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How to name your BLOG – A complete guide in 2022

Hi, I’m Ashley (Branding Specialist of an SEO agency in Islamabad), and I’ll guide you through naming your blog in four steps. First, our blog name generator and guide will help you find thousands of name ideas and build Targets, Target Market, Demographics, Competitor’s Name analyses, and inspiring ideas for names.


The first step in naming your blog should be choosing your target audience. The clearer your understanding of the topics you will cover, the easier it will be to find the right way to write them to represent them accurately. For example, suppose you are going to cover multiple topics. In that case, your name should be more abstract, while if you are covering a specific market, then you will want a more descriptive name.

Above all, blogs should be informative and interesting. You ask people to read your written word when people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. A simple name like “My Travel Blog” describes and informs your audience immediately about the blog’s content but shows a lack of authenticity and creativity, resulting in failing to attract a committed audience. On the other hand, a name like ‘The Wandering Poet’ suggests a creative tone and a poetic element, which can be discouraging for some who do not like poetry.

Finding an ideal middle ground, a name that communicates with your target audience and shows your creative side is the first step in creating a successful blog.

demographic interests

Then think about your topic. What does your target audience want to know? What information can you offer that they would be interested in reading about? And how can you convey this through the name of your blog?

You need to think about current trends in your field. For example, suppose your blog is about food. In that case, you can think about health, nutrition and sustainability, which are current trends in our lives. Your first step could be to create a list of words with relevant meanings. “Bread and butter” could be an interesting title in this case. It is not directly related to these health-promoting words, giving you a wider range of topics. The reference to the idiom “bread and butter” suggests that you are perfecting basic daily recipes. It is also simple, easy to memorize, and creative.


When it comes to naming your blog, you need to make sure that its topic is easily understood. However, it should also be creative and catch the readers’ attention. Try not to choose an obvious name, but prefer a term with interesting idioms, puns and metaphors.

Avoid using clichéd words and language that are difficult to understand. While you may think it’s clever, complicated language is easy to forget and misunderstood. It would also be good to create a unique name that identifies your topic and makes you stand out from other similar businesses.

Another thing to avoid is intentional spelling mistakes. You want to make your name as easy as you can when it is searched on the internet.

Seo optimized content

analysis of names of pioneering blogs

This section will explain a list of real blog names and help you understand why they are ideal choices.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt covers a wide range of travel destinations, offering forever tips on budgeting, destination selection, and what to do there. The word Nomadic means traveller. Here it is used with specific romantic connotations. Using his own name implies personal experience, which makes the information shared on this blog trustworthy.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere have hints of something fluffy, sweet, tasty and enjoyable. One immediately understands that the focus of this lifestyle blog will be food and fashion. The production of two words makes the blog easy to memorize.

Pinch of Yum

This is a fun game of the often-used phrase in cooking “a pinch of salt”. Yum is a childish, simple and friendly word. The combination of these words suggests an open-hearted blog about food and cooking.


This is a creative blog about interior design. Fabric is a clever play on words. It refers equally to the literal meaning of the fabric used in interior decoration and its symbolic meaning as the fabric of life. This dual meaning suggests that this creative blog is the owner’s passion, promising the reader a well-thought-out, informative and up-to-date blog.

Write Laugh Dream

This personal blog uses three independent words that indicate three different ideas, which, if combined, become positive personal virtues and also demonstrate a successful columnist. In addition, this blog offers views and tips on dealing with a host of topics, all based on personal experience.

Madeleine Loves

Madeleine Loves a beauty blog. The use of the word “loves” implies that the blogger’s views are posted, and the name “Madeleine” gives these views credibility. It also provides the impression that the reader will know who Madeleine is, which is a powerful statement of comfort to her personal brand.

name ideas for blogs & inspiration

In this section, I will offer a few words to help you get started creating a blog name – remember to try the name generator for our blogs!

Blogs should be informative and helpful. To offer knowledge based on personal experience. The most successful blogs find a unique way to cover interesting topics. They need to be creative and exciting, building a loyal audience that comes back again and again for new information offered by each blog.

When it comes to naming your blog, take the time to identify what your audience might find useful. Use our Name Generator for Blogs to find name ideas by typing a few words related to your blog theme. Here are some words to help you inspire:

  • Travel
  • Excursion
  • Voyage
  • Adventure
  • Wander
  • Wanderlust
  • Nomad
  • Trip
  • Trek
  • Globe
  • Tour
  • Navigate
  • Search
  • Find
  • Discover
  • Journey
  • Drift
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Style
  • Way of life
  • Growth
  • Trend
  • Craze
  • Health
  • Chic
  • Food
  • Eat
  • Taste
  • Cook
  • Nutrition
  • Cuisine
  • Meal
  • Drink
  • Recipe
  • Creative
  • DIY
  • Interior design
  • Art
  • Craft
  • Design
  • Notes
  • Photography
  • Homemade
  • Handmade
  • Picture
  • Frame
  • Illustration
  • Drawing
  • Graphic
  • Fabric
  • Woodwork
  • Paper
  • Poetry
  • Personal
  • Value
  • Inspire
  • Writing
  • Dreams
  • Passion
  • Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Fashion
  • Love
  • Allure
  • Gloss
  • Model

names for blogs I thought of

Here are some ideas for names I came up with; what do you say?

