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Is It Okay to Brush the Teeth After Using Crest Teeth Whitening Strips?

Crest teeth whitening strips are an effective and affordable over-the-counter treatment for whitening the colour of the teeth. They come with ingredients that can easily remove the stains, letting you smile with an outstanding confidence level.

If you are using the strips for the first time, you may feel confused about how to add the strips int the daily routine. Can one brush the teeth after applying the strips?

Well, as per the experts, one can brush the teeth after applying the Crest teeth whitening strips. However, there are some crucial things to consider. Remember that such strips can harsh your gums, so you should use them carefully.

Here you will explore some important things about the whitening strips. So, let’s get started with this.

Brushing the teeth after using the strips

Well, as the dental experts, one can brush the teeth after the application of whitening strips. Brushing and flossing will now lower the whitening effect. The whitening strip manufacturers will suggest you do this very gently. With brushing after using the strips, you can avoid discomfort and gum irritation. It will be better to use a brush with a soft bristle. Using a hard-bristled brush can increase the chances of gum irritation.

Brushing the teeth before using the strips

Even though it is not mandatory, you can also floss and brush your teeth before using the whitening strips. With this, you can remove food debris ad plaque that may get stuck under the strips. Besides, the Crest teeth whitening strips need to properly adhere to the clean teeth so that you can boost the whitening efforts.

If you want to brush the teeth, apply the strips after 30 minutes of brushing your teeth. Using the strips immediately after brushing the teeth can create gum irritation, or the strips will no adhere properly.

How do the strips work?

In general, whitening strips utilize peroxide solutions to whiten the teeth. Talking about peroxide, it is a type of bleach. While some strips come with hydrogen peroxide, some manufacturers also use carbamide peroxide.

The strips that are made of safe plastic material have a thin peroxide gel layer. When you apply it, the presented bleach breaks into the strains. The bleach lowers the concentration of the stain; as a result, your teeth will appear whiter and brighter.

Based on the products you are using, you may wear the white strips for around 30 minutes twice a day. Use the strips for around 14 days for visible results.

Some valuable tips to keep your teeth stain-free

  • Lower your beverages and acidic foods consumption level
  • Limit various tooth-staining foods, for example, tea, red wine, coffee, artificial fruit juice, and more.
  • While drinking tooth-staining beverages, you should use a straw.
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly twice a day
  • Avoid cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • You can use sugar-free gum to neutralize acid level
  • Most importantly, carry out a regular dental checkup.

Follow these tips and use teeth whitening products, like Crest teeth whitening strips and enjoy a brighter smile.

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