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How to Support and Nurture Your Child’s Passion Pursuit

passion is what drives a person in the forward direction. Moving ahead to achieve makes life worthwhile. Having a passion does not necessarily mean the interest is related to studies. It could be reading but the books might be everything else instead of course books. Whatever it is, it should be respected because the kid being passionate about something you don’t think is good for studies might be helping in other ways. As a parent, you should nurture your child’s passion pursuit without forcing your will on them. Ninis Lahore suggests parents work with their kids to evaluate their passion choice.

Start young (child’s passion)

Toddlers are unclear what they are really interested in. Toys, colors, picture books, running in the park, or simply moving stuff around in the house interests them. This is the age where a parent can see the thing to which the kid moves more than the other. Nurturing for that particular thing will pave the path for it being a passion.

Get experts interaction

When you see your child taking interest in an activity that is not dangerous or harmful to health, you should make them comfortable by providing guidance yourself (in case you know how to do that particular thing) or get the expertise of someone who knows how to do that. If the interest is in solving puzzles, skating, running, swimming, or reading, what you can do is get them age-appropriate puzzles, teach them skating under the supervision of someone who knows how to skate, run with them so they do not overexert themselves, take them to pools where instructors can be hired to teach and get them carefully selected books on the different genre so that they have taste for reading various subjects instead of reading stories only.

Familiarize yourself with it but let them lead

No matter how childish you think the activity is, it is your involvement that might develop the further interest of your child in that particular activity. You don’t have to lead them in it, it is their interest and you are there for the encouragement. Show them, tell them, guide them but do not make it a competition between yourself and the kid, or this contest may kill the interest before it becomes a passion. A parent’s familiarity with what their kid is doing goes a long way in developing a stronger child-parent relationship.

Try different activities before settling

Children get attracted to various things at the same time. It is difficult for them to choose what color shoe they want and no one knows how long they will be in love with that color. Some logic applies to developing a long-term interest in an activity. The kid needs time to settle for something which interests them. Being patient, letting them go through things, and knowing for themselves what excites them is a good way to build confidence in themselves.

Not to quit easy/continued learning

Sometimes it feels difficult to continue some activity at this point the parent should take charge and try to offer tips by getting involved in that activity. Continuation of something is the key to understanding its vitality. When they are ready to quit after failing to complete a task or losing a competition, or not being able to get in the position holders. Tell them to keep working at it, keep developing skill. Keep practicing, and even after that they are not getting where they should have been after that much workout and struggle then it is okay to drop it.

No shame in stop

No shame in stop doing something when relevant efforts have been made and it has not worked. Making the kid realize that they have to put all of the efforts into whatever they do will make them understand the need for giving their best shot in everything irrespective of the outcome.

Provide relevant material/opportunities/More exposure

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Giving moral and material support is what parents are for. Moral support can be given by encouragement. Helping them off the ground while they have fallen while learning to ride the bike. Material support will be in the form of getting physical stuff related to their passion.

Freehand child’s passion

This sounds weird but giving freehand to your child in pursuit of their passion is going to make them grasp the details and increase the level of motivation. Just like, you should not make your child watch you batting instead of making him face the ball or make him see how you ride the bike instead of seating him and giving him control of the bike. The freehand should have an extended boundary. A greater leverage to some extent will be the difference in continuous pursual and quitting.

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