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Writing and Speaking

How to Write Magazine Feature-Worthy Articles?

Writing magazine articles is a dream come true for many writers and only a few get the opportunity to be featured. Not only is it a huge deal to get your name in magazines but it also opens better opportunities for the writer!

When it comes to magazine article writing, you have to write features that are entertaining as well as informative because people aren’t reading them to study for their paper, they are reading it as a form of entertainment!

Pitch Ideas

The first you have to do is pitch ideas. Be careful that you pitch ideas according to the magazine. If your ideas are about beauty and fashion, then your ideal magazines would be in that niche. If your ideas are about business-themed articles, then your targeted audience should be business magazines.

So, be sensible in pitching ideas, don’t go to famous magazines. Even if you don’t get the pitch, you will have a relationship with the magazine’s staff. This is why you always have to make sure that you impress them with your writing, you might just get an opportunity in the near future!

Research your Content

Thoroughly research your content. From quotes to sources to statistics, keep everything ready. A magazine writer’s research work is longer than his first draft and it’s never too much to have all information about stuff. If you have an awesome article planned, and you have every piece of information on hand, it makes you start writing it immediately. So, before you begin writing, ensure that you are brimming with substantial information that will make your article worth reading!

Look at the Target Audience of the Chosen Magazine

When you have an idea, you know what magazine to target. And a magazine and its readers go hand in hand, so if you want to get featured in a magazine, you better research its market and audience. If you meet the terms of those readers, then you have a long and thriving career in the magazine industry.

So, make sure you write content according to the people who read this magazine because if there are no readers then what’s the use of a magazine!

Select Your Topic Wisely, Something that Interests You

If you want to produce high-quality content, make sure you chose topics that come in your area of expertise. Magazine professionals give precedence to articles that are full of in-depth knowledge. So, in order to choose the best topic, it is recommended that you list down all the things that interest you and then select one that is full of information and will catch the attention of magazine readers immediately.

If you choose better angles in your articles, you will have a better publishing chance. Look for brand new information that most people will find intriguing as it would be something fascinating and novel. From interesting facts to statistics, gather details that will compel your audience. So, make sure that the info you choose resonates with the readers because if you write about general topics, the publishers won’t pick your piece as it won’t be very interesting to their readers.

Keep Your Tone Enthusiastic and Friendly Throughout

One of the greatest things about being a writer is the versatility that one can achieve. If you have mastered the skill of writing in different tones and styles, then no one can match your expertise. However, a magazine reader is looking for entertainment. They don’t pick up a magazine to read schoolwork or formal writing that bores them to the core. They have picked up the magazine to pass their free time and read something interesting.

This is why, when you write articles that you want to feature in a magazine, you should be able to write some highly friendly and enthusiastic pieces. In order to garner the attention of your reader, it is important that you keep a conversational tone throughout. This way, you’ll be able to not only interest the publishing team but also the wide audiences that are going to read your masterpiece. So, hook your readers by being as creative as possible because they are not only here to read your work, they are actually here to be entertained.

Keep Up with the Style Sheet Guidelines and Magazine Personnel

Style guidelines and personnel keep changing in the magazine industry. So, keep track of all these changes. When it comes to the personnel, editors keep changing their position and leave one magazine to join another. So, it is important that you keep the connections. If you have connections with editors, and they leave a company to join another, make sure to submit your article with the new company because they now have your editor and you are most likely to get published there.

Following style, guidelines are also important as each magazine has its own set of instructions ready for you. From tone and subject to approach in the article, they have their own directions that you should follow. If you want to get published, we recommend that you read all the articles that this magazine publishes and take note of all the formats and tone. This way, you’ll be more confident in submitting your masterpiece of an article.

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Final Words

Being a writer exposes you to many things and when you are flexible in your writing, no one can question your skills. When you publish your article in a magazine, it doesn’t only open new opportunities for you but also gives you the recognition that all writers look for. Writing is hard work, and a featured article in a magazine can be a daunting process, but once your hard work pays off and you get featured, you’ll notice that this nerve-wracking process was well-worth it! Just follow the guidelines mentioned above and you’ll get that top-notch magazine in no time!

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