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How to Find Right Cloth Manufacturing Factory in China

People look out for Chinese manufacturing companies to buy amazing products at reasonable prices. The trend is not too new, but we have noticed from the recent sales that international buyers have become concerned about their purchases.

Why prefer Chinese manufacturing industry over many other competitive worldwide industries? The answer is simple – it produces matchless products with excellent quality under budget.

However, there is something more exciting for people who only consider Chinese cloth manufacturing industry as their only hope. Here we have incomparable manufacturers who have marked their names in the top clothing manufacturer in the world.

So, are you also finding some genuine leads for Chinese cloth manufacturing factories? Here is a guide for you to discover most hyped factories that can give you classy yet intricately designed clothes at fair prices.

Tips for Finding Cloth Manufacturing Factory in China

1. Factory That Matches the Product Scope

Not necessarily all factories fit in the decided scope. There is a list of companies which produces clothes in different varieties. However, there might be some changes in the printing and manufacturing processes as well.

Look for the cloth manufacturing factory that fits your criteria. You can stop by a Chinese manufacturing factory that deals in DTG printing and manufactures GOTs certified organic clothes.

You can check out the Australia B2B platform for connecting with reliable cloth manufactures.

2. Best to Watch for Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ)

When you are purchasing goods from a manufacturing factory, you have to order the goods that satisfy their MOQ.

MOQ varies from factory to factory, and that’s why you have to be very careful about the limit to get it processed on time.

In Chinese cloth manufacturing factory, you have to purchase items that are within the MOQ range. Plus, they take orders for the same fabric and color concerning the MOQ.

3. Be Sure of the Quality

Not all clothing factories offer you great quality which can be frustrating in the end. The best practice to see if the factory suits your choice is to ask for the sample.

Testing the fabric quality is again a big challenge. You have to check for different samples and a lot of market research as well. It is definitely a time-consuming activity, but at least this can save you from spending a huge amount.

Hence, do ask the suppliers about the fabric and its prominent specification. This will help you get excellent quality clothes which you ever wished to buy.

4. Delivery Time Should not be a Headache

The one more thing to keep in mind is checking the delivery time. Some of the cloth manufacturing factories in China will take ages to deliver the products. You have to choose the one which is time-efficient and is never behind the deadlines.

Along with prices and quality, the delivery time comes too in the list, which make buyers satisfied. However, do not make a mistake in spending a hefty amount on high delivery charges.

First calculate the total amount comprising of the product, postage, and delivery charges. After you get the result, decide if this factory is right for buying the best quality clothes.


Finding Cloth manufacturing factory in China is not that difficult. One must have knowledge and experience in getting connected with the right manufacturer. These tips are promising, and in this way, you can get the best quality clothes at reasonable prices.

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