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How To Hire The Best Team Of Dedicated Software Developers For A Startup?

Congratulations! You took the big step of starting your very own company. Establishing a startup can be a nerve racking period, with so many things to consider and so many aspects that could potentially go wrong. While some aspects do go down smoothly some tend to become a nightmare to resolve. One of which happens to be not knowing how to hire dedicated software developers for your company. 

Don’t worry, we have you covered with this guide on hiring a dedicated software developers. So look no further and continue reading.  

How we help startups hire expert software developers.

Understand Your Requirements 

One of the first tasks to do is to identify the hiring priorities of your company, whether you do it yourself or through an HR assistant, it’s important to bring out your expectation earlier than later. if not cleared timely, may result in the candidate being hired that does not truly understand you and your company’s priorities. 

As a Business Owner, Have a Clear Understanding of:

  • The central business product/service 
  • Relevant job descriptions
  • Approximate team strength to be hired. 
  • Workflow that matches the business and an expert’s working styles

Once you have the factors mentioned above cleared out. We can then focus on the next step of understanding our requirements. 

  • The technology you intend on using and the specific hard skills you are looking for? 
  • The experience level a candidate should have?  
  • Can your startup manage with freshies, are generalists or a specialist preferred?  
  • The type of personality that you want to employ in your startup. 

Source The Team 

After you have a solid understanding about your requirements, it’s time to go out looking for your candidates. Now, there are a few ways to go on about this, but it really depends on the resources you have and the time on your hands. 

You may either try to find the candidates yourself or outsource the hiring process to hiring agencies and or other specialists. In case you are taking the former approach, you will have to be working very hard. Which includes going through setting business accounts at job seeking sites and agencies. In addition to spending long hours scouring the internet across multiple social and professional platforms. These platforms can be Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, and LinkedIn to name a few. 

Choose the Right Talent

Now comes the time to screen your shortlisted candidates that you have scoured long hours on the internet for. You may screen candidates depending on the seniority and criticality of the job position being considered.

Likewise, the candidates can be interviewed in depth with structured and unstructured questioning. If the position advertised or the candidate required is for a technical position, a test may be put in place to evaluate the necessary technical skills of the candidate. The test could be an industry related problem. 

Look beyond traditional academic capabilities and find the candidates who have gone beyond standard learning to acquire new skills. Find the ones who with little experience tried or actually solved a problem through out of the box thinking.

When going through resumes, make sure to shortlist the ones that best fit your requirements found out from the very first stage. It doesn’t have to be a perfect profile, actually there is no such thing, the point is to have most of the things covered to have solid and workable ground to start from and not have ‘clueless employees’. Focus on the genuineness of the individual rather than their Rockstar capabilities, no matter how good they are, might not be the ideal candidate for long term keeping.  

Integrate New Hires into the Team 

Once you have chosen and hired your team of choice, it’s time to informally make them a part of your company and integrate them into their respective business environment. Obviously they are new to your start up and lack the deeper understanding behind the reasons of your endeavor. 

If the team is small enough and you have the time, It’s good to have a meeting one on one or even all together with the candidates hired. Giving them a run down of how the concept of the startup materialized and everything that went behind to have it established. Not only will this make them feel valued and important, but also motivated to work with passion and honesty. 

Once they are acquainted with the overall company culture, practices, and policies. The focus can be then shifted towards products and services. It’s important for newly hired team members to know about the products they will be developing, selling, marketing or designing for. 

Once discussion and questions regarding that are cleared, the onboarding process can proceed into their specific job roles. They can either be paired up with an existing member from the respective department already or assigned to the respective department head initially. By whom their work will be overseen and any question or assistance will be cleared.   

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