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Home Safety Tips by Professionals in 2021

Every homeowner wants their home to be safe and secure. Who is better to advise on Home Safety than a Professional Locksmith. It does not matter if you are an old homeowner or new. Home Safety should not be compromised at any cost. This article will provide Home Safety Tips by a Residential locksmith in Forest Park to help keep your home safe from burglaries and break-ins. As a professional locksmith company, we want to ensure that we provide our customers with up-to-date information about home security to which homeowners don’t pay much attention.

Home Safety Tips if You are Present

Burglary can happen even if you are present inside the house. Following are some Home Safety Tips to prevent burglaries and break-ins.

New Homeowners

New homeowners should replace all existing locks before moving into the new house. The previous homeowners could still have extra keys, and they could have given the key to other people like family, friends and even contractors. To make sure no stranger has access to your home, replace all the locks.

Check the locks on all doors and windows.

It is vital to check the locks on doors and windows. If any lock malfunctions, have it repaired or replaced. You can contact Lock Installation in Forest Park for assistance. Make sure every door and window is locked before you go to sleep. Most burglaries and break-ins occur at night after the homeowners have gone to sleep.

Old Homes

Old Homes are more vulnerable to burglaries and break-ins as they have outdated lock systems. Upgrade your lock system if you suspect that your house locks are old and need to be replaced.

Keep Your Valuables in a Safe

Buy a safe if you do not have one. Hide it in your house where nobody can find it. Do not tell anyone about the safe except the people who live in the house. Keep all your valuables and prized possessions in the safe.

Front Door 

The front door is the main line of defense against burglars. Deadbolt locks are the best for front doors. A deadbolt can not easily be broken or picked. Install a peephole on the front door to keep an eye on who is outside before opening the door.

Install CCTV Cameras

You can also install CCTV cameras around your house. The cameras are connected to a TV through a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder). Therefore, these cameras will record the footage 24 hours, and even if something goes wrong, you will be able to find out the burglar through the recorded footage.

Install Burglar Alarms and Sensors

However, cameras help record the footage but will not be able to stop the burglars. This is where burglar alarms and sensors come in. The motion sensors help discover unusual activities and blow the alarm if it detects any. Most burglars do not even attempt to enter a house with alarms and sensors. 

Don’t Hide Spare Keys.

Some people find a safe spot to hide their keys outside their house if they ever lose their keys. This is not a good practice as burglars know about this habit of homeowners. It is better to leave the keys with a trusted neighbor, family, or friend. 

Keep a Dog

Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and can sense any stranger or any unusual activity outside. Some breeds of dogs are very aggressive and are primarily used for security. They love your family and will not let any stranger enter the house without your permission.

Increase Visibility

Most homeowners overlook this home safety tip. It is very important to keep your place neat and clean. If you have a garden, keep the bushes trimmed so that you can easily keep an eye out. No area of your house should be dark, especially outside. Moreover, you can also buy a sensor light that activates when anything moves. In addition, it is also beneficial and not very expensive.

Home Safety Tips if You are not Present

The home becomes much more vulnerable if it is empty. Empty Houses are the ideal targets of every burglar as there is little chance of getting caught. The following tips are crucial if you plan to go on a vacation or anywhere for an extended period. 

Keep the Lights On

Burglars mainly target the house with their lights off. If the lights are off, it means the house is empty. So, keep your lights on even if you are not present at the house to deceive the burglars. You can also install timers for light. These timers will switch on the lights automatically after you set the interval. Timers will give the impression that the home is not empty.

Keep in Contact with Your Neighbours

Informing your neighbors before leaving is very important. They can keep an eye on your house. For instance, they can collect your mail and other things, so they do not pile up on your door, which is also an indication of an empty house. Similarly, they can also visit your house after a few days to check if everything is alright. Some neighborhoods have a neighborhood watch. If your neighborhood has one, inform them about your plan and tell them to keep an eye on your house. 

Do not post on Social Media.

Nowadays, people post everything on social media. Keep in mind; burglars also use social media. Do not post about your going away plans on social media. It indicates that your house will be empty, which can attract burglars. 

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