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How You Can Measure Core Web Vitals?

Core web vitals, sounds like an alien term? But it is very common for digital marketers working in the search engine marketing arena. There are typically many posts on the internet talking about the core web vitals. We are here to explain to you how to measure these core web vitals. For an idea, core web vitals are used to know user satisfaction. And from where the user satisfaction comes? It is the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). But here we are not just talking about the interface and its experience. We are talking about the core web vitals to enhance the user experience. We are talking in terms of content as compared to the only user experience providing the interface. So let’s start with the very basic things like understanding what are the core web vitals.

Know More About Core Web Vitals?

If you know the basics of core web vitals, then you can skip to the main section of this post anytime. But if you have doubts about core web vitals and what they are, then you must have to read this side of the story. There are many things that an SEO Company in India helps to know before you start measuring the core web vitals.

What Is A Core Web Vital?

Core web vitals are a set of metrics used by webmasters to check whether their website is useful for the users or not. Saying “useful” doesn’t mean the way you provide services, products or information. It means the experience all the users have on your website. From the user interface to content delivery, everything is considered in all these core web vitals.

What Types Of Core Web Vitals Are There?

There are many things included in core web vitals. But there are some specific metrics used in them. There are three types of core web vitals. Following are the three types of core web vitals:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The largest contentful paint metric is made up of things like page load speed. The main content of the page gets focused on this metric. An LCP below 2.5s is considered to be good for the website.

  • First Input Delay (FID)

First input delay is always focused on the user interaction. It counts the time a user takes before interacting with the website or its content. It is counted as below 100ms.

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Visual content and visual layouts are also important. CLS counts the visual stability of a website. CLS of less than 0.1 is considered good for the websites.

Who Defines Core Web Vitals?

Tech giant Google is handling and defining all these core web vitals. Google releases algorithms and announcements about these metrics to help websites to keep themselves updated about them.

Why Are They Important?

They are important because search intent is important for Google and all the search engine marketing. Google wants to deliver the best results to its users. That is why it is paying huge attention to it. And to get better at ranking, sites must have to follow all the guidelines.

How To Measure Core Web Vitals?

Now it comes to measuring core web vitals. How to measure and why it is important to measure core web vitals? Well, to define it simply, the core web vitals are important for your site rankings. So it is obvious that you need to measure it and improve the site quality for better rankings.

Tools To Measure Core Web Vitals

There are some methods and tools used to measure the core web vitals. Following are some of the most popular and useful tools used by webmasters to measure core web vitals.

Page Speed Insights

Page speed insights is one of the most commonly used by webmasters. Page speed insights are one of the tools that can be used for all three core web vitals. Whether you need to measure LCP, FID, or CLS, you can do anything with this tool.

Chrome Developer Tools

The easiest tool to use for the measurement of all three core web vitals. Dev tools have many extensions and features. You can measure LCP and CLS easily. However, measuring FID is not possible with it.


Chrome user experience tool is also considered good to use for the measurement of the core web vitals. A crUX is also a great tool that can measure all three core web vitals.


Easy optimization of user experience on your site can be achieved with the Lighthouse. FID measurement is not part of this tool. But the rest of the vitals can be easily measured.

Search Console

Again a tool from Google. Google search console has been used by webmasters for a long time. But now you can also measure core web vitals with this tool.

Final Thoughts

Core web vitals are important to track the user interface and user experience and its impact. User experience is focused more on in 2022 by the search engine. To rank higher on the search engine result pages, you need to focus on user experience. To enhance the user experience, you need some tools to measure it. There are plenty of tools but the above-mentioned core web vitals measuring tools are amazing.

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