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How to teach your kids to sew?

This post on Teaching Kids to Sew is based on my experiences with my children. Their age is now 6yrs, and their sewing skills are quite advanced (a boy and a girl).

They can make tiny stitches with a simple two-piece sewing project. They are generally more skilled at sewing than their peers. My kids are more comfortable with the running stitch, which is the easiest.

I’m now trying to teach them other stitches like the over or hemming stitches and the backstitch. If you’re looking for sewing ways to teach kids how to sew, you can take a look at our method and see if it works for you.

You can also check out these other sewing projects for children, such as easy fabric flowers and juggling chickens.


This post is also applicable to teaching boys how to sew! Both my children are interested in sewing, though I think my daughter is more into it than my son. There are numerous sewing projects that kids can make to help you get started.

Note – If teaching your child to sew is what your intention is, choose something like Janome Magnolia 7318

Let them use real sewing tools and use good quality tools 

Real thread, real needles I’ve noticed that almost all of our crafts are inferior to child-friendly products. They may seem safer or more affordable, but they don’t have the same quality.

However, using blunt scissors, cheap fabric, or glue (which is what I am referring to in general) will lead to disappointing results. It will be hard to complete the craft, and the child will lose interest.

I hate that many of these products are targeted at children. They are often made cheaply, so they can be difficult to make. However, the craft is cute and well-designed.

So, in summary – use proper needles.

Good quality felts and woolen yarn is great for teaching children how to sew. These are more pointy and can be used with a “wool” needle. I love “felt-sewn projects” and can share a few with you (see below).

Teaching children to sew is not too late

*Remember to supervise your children. Sewing is a TOGETHER PROJECT

Teach your children to sew when they are interested! My son was two years old when he first held a real needle. I was making gingerbread men, and then I allowed him to try some of the crazy stitches.

Lacing cards projects are a great way for them to get started. Here are some ideas for projects:

Teaching a child to sew can be ideal if done together.. and you have to be there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

This was probably my daughter’s first-ever project, I think! Some felt heart ornaments (or key rings). She was approximately 3.5 years old. This is where I was able to sit with her on almost every stitch.

She was sitting on my lap, I believe. Red Ted’s first big project was this Nature Pouch. He was also about 3.5 years old. It’s hard to remember if he actually did it all. You can see the Nature Pouch Craft post for a quick video where I talk him through each step!

Most importantly, read janome derby portable sewing machine review to know how this can be the best beginner sewing choice.

Sew little, but often. Short & Simple.

My kids and I have made many sewing projects over the years. Many of these projects were small, so I have not been able to share them on Red Ted Art.

They have all been great in teaching them how to sew, and they also help them enjoy making things. Take this example:

The kids made tiny slippers for their monchichi toys, and they were able to practice their sewing skills!

They are adorable, don’t you think? We glued the buttons and pom-poms on, I believe. There are also quite a few “pillows” scattered around the house.

These are super easy sewing projects Pip Squeak started, and then she sewed them all herself, half falling apart.

Pip Squeak is also known for making “dresses” for friends. These are made of two pieces of fabric that are sewn together and embellished by stickers.

These aren’t what her friends do with them. They are a laborious task that requires a lot of care and time. We have had many meltdowns over the “but I want them now” moments.

Red Ted and Pip Squeak are making simple bunnies in two dimensions. It’s a mystery to me why I didn’t get around to taking photos of the bunnies.

I’ll try to find them, and I’ll update the “teaching children to sew” post with additional photos. Pip Squeak was the one who did all of the sewings on this project.

Although I had to review some of the “patches” where stuffing might have fallen out, she still did it flawlessly for her age (5 years old).

It is ok for teaching to sew if they only do half a sewing project themselves (or 1/3 or a 1/4)

It is still THEIR project, their work. Children are often younger and have shorter attention spans, but they still can enjoy the process and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Many readers have asked me if my children actually and truly made the craft I share as “Sewing For Kids.” Yes, they did.

  • While they were still small, I sat beside them through every step.
  • I held the fabric and guided them to the next stage.
  • When they needed it, I finished their projects or sewn a “tricky corner” while they did the straight parts.

This is acceptable when teaching children to sew. They must feel proud of their accomplishments. Sewing is not about them doing all the work, but about us working together.

My son should know that he can do anything he likes, and then I can finish it so he can play. He might say, “He doesn’t want a go because it will take too much time.” This is especially important for teaching boys how to sew.

Therefore, choose something like Singer 4432 to confirm and indicate that sewing isn;t that hard for your kids.

They are now older, and I no longer help them if the thread is in a knot, if it becomes “unthreaded,” or if they ask me to complete a project.

Sometimes I work “over some stitches.” This means that there might be a hole in the stitch, and the stuffing could fall out. They don’t know how “cast off” threads or close the openings for stuffing because they are still young.

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