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Health and Fitness

How Not To Freeze On The Street In Winter?

Tips to protect yourself during winter

“Do not leave the room, do not make a mistake”?

Winter is a long time of the year, and you certainly won’t want to sit at home for three months. Of course, you can do household chores, surround yourself with comfort, warm yourself up with hot drinks and, wrapped in a blanket, watch your favorite films. 

Active recreation in the winter should also be in your leisure plans. It’s immune-boosting and a lot of fun. The main thing is to dress for the weather and choose the right things. 

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How correct is it to dress in winter, so as not to freeze?

How to dress properly in winter?

The most important part of your walks or outdoor travel is getting the right gear. To feel comfortable in cold weather, use the 3-layer winter gear system to protect your body from frostbite and hyperthermia.

  • Baselayer 

It is normal for people to sweat a lot outside even in winter, especially if they are physically active. Therefore, we need clothing that wicks moisture away from the body, absorbs sweat, and dries quickly. In this case, do not use cotton items. Clothes made from natural fabrics in the cold season are definitely inferior to thermal underwear made from synthetic materials. 

Cotton absorbs moisture and leaves it inside, which means your clothes will stay wet. Synthetic thermal underwear absorbs moisture but does not save you from the unpleasant odor that appears after a couple of hours of outdoor activities or physical exertion.

The ideal solution, in this case, would be merino wool thermal underwear. It will fulfill all the functions of the base layer and will not give off an unpleasant odor even after a week of activewear. You can also use silk thermal underwear,

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If you are interested in a budget option, then a long-sleeved T-shirt, tights, leggings, and underpants are suitable as a base layer. 

  • Middle layer 

A sweater or warm jacket is suitable here. Choose natural wool or fleece from the materials. The main task of the middle layer is breathability. Pants are also the best choice with fleece, but you can wear any warm pants in which you are comfortable. You can use braces, then your lower back will stay warm during any active movements.

  • Layers of clothing

The top layer should protect your body from wind and moisture and not let out heat. A lightweight windproof jacket or down jacket will work well.

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The main thing is to remember that clothes should be spacious, not restrict movement and allow the body to “breathe”.

What else should I keep warm?

  • Legs

Shoes should sit comfortably on the foot and not squeeze the foot. Tight shoes interfere with normal blood circulation. Try to choose low-cut boots with thick soles and take into account the space under the woolen toe. It is best to use synthetic socks and natural fur insoles. Walking in wet shoes in winter can provoke diseases of the kidneys and ENT organs.

If you are faced with the question of how to keep your feet warm in winter, then socks and the obligatory drying of your shoes will help you. If you don’t have a shoe dryer, stuff your boots or boots with dry paper or newspapers and leave them overnight with a warm radiator.

  • Hands 

To keep your hands soft and velvety, always try to wear gloves or mittens during cold weather. In cold weather, give preference to mittens. They will warm your fingers faster and will not subject them to frostbite. 

Clutches can be used for girls. It is not only warm but also an elegant accessory. Frozen hands can subsequently “reward” you with dermatitis, sore throat, and rheumatism.

  • Ears

Don’t freeze your ears. Believe me, sinusitis and otitis media will not add to your mood during the winter holidays.

  • Head 

Start wearing a hat in sub-zero temperatures and your hair will be grateful. Hair follicles react sharply to cold, which leads to hair loss. 

And hypothermia of the head, especially if you have to often get from a warm room into the cold, can lead to diseases such as migraines and meningitis. Instead of a hat, you can wear a scarf-collar, scarves made of natural materials, a turban, or beret.

  • Eyes 

It is considered ridiculous to wear sunglasses in winter, but in most cases, it is absolutely necessary. The winter sun is dangerous due to ultraviolet radiation and direct rays. 

If you look at the snow for a long time in sunny weather, then the eyes become unbearably painful, vision can deteriorate sharply, and its recovery will take about 48 hours.  Wear sunglasses in winter in sunny weather, and then you will not be afraid of conjunctivitis, eye burns, and corneal damage.

  • Neck 

Scarves, shirt-fronts, balaclava are your faithful companions in the cold season. All these items of your winter wardrobe will save you from the piercing wind and will become a convenient addition for active recreation.

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Take proper care of every vulnerable part of your body and stay beautiful even in winter. Pay special attention to your face skin.

What to do outside in winter?

Go skiing with the whole family, go ice skating. Depending on the weather, you can choose an outdoor or indoor ice rink. 

Master snowboarding or downhill skiing, ride a snowmobile. This type of active winter recreation will definitely dispel the boredom of your everyday life. Another option for extreme winter entertainment is kiting.

Kitesurfing, kiting or snowkiting is a sport that involves boarding, skiing, or surfing (depending on the season) with a kite, or, as it is also called, a canopy under the action of traction. An extreme and traumatic form of entertainment. Be sure to follow all safety rules if you decide to spend time in pursuit of new sensations.

If you just want to warm up a little in the fresh air, there are no skis at hand, and the weather favors such feats as getting out of your comfort zone, taking your family, and going to the dacha. Here you can shovel the snow, the main thing is not to overdo it and dress appropriately. Go for a ride down the mountain or on a sled with your children, make snowmen, and build “dens”. But remember, safety comes first.

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