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Key things to consider for online grocery business success

With time, the demand for online grocery shopping app is ever increasing. The recent pandemic outbreak has  just eased the high demand. In India, Online Grocery store businesses have witnessed high growth during the lockdown.

There were days where you’d run tasks to buy groceries, thankfully things have changed now. Currently, we can purchase everything from daily essentials to luxury goods. Grocery is no exception. It’s not only growing from customer’s part for more convenient options to get groceries. But, It’s also a great time to start an online grocery store business.

Read on below tips to help you in an online delivery grocery business in India.

Things to keep in mind for online grocery business success


Behind the success of any business, a successful Business model is a must. Similarly, a successful Online Grocery store business required a well-planned and structured business model.

Grocery Retail Model

A successful Online Grocery store business model has the following steps –

  • Figure out the value of your solution in the market space.
  • Confirm that your product/service is reasonable.
  • Analyze your channel and your support strategy.
  • Talk to your investors and the industry leader.
  • Plan & execute local services.
  • Work on gathering customer references.
  • Target stores or your industry groups nationally.

Loyalty programs

Consumers expect loyalty features when shopping through a grocery shopping app.  Loyalty programs include bonus points, personal offers, etc.

Doorstep delivery

To enhance the efficiency of home delivery and in-store picking are the main drivers. Home delivery is the prime factor for the profitable business of Online Grocery store.

2. Stock the Right Products for Your Target Market 

The thing which makes any business profitable is stock the right products. Do remember ‘Who are you serving and how are you serving them?’ These are two valuable questions that are crucial for the growth of any business. The same is with the Online Grocery store business.

Stock items with a long shelf life

For an Online Grocery store business, you need to stock some food products in your warehouse. But, we can’t store every food item as they need frequent replenishment. A merchant needs to stock the food items that have a long shelf-life.

Pick the order as late as possible

Pick the order as late as possible in the Online Grocery store business. When we place an order through a grocery shopping app, the retailer picks the order just before the time of departure for home delivery. The delay in pick-up and delivery time may contaminate your food or groceries.

3. Social media presence

Having Social media presence is mandatory for the growth of any online business. Then why leave our Online Grocery store.

  • Social media

    Social media platforms help you advertise products/services available on your grocery shopping app Also, showcase new deals and offers.

  • Customer Interaction

    It helps you interact with the potential customers directly and get their feedback.

  • Know about your audience

    To know the psychology of your target audience, you can introduce interactive quizzes and games.

  • Examine social media analytics

    It helps you examine the social media analytics of Online Grocery store. You can also find out how many leads got converted and through which platforms.

4. User Experience

Know about user experience is one of the big points in business growth. To enhance your products/services, the feedback of the user is a must. In the Online Grocery store business, the product is nothing else but food.

The feedback or reviews of the user on the quality, freshness, and delivery of the product is a must. Similarly, the user experience is needed on grocery shopping app to find out technical glitches of the app.

  • Customer expectations

During online shopping, customers want to see their favorite products right away. They want a quality product at reasonable prices. Merchants can meet customer expectations with features such as favorite, suggested, or saved shopping products.

  • Product filtration

Many consumers require product filtering in a grocery shopping app. With such a distinct list of choices, it’s necessary that simplifies the process of finding products.

5. Ask for Help 

You may be the most resourceful and brightest person in the world. Don’t let that come in your way of achieving your business goals.

  • Asking is not a weakness 

Too many entrepreneurs look at asking for help as a weakness. They came to a halt by trying to do everything themselves and burned out.

Value your time 

  •  If you ask for help for your Online Grocery store shows that you value your time. Don’t hesitate to take support in areas that are important to your business. Like a good grocery shopping app need help from web development and digital marketing services.

End of the line

There are plenty of opportunities to start an online grocery store and make it successful. You need to bring forth strategies to take your online grocery store to the next level. You have to make sure your grocery shopping app makes the right impression.


Akshay Talwar is MBA from GGSIPU have an e-Commerce Business Expert role in Quikk since 2016. Responsible for quikk doorstep grocery delivery and developing a positive shopping experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

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