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Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Pergolas This Summer

We now see more and more pergolas that is more original, innovative, and surprising in the houses.

It seems that a spectacular boom is taking place in their design, in the way they are integrated into the available spaces, in the choice and treatment of their materials, and even in their own functions.

That is why today I am going to take a walk together through the most elegant and inspiring shades that I have found so that you can find new ideas to give your pergola a new style this summer:

A Folding Awning, The Most Versatile Solution

The best idea to get the most out of this star in your garden is to install an awning that you can fold and unfold as you wish at any time of the day.

It will multiply the functions and charms of your pergola, by being able to take advantage of the moonlight, the frescoes at night, or take refuge in a moment of the harshest solar rays at noon.

Reed, The Fixed Alternative To An Awning

If you are clear that the upper part of the pergola is going to remain covered most of the time, covering it with a reed is a very good option: economical, sustainable, and with a very refreshing and authentic Mediterranean air.

Curtains: A Solution To Reduce Light And Heat And Increase Privacy

A great choice to dress your pergolas with fashionable textiles and gain freshness and intimacy is to add bar curtains, along with original ropes or ties and matching materials to collect them and attach them to the columns.

In addition, you can play with its texture, layering to improve privacy and reduce incoming light, and combine different materials and colours to achieve a spectacular effect.

Garlands: A Very Summery Hippie Touch For Party Nights

If there is one element that has conquered the exteriors of many homes during the nights of last summer, that were the garlands of all kinds.

The beer advertisements that lay the aesthetic foundations for beach gatherings between cute people do not go unnoticed in the large decoration surfaces, which today offer a wide assortment of lights so that you can set up your own cool refuge this summer.

Especially interesting is the progress of the LED lighting sector to get closer to the warm tones of the old incandescent tungsten bulbs, so pleasing to the eye but not efficient from the energy point of view and saving on your electricity bill.

Get yourself a good row of these new ultra-efficient LED lights and you can light your pergolas romantically, economically, and sustainably for much less than you think.

Add Elements Of Play And Relaxation

The pergolas marks the space. What you do inside it is up to you. And although we often opt for a table with chairs in a conventional way, there are other much more creative and fun solutions to take advantage of this place outdoors but without the arduous summer heat on our heads.

For example, a seesaw where you can rock while reading or having a glass of wine with your friends.

Or a hammock where you can lie down to rest in the shade!

Turn It Into An Exotic Pond

What if you dig a piece of the earth under or around your pergola and give your house that touch of oriental glamor that you have always wanted? In addition to refreshing the place, the water will allow you to decorate with plant species such as water lilies, and even add ornamental fish.

To finish off the set, a bamboo structure, light fabrics, and lights (large candles, for example) will provide that extra elegance that will leave your visitors with their mouths open.

Close Your Pergola Laterally To Turn It Into A More Entity Space

Perhaps you prefer to add some planks (you can take advantage of parked wood for DIY projects, or pallets) to separate spaces and create a more private corner within your pergola, on which you can hang pots, add shelves, etc. Converting this hole into a much more functional structure.

Cover It With Flowers

This bucolic option will turn your pergola into a work of art of nature if you take care in the placement of the vegetation. There are many species of vine that you can associate with other floral to get that new green and colored skin that makes your garden stand out more.

Species such as roses, clematis, honeysuckle, wisteria, vine, or passionflower will help you achieve this outstanding rustic chic style.

Introduce Refreshing Textiles

The last idea that we propose is simpler and faster and less expensive to execute, but also very successful: play with pleasant textiles and refreshing colors to make each arrangement inside your pergola more welcoming.

Chair and sofa covers of soft fabrics, easily washable and combinable with each other is a comfortable and very enjoyable extension of the interiors of your home.

Read more: Installing a pergola in your garden

Using these simple ideas, you can get the most out of your pergola at home and if you are still thinking about installing one at your home, don’t hesitate to contact professionals at Done Right. Done Right is a team of experienced professionals know for building pavers and pergolas all around Florida. Contact them right away and get the pergola you want!

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