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Health and Fitness

Is there any recovery period for the coolsculpting procedure?

The craving for a perfect body increases as you become conscious of your appearance. The struggle for healthy living has also increased the number of people is seeking coolsculpting procedure

Coolsculpting is considered a treatment method with no downtime. However, it would help if you practiced some recovery tips to ensure you have effective treatment. 

Understand the Process

Before you embrace any treatment method, you should understand the process and how it works. Coolsculpting uses a vacuum-like applicator to partially dusk in the treatment area. Then it cools the area to temperatures that can freeze fat cells without harming other body cells.

Coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells. The process was developed after two doctors discovered that kids fond of suckling popsicles had more contoured cheeks. On doing some research, they found out that eating popsicles would freeze fat cells around the cheeks. 

Coolsculpting is a safe method to apply on the arms, legs, stomach, under the chin and other areas with fat deposits. However, this is not a method to deal with obesity, and it would be best if you dealt with excess weight before undergoing a coolsculpting procedure.

Know the Expectations of Coolsculpting Procedure

Coolsculpting is a painless method. Some patients expect to walk in and out as nothing happened. Know that nearly all procedures will give you some discomforts.

You’ll not receive an anesthesia injection for a coolsculpting procedure. The process feels uncomfortable at first, but the cold numbs the treatment area. You can feel some pulling, tugging, and sucking from the applicator. 

People with a high pain index will feel pain the first few minutes of the treatment, and it may be severe pain that will need painkillers after the treatment. 

After the procedure, the specialist will do some massages in the treatment area. The massage helps to relax body cells in the treated area. It’s the most uncomfortable step of the treatment- You will feel a lot of discomfort during the treatment. However, it’s a step you can’t sleep as it helps disintegrate the frozen fat cells for easier metabolism. 

Side Effects to Observe

There are a few side effects that you should observe. It helps you to understand the recovery signs from a serious condition. Numbness, soreness, bruising, itching, and redness are the common side effects. Some patients will feel mild pain after a coolsculpting procedure. However, if your skin starts forming hives or drying, you should visit your doctor for further advice. All the side effects will fade with time. Thus, they are not a cause for alarm. 

Wear Loose Clothing

The Coolsculpting process involves sucking your skin with a vacuum-like tool. So, after the process, you will feel uncomfortable fitting into tight clothing. Also, loose clothing will give your body some time to relax and recover. 

Avoid pushing yourself so hard. You can skip a few gym sessions after the treatment, and it helps relax your body and gives it a chance to undergo some natural healing process. 

Be gentle when taking a shower. Also, use warm water to pat around the treatment area. If you notice some rare side effects like enlargement of the treatment area, you should call your doctor ASAP.

Carry a Small Snack to the Clinic

A Coolsculpting procedure can nauseate you. Thus, a small snack will help you handle the process. It also helps keep your blood sugar in check. Also, it helps prevent a woozy stomach. Some of the recommended snacks include cheese, fruits, nuts, crackers, or chickpeas. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body will flush out the frozen fat cells through metabolism. Thus, it needs some temporary fluids in the body. Drink plenty of water as it helps the metabolism process. Also, it helps prevent the recurrence of fat deposits in the treatment area. Staying hydrated will help your body flush out the fat cells faster. In the end, you will experience faster recovery than a dehydrated patient. 

Take Painkillers

Discomfort during a coolsculpting procedure is normal, and however, it becomes a nuisance if the discomfort won’t disappear after the treatment. You can calm the soreness with dome OTC painkillers. However, it would help if you were concerned not to exceed the recommended daily dosage. However, you should not take the drugs if you have a chronic medical condition. In such a case, you should call your doctor for advice. 

Alternatively, you can apply some warm compress on the treated area. Then do some breathing exercises to ease the pain, and yoga also helps ease the soreness. 

Give the Treated Area Time to Calm

The results of coolsculpting will depend on your lifestyle, and healthy meals and exercise will help prevent the recurrence of fat deposits in the treatment area. The success of the process depends fully on you, and that’s why no one will guarantee a positive result better than yourself. 


The coolsculpting procedure has no downtime. However, you need to prepare for the treatment before and after the procedure. You can retain the results through a healthy lifestyle. Coolsculpting treatment is a permanent fat removal method, But you can have more fat deposits if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle.

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