  1. Wander with the Wind: The production makes the name easy to memorize. It is also related to the project Gone with the Wind. Wander makes it sound special and presupposes covering a wide range of sites and information. 
  2. Those who Voyage: The word voyage sounds like a perfect adventure. Using the word those, you place the reader in the circle of those who browse, making the blog more identical.
  3. Style of Life: Breaking the word Lifestyle allows you to add and join meanings. Style of Life literally refers to the different styles of fashion or anything that has to do with important aspects of life and a balanced lifestyle. This is not very restrictive, meaning you can cover a wide range of topics.
  4. Latest Craze: This literally describes what you would offer, analyzing the latest trends and crazy news. By making it clear what you submit, you can quickly grab the attention of your relevant audience.
  5. The Passionate Pizza People: This name immediately announces the blog’s subject. It is a rather restrictive name. However, most people like pizza, so the potential audience could be huge.
  6. Ready, Set, Bake! : A blog about cooking. It introduces the theme and sounds fun and friendly, based on the childish expression ‘Ready, Set, Go!’
  7. Homemade Mysteries: This could refer to several things. The use of the word mysteries is mysterious, predisposing the reader’s curiosity to discover what these mysteries are.
  8. The Crafty Challenger: Using the word challenge is immediate for readers. This immediately catches the attention of the public. If the content is well-crafted and fits the promise of a blog name, you will easily build a stable audience.
  9. The fabric of Passion: The word Fabric literally refers to the fabric and metaphorically to the design of the things you are passionate about. The use of the word passion also suggests that fashion, style and fabrics are the passion of the columnist.
  10. Luckily Alluring: Alluring means that beauty and luck are positively correlated. This, together with the production of “L” in the pronunciation of the two words, makes the name easy to memorize and pleasant to hear.
  11. : The use of your personal name in the name of the blog is based on the trust you have in your personal brand. If you are already a well-known name in your industry, this would greatly help your blog take off. On the other hand, if you are now building your own brand, using your personal name would make it more difficult to build an interested audience. In any case, your name will give credibility to your blog and will make your content look more trustworthy.

inspiration for blog names

Finally, here are some tips to help you refine your ideas for names that fit specific topics for example “Dota 2 Boost blog”.

names for travel blogs

Travel blogs are informative, fun and engaging, so their name should reflect them all. Start by inspiring creative words around the idea of ​​travel. Words like seafarer, wanderlust, expedition, voyage imply grandeur and adventure. Still, they also make it light, hinting at the clever and appealing writing. Of course, you also need to make sure that readers trust the advice and information you provide, so use depending language.


A lifestyle blog should have a name that implies a free, fun, and happy blog. No one wants to read gimmicks on a lifestyle blog, but they are looking for life tips to improve their lives. Or at least experience good things by reading your blog. In addition, because a lifestyle blog can cover many topics, from food, fitness, fashion to beauty, the name should be quite abstract and not limited. For example, the blog “Barefoot Blonde” is based on the stereotype that blondes have more fun and the word barefoot shows carelessness. Also, this name does not imply a specific topic, allowing the columnist to write about various topics.

names for food blogs

The first thing you need to decide is which aspect of the food you will cover. Healthy food; Restaurants; Recipes for sweets? Suppose you are going to focus on something specific, such as pizzerias. In that case, you want a name that informs the reader what they will read, so it would be good to include the word pizza.

You may decide to cover a wider range of topics. ‘Spoon Fork Bacon’ is a great example of a name for a blog that does not mean anything specific. Still, it immediately makes you understand that the blog is about food rather than unhealthy food. This is for someone who likes to eat and probably has a perfectly understood, highly correlated and potentially harmful bacon addiction.

If you are looking to start a business in any of these areas, we have written some name guides that you can check specifically for your topic, including the following: Health Business Names, Restaurant Names, Pastry Names, and Juice Business Names.

Names for creative blogs

There are several topics related to creative blogs. “Do it yourself” type, graphic design, advertising, photography, art, articles. A creative blog should deal with a specific creative category. Therefore the name should clearly state what the topic is. For example, a “Do It Yourself” blog could be called “A Crafty Mess”. The word craft implies something amateur, while mess makes it seem hobby. He suggests that it is not a serious do-it-yourself blog but a creative blog that uses everyday materials to develop amazing construction ideas. We have written a useful Naming Guide for Creative Blogs to help you.


We must first define what we mean by personal blog. We certainly do not represent the typical online teen album. A personal blog is a place where you write about everything, without necessarily having goals or specific topics beyond what you are interested in and about which you would like to express your opinion. The most famous blogs of this kind usually encourage internet speech and are fun to read. A personal blog can help you make a good first impression. You can present your knowledge, your skills and your favourite topics. All of these can help you in your professional career.

However, building a loyal readership can be difficult if you try to please many. So focusing on a specific market will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level in the long run. This means that it is very important to choose a name that accurately reflects your interests, favourite topics, and style. For example, you can select topics you have discussed with friends in the cafeteria. Then, “The Coffee Fuelled Muse” would be an interesting personal blog name. Filling up with energy from coffee is related, and the word Muse implies a creative interpretation. Also, this name is unlimited.


For a beauty blog, you need to think of words that strongly suggest the element of beauty, such as refined, elegant, stylish, love, grace, allure, glamour. Unfortunately, too many beauty blogs are based on personal brands, making it very difficult to enter the industry. Successful beauty bloggers usually come from a successful career in the beauty industry, for example, modelling, fashion designers and makeup artists. This previous service and experience give value and credibility to their blogs. Thus, many blogs adopt a name along with descriptive language. If you are thinking of starting a beauty business, look at our guide to Beauty Company Name, which is full of helpful tips.

Hopefully you liked this content, also read: 7 Tips to Write a Great Blog Post Introduction

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