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How much time does it take to do faucet installation?

Adequately, this question is not something where we can retort “one size fits all”. Somebody with years of experience might take fewer hours than others with little to no experience. But it’s not rocket science either. With dedication, knowledge, and hard work a faucet will be perfectly installed and running about perfectly. Some faucets come with instruction papers and it can feel like doing a little DIY project.

If you buy from the previous company, your faucet might be of the same measurements. So putting together its parts might not take more than 45 minutes. But if you’re battling with some damages like broken pipes, leak pumps, blocked water force then it can take almost a day. So many “what ifs” to consider.

Calling up a plumber

Assuming you have a busy morning followed by dropping your kids off at school you do not have the energy to install a faucet all by yourself, then you will need to find a plumber. A plumber will successfully finish the faucet installation within an hour. In San Diego calling up a plumber for fixing or faucet installation San Diego will cost more or less 200$, depending on the size of the job it can stretch to 450$ too. In 2022 installation charges for plumbing pipes cost about $4.50 per square foot. Replacing a bathtub, sink, or kitchen faucet, toilet basin can cost between $450 and $1,800 depending on the measurements. Your overall price depends on factors like; the type of materials used, the home’s age,  the square footage of your plumbing project, and the plumber’s wages per hour.

For Faucet Installation San Diego Tools needed are :

Basin wrench

Adjustable wrench


Silicone Caulk 


Sharp Knife

Plumber’s Putty 

These are all needed to start the process of faucet installation in San Diego.

Installation of Faucet by yourself

Read every step carefully if you’re planning on doing faucet installation in San Diego by yourself. Here go twelve steps that you’re required to know for the installation of a faucet. 

Step 1: Examine the old faucet and sink to detect the type of faucet you will be needing .

Step 2: Select a new faucet that meets the appropriate size and specifications for your older sink. Many faucets will come with instructions. Many sinks will fit either a center set, single hole, or widespread faucet depending on their shapes and sizes. Many faucets are even wall-mounted. Make sure you know what type of faucet you are going for. Being decisive will help you a lot.

Step 3: Remove everything from under the sink and now you start with a clean and decluttered working space. Get a bucket and some rags ready because you will need them. 

Step 4:  Now go ahead and disconnect the old faucet.

Step 5: Disconnect the p shaped trap. The p-trap is the j-shaped pipe under your sink that is connected  to the drain. Then you put a bucket underneath to catch any water that falls. It is natural for water to fall out when you detach the p-trap. But you have your bucket and rags ready to save the scene. Then you turn the two nuts on each end of the p-trap counterclockwise to remove them. If the nuts are too tight to split up by hand, use a wrench to help relax them.

Step 6: Disconnect the water supply connections from your old faucet. Now you’ll get to find your old faucet’s nuts and water line connections. The water supply line is usually connected and should be located below the faucet nuts. A basin wrench is the best tool to use now. Use your wrench to loosen the water supply connections from your faucet. Later you loosen the waterline connections with a wrench and remove the line. Make sure to reach with your bucket for any water that bypasses when removing the waterline.

Step 7: Unscrew the nuts from under the faucet. The faucet nuts are mostly located above the waterline, and they help to keep the faucet in place. You might need to use a wrench and some WD-40 if you can’t discard them by hand.

Step 8: Take out the drain. You’ll see a bar with holes in it behind the sink and pipes. This is what we call a clevis strap. On the clevis strap, you’ll notice a little clip called the spring clip. Now you remove this and pull the strap through the rod and then you can turn the drainpipe freely. Unscrew the drainpipe to remove it. Now use a wrench to relax it if you can’t discard it by hand. When it is done, unscrew and remove the top of your drain.

Step 9: Remove what’s left there and clean the area. You can now simply take out your old faucet. Remove any old silicone caulk or plumbers putty using a knife if you want your sink to look brand new.

Step 10: Start establishing your new faucet and depending on manufacturing firms the installation process will take place. But still, most faucets follow similar installation steps. 

Step 11: Many new faucets contain wrenches, aerator removal tools, and other parts or tools along with an instruction sheet. If you’re installing a new sink along with your faucet, mount the faucet to the sink before you settle in the sink. It’s much simpler this way. To get better access always remove the old faucet before. Plus, removing and reinstalling the old sink will allow you to clean off old gunk that has collected around the edge and renew the seal between the counter and the sink with fresh caulk.

Step 12: Once you are done installing the best thing to do is check for leakage. For that, you will need to attach the water line again and let the water run for a few minutes in different forces. In this way even if tiny damage is there it will show up. If you are successful in finding any leak, fix it up and tighten up the connection so water does not leak anymore.

These steps should be enough to have a perfectly new installed faucet in your San Diego house. Now you can go and try it out but if you’re busy with work or life, plumbers always got your back.

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