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Is The Four-Day Workweek Inevitable? Maybe Not For Agencies

The four-day workweek is often touted as the key to happiness and more efficient work life. But could it work for agencies? According to some new research, the answer may be no. So what does that mean for your agency’s future? Tune in for more to find out.

Four-Day Workweek: Feasible or Not?

People are increasingly seeking flexibility in their schedules to spend more time with friends and family or do less work. As a result, several companies have adopt the favored approach by allowing staff to work four days a week for 10 hours per day while still receiving full benefits. But According to the latest research from Stanford University, the four-day workweek may not be the silver bullet that agencies have been hoping for.


According to this study, which follow nearly 800 Alaskan businesses over eight years, when companies went from five eight-hour days to four ten-hour days, employees end up with more free time. Still, they were less likely to use it for tasks like housework or exercise. Even worse, over time, employees end up working more hours than before and feeling less refresh when employees return to work on Monday morning.

On the flip side of the coin, some staffers report having a better work-life balance due to their shorter weeks—but as we said earlier, productivity drop by nearly 20 percent overall. So what does this mean for agencies? Well, if people take the same approach to their work-life balance as they do to their leisure time, you can expect to see more employees putting in long hours over the weekend—which means that the four-day workweek may not improve anything after all.

Internet service provider companies

Internet service provider WightFibre has introduce a four-day workweek for its entire staff of around 500 people, consisting of both full-time and part-time workers. The company’s managing director believes that the shorter workweek will help employees’ quality of life and result in more productive team members who are happier in their jobs.

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According to Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, his agency has benefit from the four-day workweek because it allows its staff members to take more time off while working just as many hours. In addition, by giving them an extra day off each week, they can recharge their batteries throughout the total duration of their weekend—which is excellent for overall morale.

Forbes has report that this schedule may result in happier employees, who are more likely to remain at the company. It can also improve productivity by allowing people to stay motivate throughout the working week. The shorter workweek also will enable employees to pursue other interests and hobbies, which could benefit your agency because you’ll be able to hire more diverse and talent staffers.

Four Day Is Not Possible In Agencies

While this schedule may be beneficial for certain companies. It is not likely possible in an agency setting because your staff members are constantly working on many different projects. However, if they allow their employees to work half days one or two days a week. That can still greatly benefit their productivity.

If they want to take the stress-free of their employees. They can also allow them to work from home one day in the week. Take longer lunch breaks or meet with supervisors on days when they are not scheduled to be in the office.

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  • Agencies can’t afford to give employees extra days off from work. They can make changes that improve their quality of life without costing too much money.
  • For agencies to truly take a four-day week approach. You need a company with no deadlines and policies in place about this type of stuff. But, again, this would never happen in the real world.
  • Instead of thinking about how an agency could benefit from the four-day workweek. You should consider your workforce and culture to determine whether it would be a better choice for your company.

Just because an agency cannot benefit from this schedule does not mean that it won’t be in the future. As technology advances and changes how agencies work, the four-day workweek could become more achievable.

The Bottom Line

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In conclusion, the four-day workweek may not be feasible for agencies that are working on numerous projects with tight deadlines. However, it’s worth considering whether this schedule could benefit your employees somehow. So, instead of focusing on the four-day workweek, consider how you can improve your employees’ quality of life.

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