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In small businesses, how does ATS play a crucial role?

Small businesses understand the importance of maintaining a healthy bottom line while offering excellent customer service and competitive wages. When pursuing these objectives, they may opt not to invest in new business technologies. If a small business thinks that it can handle the hiring process manually, this software, which streamlines and organizes it, may not be a top priority.

Your recruitment process will be streamlined if you choose the right recruitment software, along with the features outlined below. All those involved in the recruitment process, such as hiring managers, HR, directors, and applicants, should know what is happening.  

The development and trend of applicant tracking software

Several years ago, kiosks that run application software became rather commonplace in the retail sector. On these freestanding touchscreen kiosks, users can fill out basic online forms using a browser. Their Internet connection allows them to transfer applications from remote locations to a company’s central ATS system. Companies now have an easier time sorting through and hiring experienced candidates for certain positions because of this trend.

Instead of implementing AI-enabled ATS technology, some companies have chosen to improve the efficiency of the traditional hiring process. It allows HR directors to focus on strong candidates by eliminating large numbers of unqualified applicants.

Due to the widespread use of applicant software, resume optimization techniques have gained in popularity. Some agencies claim they have discovered how to sort form fields so that ATS software can latch on to them, making the applications more attractive. ATS tools have been developed as a response to this issue that searches for irregularities that would indicate an application has been tampered with.

A candidate tracking system works by tracking applicants

Data about applicants is the basis of ATS software. A job applicant submits their résumé, cover letter, background, education background, and contact information when applying online for a job.

An applicant tracking system allows recruiters to review applications, send notifications to applicants and even deliver online tests after they enter data into the system. Recruiters can pass applications to hiring managers after checking all the boxes; they can then interview candidates and send rejection letters automatically.

The human resources department can finally begin processing payroll after the hiring manager identifies candidates they want to hire.  

Is an ATS necessary for my business?

As a society, we are still adjusting to the effects of this pandemic. It is difficult enough to find qualified employees. 

With an applicant tracking system (ATS), you can virtually screen potential candidates before they even walk through the door. Thus, you can spend that time crafting engaging job postings that will appeal to the right applicants. 

An ATS, on the other hand, can speed up your hiring process if you hire hundreds of freelancers or contractors. 

You won’t see enough ROI from the system if you only make a couple of hires a year. 

A second option is to use the old-fashioned method. Businesses prefer to meet with applicants face-to-face, fill out an application, and complete the interview in person. 

Getting Integrated into Your Business

As you consider which ATS to implement in your company, you’ll want to assess your own needs, as well as what challenges you face in your current business processes. Choosing an ATS that specializes in your area of expertise will be less helpful.

The recruitment needs of an enterprise-sized company will differ greatly from those of a small business or a startup. Budgets are important as well, as it pertains to how much data will be handled by the ATS. There’s no point in spending a lot of money on processing power you won’t use. Make sure you are getting great value for your money, no matter what you choose. 

Using an ATS to improve your recruiting pipeline

My team and I have implemented an ATS within our company to demonstrate how an ATS can benefit your own recruitment efforts.

Our applicants are automatically thanked for applying for work with us when they apply, regardless of the role they apply for. After that, third-party assessment tools were integrated into our applicant tracking system. As soon as your resume strongly matches the role you are applying for, you will receive a follow-up automated email with a link for your first-round assessment.

Enhancing the Candidate Experience

Besides saving time for HR departments, applicant tracking systems can also save time for applicants. Candidates can easily and quickly apply for a job with an easy-to-use application, making the experience more enjoyable. Moreover, the faster and easier the hiring process is, the greater the number of candidates who will complete it, increasing your pool of candidates.

You can also improve candidate engagement and experience by sending automated emails that provide regular and timely communications. Positive experiences lead to candidates accepting your job offer, reapplying in the future, or referring friends to your company.

Job seekers don’t always like using an applicant tracking system, but that may be because they don’t fully comprehend how it can benefit them as well. Take a look at how applicant tracking systems can be beneficial.

An ATS software should have the following features:​

Different features and capabilities are available in the best recruiting software. Your business and needs will dictate which ones are valuable to you.

Even the simplest systems should be able to perform basic functions such as matching CVs with job specifications, scheduling smart interviews, and tracking ongoing candidates.

In addition to improving the consistency and quality of your recruitment processes, an application management system is likely to save you both time and money by automating parts of your process. With this in mind, the use of a recruitment system with sophisticated reporting capabilities will give you the opportunity to track the performance of your recruitment process in terms of hiring time, hiring success by the manager, and other aspects.

Statistics and trends in ATS

ATS are necessary for recruiting and hiring employees for large companies according to a study by a recruiting firm. A growing number of mid-size companies are utilizing ATS systems.

An increasing number of ATS designers are focusing on improving the recruiting experience. As a result, companies lose out on top candidates due to ATS usability issues, resulting in a dip in return on investment.

ATS is currently debating whether it should move to the cloud or use IT.

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