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How To Make Applications On The Theme Of Spring?

An essential part of a child’s development (or the logical part) takes a creative activity. That is why children from childhood buy many bright toys, picture books, coloring books, materials for painting and sculpting. Older children can enhance the interests of creativity in half, combining the mental activities of the embroiderer, thereby also developing fine motor skills. And the best example of such a combination. The children’s application on the theme of Spring, “House,” “Toys,” and others. As long as the work has become familiar to the child and extensively for the imagination.


Children from an early age familiarize themselves with part-time, incorporating concepts that are appropriate for them and associating them with specific processes and images. Therefore, this topic is the easiest for children. Even if it is just beginning to work on this type of work, as the appliqué, and since this will have to work with paper, scissors, and glue, it is best not to leave your child untouched, but quite a good idea to help him. To begin to create applications on the theme of Spring. It is necessary to choose the most straightforward way. A better option is a simple composition with birds on a wooden birdhouse branch and made of paper. You can also implement ​​tissue in the application volume titled “Spring,” but this is a task for older children. The child is also working with colors and a creative approach to choosing colors, making colored paper themselves: to do this, first draw everything on the sheet, then cut out and paint the elements.


To create an application on the theme of Spring, we need a thick cool drawing paper A3 or A2, brushes (can be replaced by a sponge), watercolors, markers, scissors, pencil, and paper to cut all elements of the composition. So, we impose a sheet on paper and draw all the details: from the left side – a tree, on the right – birdhouse with walkers, and a space – six birdies in the form of curved droplets wings semi-round and leaves. Now spread a newspaper on the table or oilcloth, and paint all the elements to your taste, do not forget to constantly change the water in the glass rinse brush to paint. Do not mix and do not stain. Next, we will wait for 15-20 minutes until they are sufficiently dry out. You can use a warm dryer or put all the colored items on the well-lit windowsill to speed up the process.


At this time, he was treated and Whatman: you can wear it heaven and earth, that is to divide it in half horizontally, and paint the upper half of the blue, and the bottom – in green, and it is possible and monotonously, in any delicate shade. Again, let the paint dry. Now, one by one, all the elements glue to the prepared foundation, placing birds and wings on the head of them in irregular order. And to build our application on the theme of Spring, with the help of the pen dorisovyvat sun. For example, a cell in empty spaces. And the birds are adding white paper legs and beaks and dorisovyvat eyes. You can also circle the marker all the elements that stand out from the crowd but on pieces of paper representing the roots. All work is done!


Older children and even for the development of abstract thinking can take the idea a little more complex. So, application, middle group, the theme of Spring. Run them can not only out of colored paper, and from the sheet cuts of old newspapers and magazines appropriate color. This will require enough time and talent, as it is essential to cut into pieces of different sizes and link them to create an image of the trees on the avenue. This isn’t easy because it requires more attention and focuses on a shared vision of future photographs. Therefore, making the application on the theme of Spring can only children develop creative thinking.


To simplify the task, select sheets of three colors: blue (for the sky), gray or purple (for the track), and green (for the trees). For the latter application, elements need paper of different colors. It is better to arrange the pieces on the working surface of the individual stacks respectively, palette: darker – for shorts and branches, lighter – leaves. To create an application on the theme of Spring, you need to start in the correct order to paste items. To simplify the task with a simple ruler and pencil rascherchivaem substrate (Whatman) in part: retreating 1/5 sheet width from the lower part, draw a horizontal line. This horizon. Next, divide it in half,


Today we show exemplary shapes of trees: to create the effect of diminishing the prospects. They must be located opposite each other on both sides of the alley. The thickness of their trunks gradually decreased towards the horizon. So, now we cut the logs: the track and the sky can be made of more significant parts of themselves. By the way, glue the first, but the branches and leaves will need small pieces and slender (straight and curved) strips. In addition to paper shades of green, you can use plain white with printed text. It will dilute the colorful composition and make it more interesting.


A very colorful idea is applique to “Spring has come,” made from scraps of bright fabric over the fabric of a neutral color. Use the technique to create wall paintings and decorations for bedding, blankets, towels, and even clothing items. As a basic idea, you can choose parts in the form of flowers and birds. To perform this, you want to collect different fabric trim shades of green for images of stems and leaves, yellow and orange – for the center of the flowers, or any other – for the petals. It is not necessary to cut the plain flaps. By contrast, it will look more exciting pictures if her outfits contain their miniature. These can be patterns in the form of lines, pieces, petite peas, i.e. They are not enough to bear the main focus and do not particularly stand out from the crowd.


To begin using tissue chalk in the selected scrap. Describe all the necessary elements: shallow whole flowers and some large petals, leaves of different shapes, stems in the form of straight and curved strips. One can also be cut and one or two birds in a simple silhouette in profile with a wing on one side. Now decompose everything on the panel, the parts and the finished look harmoniously combine colors. Draw all the contours of fine, do not forget about the element’s location. Next, you want to stitch them all on the machine using a zigzag stitch. First, connect the stems and leaves, then the petals and real flowers. Finish all the yellow circles in the middle of them, and then iron the picture in steam mode. So our picture on the patch application procedure is ready!

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