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How to choose a font for your logo

It is a difficult task to distill a brand into a single graphic. However, picking the font for your logo is equally important because it expresses important facts such as the company name and sector. Although you will be able to use other fonts in other design assets such as blogs, brochures, packaging design, and printed merchandise, email bursts, and business cards, your logo font is what consumers will identify with your brand the most. That is why it is important to understand how a font would look not only on the first viewing but also on subsequent viewings. Freelance Bazar would guide you through this article on how to choose a font or typeface for your logo. 

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The most common font families and their brand partnerships

Various fonts express different qualities and have distinct personalities. It is more important for your font to align with your brand with logo design than almost any other branding project.

Font size and theme

If you have decided on a basic font category, you can narrow down your options further by looking at style characteristics. Most fonts are available in a variety of weights and variations, ranging from hair-thin to super fat and heavy, condensed close to broad and spacey. Once you finalize the logo design, you can use it in personalized stationery sets for your office use.

A thick volume may be appropriate for a short name but may seem too thick and cumbersome for a longer name. A thin font may look fantastic on a billboard or you can use it as packaging design, but it may disappear on a business card with a tiny point scale. Thin fonts will always sound more fragile and are the best fit for a more polished logo design, while heavier fonts will always feel more proactive. And sure to look over the whole font before deciding. A font has one or two small elements that set it apart.

Convening business standards

When selecting a font for a logo design, remember not just how you want it to look but also how you want it to feel. It is more important for your logo or packaging design to have a historical connotation or a streamlined and futuristic sheen. This is most likely due to industry. A rustic feel would be appropriate for a mechanic shop but would look out of place on a tech company’s logo.

Freelance Bazar would advise you to avoid fonts that seem overdone. Retro slab serifs have become so commonplace among breweries that they no longer stand out. The same can be said for characterless sans-serifs used by technology firms. There must be a balance found between familiar and overdone. You want a logo design that is in line with rivals but still being exclusive.

To use Fonts in The Logo

To begin, never use more than two or three fonts in a logo design. The visual structure of a design system must be maintained so that the reader’s mind easily understands the order of priority within the details being displayed in a product like a pen, billboards, or packaging design. A logo is typically a mixture of text and icon, but how they are mixed depends on the kind of logo design you choose.

The key brand name should be in one font, while supporting text, such as the tagline or brand summary, should be in a different font. If you want to add other material, such as your establishment year, make it tiny and tidy. To keep the elements in sync, use a separate weight of one of the other fonts. Your brand identity is the best way to use a font with a lot of personalities, such as scripts and hand-lettering.

The supporting text can be the most legible:

Use high-readability sans-serifs and serifs. This means that a new buyer is drawn in by your cool main brand font, but the supporting material communicates what you do easily and clearly. Never mix declaration fonts with script fonts. Think about how the font can complement a graphic feature if you have one. Check that the line weight of your logomark suits the line weight of your font. If your graphic aspect is swirly and feminine, it could go well with a script’s swashes and circles.

You may also omit the graphic altogether and simply type the emblem in what is known as a wordmark. This is sometimes a great option for small companies who want to create brand awareness.  You would prefer that someone sees your amazing logo design and remembers the company’s name, not how great the illustration was.

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It is critical to decide the element the logomark or the logotype is more relevant. If you choose to use the logomark alone, the style can be simple and clean while still performing its function. If the font will still be included for the badge or packaging design, it is much more important to infuse the type with as much brand personality as possible.

Factors for Technology

Consider a font that can be kerned out for optimum readability, particularly from a stretch. Kerning outlines the method of placing space between letterforms to provide a pleasing and legible effect. Sans’s serifs maintain readability when surrounded by a lot of white space. Each letter cannot contact the other types in a script, and white space can never be increased. Choose a typeface that is optimized for online and small logo sizes if the logo design would be used mostly in the digital environment. This means that the logo would look amazing on a big desktop panel as well as a tiny phone screen. Typically, a little searching in the definition of the type of foundry will show this.

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Experiment on how the logo appears in various color spaces. You can create a logo in solid colors and then use it in a flyer with a gradient backdrop. As a result, make sure to remember badge shades. When converted to all white or grayscale, some typefaces lose their personality and readability. It is far better to find that out in the designing phase rather than when you are at the final phase of completion.

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