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How to Start a Play School Business in Dubai

Playschools can be a social service and a means of making a profit. You can explore different regions or emirates in UAE where you want to start a play school in UAE first. The feasibility study should give you a sufficient picture of the prospects of the kindergarten or kindergarten in the respective settlement. Alternatively, you can contact us to do an analysis and provide you with a report on the best place to start a gaming school in UAE. Our professional team will conduct a comprehensive assessment to help you make an informed decision.

Licenses You Need for Starting a Play School in UAE

You must obtain a kindergarten license from the Ministry of Education and a license from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Early Learning Center to open a kindergarten or kindergarten in Dubai. However, in the other six UAE emirates, you only need a kindergarten permit issued by the Ministry of Education.

The respective authorities have announced the steps to be taken to obtain the relevant licenses. You will need to go through a process that includes providing identification, qualifications and experience to obtain a license to establish a gambling school in Dubai, UAE.

Basic Steps Involved in Establishing a Play School in UAE

Kindergartens or nurseries should have adequate infrastructure, qualified staff, a child-friendly atmosphere and a healthy environment. The authorities in each emirate are very strict about children’s facilities. It is because negligence can affect the mental and physical development of children. Staff conducts thorough inspections and audits of children’s schools before issuing permits. The steps for setting up a play school in Dubai, UAE are:

Pre-Inspection of School Location

During the inspection, officials checked the location, the specific children’s school building, and the overall atmosphere. Therefore, they will issue guidelines for improvement. It is important to seek help from an experienced business setup service company to avoid any observations that could undermine your plans to start a child’s school.


The audit team conducted a physical audit of the facilities and infrastructure that were directed at the physical and mental nutrition of children. If necessary, you can ask them to change it.

Qualified Staff

Documents on the qualifications and experience of teaching staff and specialists are subject to a detailed examination. For children’s schools, you must have trained specialists.

Documents You Need

A large number of documents are required for the smooth running of the approval and license process. Collecting and organizing documents can be a difficult task for you. Professional business setup consultant companies are ready to assist you in the process. Tell them your needs. The professionals are always ready to help you.


The location of the children’s school is important. A calm and healthy environment is a must to get approval for a child’s room. Select a location only after thorough analysis.

Plan of Operation

You need to present the path you plan to go forward. This should include finance, education, infrastructure and operational plans. Prepare plans carefully with the help of professional agents. The authorities may reject your proposal if the plan is not up to standard.

Infrastructure Requirements for Starting a Play School in UAE

The authorities have established the necessary infrastructure for the establishment of gaming schools in the United Arab Emirates. The main specifications are:

  • Away from an industrial area, pollution and noise
  • Safe wiring and electrical installation standards
  • Usage of asbestos for construction or other purposes is strictly prohibited
  • A strong concrete structure is necessary. No make-shift arrangements
  • Secure atmosphere. Proper set up to prevent intruders
  • Sufficiently ventilated classrooms, with adequate lighting
  • Hygienic surrounding
  • Sleeping space for children
  • Qualified staff to take proper care of the children
  • Hall with an adequate amount of toys
  • Separate sections for the children, grouped according to their age

How can a Professional Business Setup Consultant Company help you with Starting a Play School in UAE?

Opening a preschool or kindergarten in the UAE is a long process. You need to communicate with various departments and ministries to get approvals and permits. A detailed study will be initiated by the Ministry of Environment and KHDA before proceeding and issuing you a license. Complex activities can make you resist and compromise your confidence to move forward. A professional business setup consultant company can be of great help here.

Most professional business setup consultant companies in UAE have the experience of setting up kindergarten, business and industry at Emirates across the country. You can rest assured that they will do all the activities for you and complete them within the agreed time. It is necessary to keep in mind that only a professional business setup consultant has the expertise to help you in starting a business in Dubai. Most companies have a team of professional consultants, who will take care of the entire process and get things done.

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