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Computers and Technology

How to Import MSG Files into Outlook 365 Account?

Trying to figure out if you need to import MSG files into Outlook 365? Do you want to complete the assignment in a matter of seconds? If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. This step-by-step article describes how to import MSG files directly into Microsoft Outlook 365. You can now open Outlook & MDaemon MSG files directly into Outlook 365 Webmail with relative ease. Allow me to get started right away without further ado.

Why Professional Solution?

If you’re wondering why you should use a professional solution, the sole explanation is that there are no manual procedures accessible for you to follow. It is not possible to manually import MSG files into an Outlook 365 account, so don’t bother trying. For this, you must seek the assistance of a professional.

Out of the Box Solution to Import MSG Files into Outlook 365

MSG Converter Tool is a very well tool for importing a large number of MSG files into Outlook 365 in a batch fashion. Aside from that, you may migrate certain MSG folders to Outlook 365 Webmail.

It offers a straightforward method of transferring MSG to Outlook 365 while maintaining all of the information. The interface of the dependable application is straightforward and user-friendly. In addition, there is no need to install any extra applications in order to import MSG to Outlook 365.

To finish the import procedure, all you have to do is choose the MSG file folder and provide your login credentials. Also, the 100 percent secure utility keeps all of the email attributes intact. The application is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. Anyone with an Internet connection can use this software to import emails from the.msg format into Microsoft Outlook 365.

The process of importing MSG files into Outlook 365 takes only a few seconds

For the first step in importing MSG into Outlook 365, you must download and install the expert solution on your Windows computer. After that, simply follow the steps.

  • Launch the program and have a look at the instructions.
  • Choose the Select a Folder option from the drop-down menu. It will assist you in loading .msg files into your computer system.
  • You’ll find all of the MSG folders on the UI at this place. Make sure you have the correct one.
  • To get a preview of the email, simply click on it. Also, to ensure that you receive all of the necessary information.
  • Now, navigate to the Convert tab on the taskbar at this point. You’ll discover the option for saving your work. Select Office 365 from the drop-down menu.
  • Input the login details for your Microsoft Outlook 365 account (if applicable).
  • Finally, click on the Convert tab to complete the operation. Examine the procedure of importing MSG files into Outlook 365.

Please be aware that the demo version of the programme was used to complete the preceding procedures. Only 25 MSG emails with attachments may be imported into Outlook 365. It’s completely free. So, activate the license key to import all MSG files into Outlook 365 Webmail whenever you’re pleased.

Login to Outlook 365

  • Outlook 365 account is required to view the results.
  • Attachments are included with every piece of information.
  • To see the entire set of results, you’ll need an internet connection.

Free MSG file conversion into Outlook 365

A demo version of the MSG to Outlook 365 Import tool is available. You can get the utility to migrate numerous MSG files into Outlook 365 Webmail by clicking on the button below. However, there are certain limits to the free trial version. Also, it only allows you to import up to 25 MSG files into Outlook 365 with attachments. As a result, after you’re happy, you may proceed to activate the product’s licensed key.

The most important characteristics of the MSG to Outlook 365 Import Tool

  • Import selected MSG files into Outlook 365 is made simple with this direct solution.
  • Also, it has a straightforward user interface and is extremely user-friendly.
  • MSG messages and attachments may be imported in bulk into Outlook 365.
  • This app gives you the opportunity to preserve all of your attachments with pinpoint precision.
  • Also, before starting the procedure, get a preview of the emails.
  • MSG messages may be transferred to Outlook 365 without the need to install Outlook.
  • Also, maintain the confidentiality of all of your information and the integrity of your work.
  • Maintain the integrity of all email attributes and folder hierarchy.
  • Support for the conversion of non-English text is provided as an attachment.
  • Also, languages such as Arabic, Japanese, and Russian, among others, are permitted.

Concluding Remarks

For a variety of reasons, moving data files inside a Cloud application is a regular necessity. “Import MSG to Outlook 365,” for example, is address in the blog post above. Using Outlook 365 Webmail, you may quickly and easily transfer several MSG files into one location. Also, you may also try out the tool’s demo version, which is completely free. So, download the programme to make the procedure as simple as possible.

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