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Computers and Technology

How Can I Get Best Email Service for Business?

In this article, we will know the best Open Source Email Service and it using benefits. Along with that, we will also discuss the reliable provider from where you can get managed Email services.

If you are an individual, running a startup, or have a well-established business, and looking for the best Email service for business yet feature-packed and powerful, then this article is meant for you. The importance of email in the business to which mail service is best and cost-effective is mentioned here.


But now comes the hard part, How do you pick the Best Open Source Email Service for your company?

Not all Email Services are equal, Some offer a wide range of features and some have costly pricing plans. Before we talk about the Best Email services, First learn a little about Email services.

Why Do We Need Email Services?

No one can underestimate the vital importance of Email in enterprises communication. Everyday Email empowers your enterprises to engage with potentially targeted users directly on a personal, and permission basis.

Not only Email offers instant response & unlimited marketing opportunities, but it also helps to trace all incoming and outgoing communication flow.

However, to make Email transmission successful in businesses, it is good to have a professional & standard email address instead of free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., because a business Email builds a brand alignment and acts as a calling card when targeting potential new users.

Why Best Open Source Email Service Not Free For Professional Emails?

Email services such as Gmail,, and those who don’t cost for sending or receiving Emails. This is a great way to be in touch with family and friends. But they don’t let you make the Email address of your enterprise’s domain.

On the other side, An enterprises Email service allows businesses to send emails under the umbrella of their domain, so both – Your Name & Business Name are remarkably visible when reaching someone’s inbox.

The professional Email address makes your enterprises look more credible, trustworthy, and professional, which gives a good impression on the targeted customers.

Once we understand the significance of professional Email service, let’s deep dive from where to buy the affordable Email service for business. With our knowledge and experience, As per my preference, you can opt NetForChoice. They deliver Zimbra Mail Server Hosting in India. Along with managed IT services of Zimbra Mail Server.

Why are We Talking About the Best Open Source Email Service for the Work?

There is one mailing and collaboration software out there that provides premium business email hosting and the benefit of cost-effective. The Service is known as Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Zimbra is used by millions of users across the globe for email communication. It is a magnificent collaboration software that comprises Mailing Server & Webmail component.

Moreover, Zimbra is available in two editions –

1. Zimbra Open-Source
2. Zimbra Network Edition
Zimbra gives a notable boost to your business email communication with its vast advantages. Its benefit includes.

Potential Advantages of Zimbra Collaboration Suite
The facility of versatile Zimbra Chat Feature
Unified and navigable Document Management System.
You can use Zimbra on any smartphone.
Sharing Calendar feature
Content Feature.
Basic and Advanced Search tab
Work Online/Offline with Zimbra.
Ajax-based unified web administration console.
Integrated anti-spam, antivirus security
Support for Vmware and KVM Hypervisor.
Multiple smart filter options.
Read-only access to attachments.
Comprehensive context switching.
99.995 % Uptime
Single sign-on.
Availability of TLS / SSL.

The next question comes into mind, where we can purchase the cheapest email service for the business.

Many companies offer flawless managed Zimbra Mail Server Hosting. NFC is a globally trusted Zimbra Hosting provider in the market. Along with email hosting, NetForChoice offers 24*7*365 support.

As well, NFC provides free consultations regarding Zimbra Email Hosting. Importantly, all the Zimbra servers host in the Tier-3 data center that facilitates 99.995 % Uptime. The best part, you will get all of these benefits at cost-effective pricing.

How to Get NFC Managed Email Services?

1. Connect with NetForChoice Support Team by using contact No.0120-4578842, +91-8766177177.
2. Tell them your Email server requirements.
3. Enjoy working with open source Email services.


On the Whole, we discussed the Best Open Source Email Service with their using benefits. We set out the managed Email service provider in India along with their specifications. We also mentioned why we need Email services for your enterprises. Still, you have any queries regarding Email service, then you can connect with our support team by using the above-given contact no.

Email us at:

Read More: If You Want to learn about cloud computing services and its using benefits, then click on the given link Benefits of Cloud Computing services.

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