization, simplicity, smart high-tech implementations and multi-purpose functions.

With how things are going, the ultimate smart kitchen of tomorrow seems closer to our reality than we might be ready for. Still, the following features are paving the way for more complex changes that are sure to come.

Deep Drawers

Doors are on their way out as the kitchen’s functionality grows with every deep drawer installed. This trend goes hand-in-hand with the open shelving trend as it supplies the need for extra storage that is diminished slightly with open shelves.

Some of our kitchen items may not have that classic or quirky personality to be exposable. Still, with these deep drawers, you won’t only have easy access to them in a hidden space, but because of the depth of these drawers, you won’t even have to look at them unless you need them. Stack them at the back end of these deep drawers and you won’t have to look at them more than a few times a year. Basically, you only see them when you need them. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind.


Light is one of the most important features of any kitchen. In a room where you often handle sharp and burning hot items, light is important so you don’t chop or burn the wrong things. For that reason exactly, under-cabinet lighting takes kitchen cabinet trends by storm. Task lighting is highly practical and will help you save up on your energy bill as well if you know what to choose.

LED light strips are incredibly flexible and work in every space when used correctly. The number one rule of LED light strips is to not see the strip. LED light strips in the corners of the room remind of college dorms, but hidden, they provide light while at the same time, modernize and personalize the space. If you want to use them for cooking purposes, install them under the cupboards or shelves. However, if you install them beneath the counter top or lower cabinets, they will provide extra light for late-night snacks when the ceiling light would otherwise blind you.

Custom Storage

As a way to conquer the kitchen space, designers and cabinet manufacturers are coming up with more intriguing and creative ways to optimize storage for the needs of each homeowner. In 2022 we will see custom cabinet features like break boxes, pull out trays, narrow spice racks or kitchen plate racks, all encased in beautiful, stream-lined cabinetry. With these features implemented in your kitchen cabinetry, your kitchen setup will enhance your cooking experience ten-fold.

There’s an added feature that will explode in popularity for owners of small kitchens. Having a walk-in pantry seems to be all the rage now, but what can you do if you don’t have the space necessary for that? It’s simple. Implement a tall kitchen cabinet with two doors. Inside it, you won’t see any appliances or shelves for pots and pans. Instead, you’ll have small shelves placed on the inside of both doors, and additional shelves inside the cabinet. Having all the ingredients easily accessible and conveniently located next to your counter will make it that much easier to create some delicious meals for your family.


The year 2022 came with many changes in kitchen designs, and the cabinetry seems to want to reinvent itself. Improving the most popular features will definitely impact your cooking experiences and these innovative changes came at the most perfect time. We all want comfort in our lives, and as amazing and incredible as it may sound, comfort in our kitchens no longer translates to lack of comfort for the environment. Our comfort doesn’t need to come at the expense of the planet and these kitchen cabinet trends show as much. I don’t know about you, but not having to spent $30,000 for a kitchen remodel sounds amazing and I’ll be off shopping for paint next week on a much lower budget.

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