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How To Develop A Delivery App Like Dunzo Clone

The eCommerce industry has undergone a massive change in the last few decades. Nowadays, people find it more convenient to shop online than walk into a physical store.

Customers look for an on-demand delivery software that can deliver everything, from groceries to medicine to beauty products, at their doorstep. Apps like Dunzo have captured the market and ar e generating huge revenue by simply delivering products from retailers to customers.

What is Dunzo, and what does it do?

Dunzo is an on-demand delivery app that delivers almost everything. It was developed in 2015 by Ankur Agarwal, Dalvir Suri, Kabber Biswas and Mukund Jha. The app’s initial task was to deliver a package from one location to another for a fee.

The application gained popularity and earned good reviews. The makers decided to scale up, and added stores to the app. Dunzo is an all-in-one on-demand delivery platform that meets every single need of its customers whether it would be daily grocery needs, food orders, parcel delivery, medicines, and many more.
Dunzo delivers within minutes when other similar apps take much longer to deliver products.

This app gained even more popularity during the pandemic. As people were restricted to their homes, Dunzo received even more requests for home delivery. To cash in on the growing popularity of delivery apps, think about how to create an app like Dunzo.

What are the services offered by Dunzo?

Dunzo is an on-demand delivery software solution that delivers a multitude of products. Here is a list of things delivered by Dunzo:

Restaurant Order

You can place an order at a restaurant, and Dunzo will deliver the food to your doorstep. Dunzo has a list of restaurants mentioned on the app, and you can order from any of them. Also, the app offers great discounts.

Ordering Groceries

This is one of the most popular services offered by this app. If you run out of your kitchen supplies, simply find a store on the app and order what you need.

Ordering Pharmacy Products

In these uncertain times, medicines need to come in handy at all times. You can simply place an order for the medicines you need on the Dunzo app, and they will be delivered to you.

Sending a Package

This was the feature Dunzo had initially. They still provide this service. If you need to send a package to a friend or acquaintance quickly, then you can do it with Dunzo.

Ordering Meat and Fish

Many delivery apps do not deliver non-vegetarian grocery items. But Dunzo does deliver, and this gives an edge to the app over others. It is an added advantage for non-vegetarians.

Ordering Fruits and Vegetables

Dunzo delivers fruits and vegetables within minutes, while other apps take much longer. Dunzo targets the best vendors to keep quality in check.

How to Develop A Delivery App Like Dunzo?

After going through all the advantages of an app like Dunzo and how it has captured the market, you must be thinking, how do I create an app like Dunzo? To build an app like Dunzo, you have to follow some steps.

Do the market research

To develop an app like Dunzo, understanding the market and its demands is a crucial step. You must understand to whom your app will cater, and what their requirements are.

Understand your target audience. Who will reap the maximum benefits when you launch an app like Dunzo in the market? Also, look at Dunzo and other competitors in the market offering similar services. What are the features they have incorporated?

Wireframing and Prototyping

This is another important step when trying to build an app like Dunzo. Wireframing implies making a rough sketch of your app and what features you are willing to incorporate in it.

Since you have done the market research, only incorporate those features that you think will give you an edge over your competitors. This step will help set clear expectations with your developer.

Hiring the right developer

Your developer must fulfill your expectations and be willing to incorporate feedback. Based on your budget, you can hire a full-time developer, a freelancer, or an app development company. Discuss what you want to put into your app.

Designing and Launching your app

At this stage, your developer will start designing your app based on the prototypes you have created.

Make sure to create an interface that is aesthetic and easy to navigate. This will contribute to your app’s popularity in the market. After vigorous testing, you will be ready to launch your app on the desired app store.

Maintaining the app

Your first priority should be to keep your customers safe on your platform. Constantly maintaining and updating the features of your app is a must. Discuss this with your developer before starting out.

What is the Cost of Developing an App like Dunzo?

Depending on the time and your budget, the Dunzo app costs around $25,000, and can go up to $50,000. An app’s development costs depend on the complexity of the app, the number of features you want to incorporate and the platform you want to launch the app on.

Also, the type of developer you hire will also influence the cost. Freelancers usually charge much less than a full-time developer. The cost differs according to the country you are in.

In India, developers usually charge between $80-$130, which is affordable compare to Europe and the US, where costs can go up to $200 every hour.

Summing It Up!

Building an app like Dunzo can be very profitable, given the popularity of such an on-demand delivery app. To develop an app like Dunzo, you need to understand how this app works, what its features are, and how much it will cost you to develop an app similar to Dunzo.


Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading grocery delivery app development. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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